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  1. Difference with a lot of those sports is that they were never banned from playing for years and have been supported by consistent funding. Women's football was left floundering for decades. It's only been in more recent times that it's been supported properly, firstly in the US and some of Europe and more latterly around the world. They obviously won't have the skill men do at the top level because they've largely not had the structure to achieve it. Give it 20 years and their game will have improved a hell of a lot. Also, any proper pro woman footballer would run rings around your
  2. He's only scored 2 goals in 25 games since Boxing Day. Even some of our players who get slated on here have scored more than that. I'm sure they'll be looking to see who is available this summer.
  3. Maybe Armstrong was taken off early against Fulham so he can start again tomorrow. I know Hasenhuttl has mentioned before that he struggles to play 3 games in a week but he's so important to us that I really hope he starts. No doubt they are confident. Beat us easily last time and are coming off the back of a good win. We should be in for an exciting game.
  4. Bournemouth is always funny so we can laugh at their fans getting overexcited about playing us but I'd like to see Brentford having a turn. Whether we would even have the ability to sign Henry if they don't go up is debatable anyway.
  5. Wouldn't mind Barnsley, I'm quite a fan of away games to small Northern towns. I'm not sure any of the 4 play off teams will put up much of a fight next season without a lot of investment. Do any of them have much money?
  6. If you don't like it why not just ignore it? It's what, 5 seconds out of your day? It will probably stop at the end of the season anyway regardless of whether people boo or not.
  7. Who does everyone want to come up from the Championship? Has to be Brentford for me, new ground, reasonably close. They seem like a well run club who play good football.
  8. The Cat


    Vaccines work against the Indian variant. Cases still flat.
  9. Is handball denying a goal not a red card anymore? I thought that was different to a handball which is stopping a cross?
  10. 3-0 down. Birmingham are a class above but then that's to be expected as they are leagues above and play every week whereas Saints have only had FA Cup games since lockdown eased.
  11. Our squad would be massively upgraded with 5 or 6 of their players. Whether they would start every match is debatable although Pope, Tarkowski and Taylor would walk in to the first team.
  12. I did wonder when the next game was, seems ages since they beat Yeovil. Birmingham are a top league team albeit one in turmoil. Their manager just resigned but will still be in charge today. Good chance to watch a women's double header today with the Champs League final on too.
  13. Bad planning on my part as we're right at the back of the stand and anyone moving forward to get near the pitch for the lap of honour will be risking a socially distanced talking to from an over officious steward and a 3 year ban.
  14. That decision had the biggest impact on our season and a large contribution to the terrible run which started at that time. Red card and penalty and it's extremely likely we win that game. Also KWP might not have got injured which hugely unsettled the team.
  15. I have 4.50 FFS. At the Man City game it was simple to get in and took no time at all. I know there are more people but it's only a third of capacity so shouldn't take long. Doubt that they'll refuse entry to anyone arriving after their time slot. At that time of day you could easily get stuck at work or something.
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