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  1. Ramsdale is young and has some good attributes but would probably be best in the Championship at the moment which is obviously where he will be next season. Pope is the keeper that everyone will be going for at the end season so that rules us out. Sam Johnston is probably the best bet if we're looking at other crap Premier League teams.
  2. I thought it was quite obvious what Puel was trying to do. No idea about Hughes or Pellegrino though. We were very dull under Puel at times and turned in some rank attacking performances but he wasn't a poor manager by any stretch of the imagination. We could do with a couple of his soporific goalless draws at the moment!
  3. Refs are a bit crap because a lot of potentially good ones get put off by the abuse they get at a young age. Anyone who has even reffed kids games knows there is abuse dished out by parents and managers at that level, and that's in Southampton where it's relatively tame compared to other areas. No idea why anyone would want to ref top flight games these days with the scrutiny they are under. It's obviously become harder and harder with the advent of social media and multiple camera angles showing up every mistake that's made. Saying that they don't always make it easy for thems
  4. Palace seem to be trying to bore their opposition to sleep in the hope of nicking a goal at some point. It's almost like anti-football. (Yes, I'm aware they are above us in the table but that doesn't mean I can't be critical of their style)
  5. You had a lucky escape that day mate. I've heard about those Preston fans. They are famous for stalking around motorway services on a match day lunchtime and praying on unsuspecting rival fans before dishing out a few slaps and making off with their lunch.
  6. The Cat


    It's a pity Steve hasn't introduced a simple football based knowledge check before allowing people on the main board.
  7. He's insanely good. If Man City bought him the rest of the teams in the Premier League may as well not bother anymore because they'd win every game about 7-0.
  8. Why is he blowing his whistle twice? The bloke is an idiot.
  9. Lee Mason all over the place here.
  10. His decline seems to have happened quite fast. I wonder if he's carrying a niggly injury which is hampering him because it really wasn't that long ago that he was up and down the pitch non stop, getting behind the full back and sticking crosses in. Now he just seems to canter about without busting a gut. Still a decent, experienced pro but not sure he can cope with the physical expectations we put on the full backs.
  11. Once Leeds realised they could lob it over his head and run into the space behind it was only a matter of time before they scored. Not his fault, he just isn't a full back. We're screwed in that position without Walker Peters and if Romeu is out for any length of time with Diallo then we're fucked in central midfield too which is probably more worrying.
  12. Has to save that. Fucking garbage performance.
  13. Pathetic defending. 3 fucking centre backs and none of the cunts bothered.
  14. I'm gonna blame it for Romeu's injury but not for the result if we lose.
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