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  1. Disallowed goal one was a cleanly hit volley from 8 yards. Can't remember the second one. First goal he should have come for but then the shot took a deflection. Otherwise he would have saved it. Next 3 were all 1v1's with Son having most of our half to himself, not really sure what blame he can have for those. On a good day he might have saved one but none were his fault. Didn't see the 5th goal because I'd turned off by then. He's no world beater but neither is he completely terrible like some make out.
  2. Playing the defence so far forward might work against Burnley where they have no quick strikers but against anyone with a fast forward it's suicidal. We were the better team until their 3rd goal and should have been 2 up at half time but then fell apart once Mourinho worked out that chipping the ball over a static defence put them 1v1 in 40 yards of space. I understand that the high line contributes to better attacking play but we'd need to score 7 to have any chance of winning most games with such slow CB's.
  3. If there's any event likely to trigger a second wave its pubs around the country all rammed with people watching Burnley v Saints.
  4. Might not have any effect on their future selection seeing as Walker still got picked after he had those escorts over in peak Covid times.
  5. The Cat

    The BBC

    This woman used to be my boss 20 years ago and was really quite annoying. This has made me laugh quite a lot today. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12595312/bbc-executive-unleashed-leftie-outbursts-twitter/amp/
  6. They hadn't even sold 9000 a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have thought there have been 6000 renewals since then.
  7. Everyone has a pass? Are you and your mates only allowed out if your girlfriends let you? I just want to be there watching. By myself, with my kids, with my mates or whatever. Doesn't matter.
  8. Boufal for Redmond? What games has Pilchards been watching? Must be completely different ones to the rest of the world.
  9. The Cat

    Site issues

    Sotonians seems to have an overriding air of smugness about it. It's a no from me. Not606 is alright though.
  10. The Cat

    Site issues

    I can get in by going to activity and then using next unread topic, but if I try and click on a thread it never works.
  11. A few lads in the U15 team have sponsorships, it's not uncommon. Some of them had them last season too.
  12. Wasn't it Leon Best who stole a toilet seat from B&Q or have I totally just made something utterly ridiculous up?
  13. I guess, although I've always just gone to football on a Saturday, any game, any level. Must be mad but I'd rather freeze my tits off watching Southern or Wessex league than be indoors with Soccer Saturday on.
  14. Can't remember the last time I watched it. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather spend my Saturday afternoon at live match than sitting on the sofa watching other people watch football.
  15. Wow. He must be harder than Terry Hurlock to have got up from being tasered.
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