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  1. She couldn't run away because she'd already committed so many penalties that another one could have meant she'd have been disqualified. It was likely her opponent committed an infringement by pulling her while completing the winning kick but they'd already used their one video replay challenge and the ref didn't spot it.
  2. Why have you put the part about mental health in quotation marks? Would you have done that if she'd 'broken her leg' or something? She's also a bit better than Messi or Ronaldo, she hasn't lost for about 8 years or something stupid. Roglic absolutely nailed that time trial today which was a little surprising after his recent form but fair play to him.
  3. When Olympians say the phrase "Tom should medal" or "Tom should podium". Both are extremely annoying.
  4. Does Phil Jones even still play football? I genuinely have no idea as I've not heard his name for about 3 years.
  5. I know a couple of people who aren't having it, one of whom is a close friend. It came up in conversation once but since then we haven't discussed it because it's up to them if they take it and there's plenty of other stuff to talk about instead. I'm certainly not going to fall out with someone because they haven't taken the vaccine, why would I want to throw years of friendship down the drain?
  6. The proper volleyball for the non perverts has already started!
  7. Amazing result in the diving for Tom Daley and his mate. The mountainbiking is incredible, Pidcock will win if he doesn't fall off or have a mechanical.
  8. The new Daniel Avery album is excellent and I'm not just saying that because he's one of the rare good musicians who has spent any time living in Southampton. It's a modern homage to late the 90's style of ambient techno which was popularised on Warp Records. Some gorgeous moments cut with with swirls of classic Ambient Works 2 era Aphex Twin all wrapped in Avery's warm fuzzy electronic blanket. I could listen to this all day.
  9. Anyone who likes soul should give the Joel Culpepper album a spin. Sounds equal parts Curtis Mayfield, Prince and Childish Gambino. His voice is incredible.
  10. I don't agree with vaccine passports and don't see how you can fairly have them anyway until all age groups have been offered the jab. We all know unvaccinated people are more likely to catch and transmit the virus, but you can't enforce a passport at an all ages event where kids will be in attendance and are just as likely to pass the virus on as an unvaccinated adult. In my opinion the only fair way for companies who wish to go down this route at the moment is to allow entry to people who either provide proof of vaccine or of a negative test regardless of age.
  11. The Cat


    Is this the sort of stuff CollinsDic agrees with? Worth reading the whole thread as he details what all the speakers say.
  12. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't notice her giving any credit to her opponent. Also worth noting the woman who beat her is a refugee. Jones is complaining her family weren't there but the other woman has fled her country and not really competed for 2 years because of it which would seemingly be more of a barrier to performing your best than not having your Nan sat in the crowd. She's obviously an Olympic legend with her 2 golds but sometimes you just have to respect the opponent for being tactically spot on with their performance and give them the credit they deserve.
  13. Or schoolgirl error. Schoolchild error?
  14. Turns out the Dutch team didn't know there was another rider ahead of them which even without radios is a huge schoolboy error. First medal for GB, a bronze in Judo.
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