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  1. Think we've tired as the match has worn on.
  2. Brilliant first half apart from the goal we conceded and the penalty miss. We've looked so slick at times.
  3. They're alright. Won't be buying one though because I'm not under 13 years of age, which is what I believe is the agreed cut off point for this sort of thing.
  4. There's no way that would happen. Ralph goes for young, fit, fast players who put in a lot of work. Pukki doesn't fit into any of those categories. There was a great article on The Athletic about Ralph a few days ago which included a part about the type of player he targets. Well worth a read if you have a subscription.
  5. I agree about keeping Adams in the starting line up. Bring Long on for the last 15 minutes to annoy their defence.
  6. Watched a bit of the Pompey game. Neither team really deserved the win, although Pompey nearly sneaked it late on when Oxford's keeper booted a clearance into a striker and it hit the bar. Another season in League 1. Haha.
  7. The Cat

    The BBC

    Worth all the license fee money I've ever paid.
  8. The Cat


    Wasn't he "unavailable" rather than injured?
  9. Is someone going to bump an old Jack Stephens thread where everyone says he's League 1 standard? Probably guilty myself of a rash comment or two 😂
  10. Amazing, utterly amazing result. Felt like if played 90 minutes myself by the end. What a win.
  11. The Cat


    Apart from Bedford they are all northern. Including Bedford they are all pretty grim. What's the connection? Did they all vote leave and have Tory MP's?
  12. The Cat


    I guess it there's a good time for another virus to develop it's when global travel is low. The main talking point here though is what Wes is going to call it. Will it be Chinese Virus the Second? CV2? Something else?
  13. Sheff Utd are catchable because they are in horrible form, however it's extremely unlikely we'll overtake all of Arsenal, Everton, Palace and Burnley. If there's a winner in tonight's game we'll be 5 points behind them, plus anything they gain on us in the next match after we lose to Man City. We also have a worse goal difference than the others. We blew any chance with silly defeats to West Ham, Arsenal and Newcastle.
  14. Really good performance. Clinical in fact, which is something you don't often associate with us. Even Vestergaard played well, although that's the sort of strike force he's better against. Might be different up against faster, more skilfull players. Moving on I'd play Walker-Peters and Smallbone in every match and give Adams game time over Obafemi as possible.
  15. Play Smallbone in every game now. I like the way he goes about things quietly, comfortable on the ball, doesn't panic, plays neat and accurate passes.
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