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  1. Well done Harrogate for winning promotion. Nice to see a new team in the football league.
  2. Bloody Leicester with all their money and the promise of European football beating us to another signing.
  3. The Cat


    Lower the age you can buy alcohol in a pub to 12 and let all the kids go out and get pissed after school. Might as well start them off as alcoholics now. Most kids will end up one anyway considering they'll be the generation having to cope with the mess our one will leave them with. 😂
  4. The Cat


    I would, but then I don't go to pubs very much. If I do go to them it's normally for a meal as well.
  5. The Cat


    I wonder if the uptick in infections in Southampton is because of the mass testing that's going on here?
  6. The Cat


    Is it because increased targeted testing is picking up more asymptomatic people? One thing I don't understand is why the death figures that are released every day are still quite high. There were something like 9 deaths in hospital yesterday but 140 or so deaths announced. I know they are including anyone dying with covid on the figures but what is the motivation for doing so? Is it because they don't trust the public not to start going out and having mass gatherings and spreading the virus? That's kind of happening anyway on beaches, in parks and gardens so not sure it's the overriding motivator. The government are keen to reopen the economy but announcing high death figures is only going to discourage people from going out and spending money.
  7. He's given his brother a peerage now. It's just shameless. Oh and at a time when Russian influence in politics is under question he grants one to Egbeny Lebedev.
  8. The Cat

    Site issues

    Should be easy to pimp out some of the posters to sexually frustrated housewives. There's a load of massive cocks on here.
  9. The Cat

    Site issues

    It seems ok when I'm not logged in but when I am I get bad gateway messages quite a lot.
  10. The Cat

    Wesley Hoedt

    I don't actually think he's a bad player although too slow for Premier League. I saw him play for the reserves and he was alright. Weird transfer that one.
  11. The stadium was split into 3 zones. The main one was players, coaches etc. To be in that zone you needed to have had a very recent test from Saints or somewhere else. No one else was allowed in that zone at all. The second zone was inside the stadium but away from any areas the players or staff could go in. To be there you had to self certify that you had no symptoms. The third zone was outside the stadium. I guess one problem is that they won't want fans getting anywhere near players, so that may mean that a some of the front rows are unavailable to sit in, and probably any seats in the centre of the Itchen as well.
  12. The first thing I thought after listening to that too. No avoiding questions, straight answers. He spoke really well.
  13. Great news on his new contract. Looks like we backing Ralph and the players are buying in to what he wants to do.
  14. Romeu just can't help himself. 3-1 up, 2 minutes left of the season and he's slide tackle scissoring someone.
  15. That goal from Adams was a big fuck you to Mr X. Apparently he read the match thread at half time.
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