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  1. The Cat


    Southampton General already has the vaccine on site. Not sure if they have to wait until a certain date to start vaccinations or if they can just crack on now.
  2. Yeah I like Goat Girl, some great tracks on the first album. Saw them live and was a bit underwhelmed though, maybe just a bad day but they seemed thoroughly bored! Funny comments about Crack Cloud. Haha. What time shall we meet for the fight? Some other recommendations that might be a bit more your style, these are all quite new bands Yard Act, Famous, Personal Trainer, Egyptian Blue, Global Charming, caroline, LICE (they're a bit shouty though) Wych Elm, PVA, deathcrash.
  3. Do you get bored housewives open the door in a skimpy dressing gown with their cleavage bursting out asking if you could bring the package up to the bedroom like what happens in those documentaries on the internet?
  4. Was a reasonable decision at the time. I imagine his experience and attitude are also useful behind the scenes. Players can have other positive influences within a club besides what happens on the pitch.
  5. The Cat


    Have you seen Utopia? Was a C4 series a while back which was based on a graphic novel. Thee story unravels over 2 series to a point where a "Russian Flu" epidemic is addressed by the government with a vaccine. If you haven't watched it I'm not going to say what happens. Apparently there's a crap US remake on Amazon now but the original is one of my favourite shows of the last 10 years and features one of the most horrifyingly nasty TV bad guy performances by Neil Maskell.
  6. At least we're getting in leading positions rather than just going 2-0 down and losing with a whimper. Once we sort out how to regularly close out games against the top teams we'll be in a very strong position.
  7. The stream I have spent a load of time ignoring our game and talking about Jose Mourinho
  8. There's loads of streams here https://reddiit.soccerstreams.net/event/southampton-manchester-united-live-stream/557462
  9. Stream I'm just watching said Fernandes got a small injury in the warm up. Not sure if it means anything but might be worth an early reducer from Romeu.
  10. Did Carillo play with Mbappe at Monaco?
  11. I watched the first 10 minutes of the first episode of Game of Thrones and gave up. Not really my thing. No idea if it's good or not though. Lost was one show that everyone seemed to love that I thought was crap.
  12. The Cat


    Were we really in lockdown that long? Wow, I thought we were out before then. Oh well. I guess the point about when the exemption to protests was changed is still pertinent.
  13. The Cat


    There was no lockdown when the BLM protests were taking place. Social distancing was a thing but we weren't in the same place then. I guess that would be the counterargument. I'm unsure as to when the possible change to the exemption rule was introduced. Was it before the first wave of protests or after? It definitely doesn't help when things aren't clear and even lawyers are arguing over it.
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