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  1. More baffling than dropping Matt Le Tissier or bringing on Ali Dia?
  2. He's in the bottom few keepers in the league but that's from a pretty small pool of genuinely talented professionals. People really don't appreciate how difficult goalkeeping is. As for making "marginally good" saves, well that's a ridiculous comment. Every keeper in the league makes quality saves every season. You only have to go back a few weeks to the top class save he made at Man City in the last minute to earn us a point to prove your statement as being woefully incorrect.
  3. The Cat


    I know someone in the academy and they reckon he'll be in the first team squad by the end of the season.
  4. There's a Twitter account that has sprung up.
  5. Agree about the second goal. It was a great strike and maybe one of the top keepers in the league would have saved it but even that is up for debate. That goal goes down as poor defending from Bednarek. First goal he would have rightly been expecting a defender to be challenging for that header. If he'd come for it and got nowhere near he'd have looked pretty silly, a bit like Ben Foster going to catch the cross that Richarlison scored from yesterday. Again that's Bednarek or Livramento's fault, nothing to do with the keeper.
  6. Everton's defending for those last 4 goals was amusingly horrific.
  7. Walcott is woeful. Absolute waste of a shirt.
  8. In the stadium weirdly early. In the pre match shooting drill it's Elyounoussi and Redmond who looked the best. Forster didn't seem like he could be bothered to dive.
  9. Can go level on points with Villa if we win. Crucial that we start well and get the first goal as otherwise it could be a long afternoon.
  10. Still annoyed I didn't go to that but could only afford 2 and Prague and Milan were the easier options. Think I enjoyed Prague most out of all the European trips although Arnhem was interesting in the square before the game.
  11. Robbie Savage is so annoying.
  12. I think he does. Surprised that Walker Peters isn't brought on to add some energy down the right, however the other thought is that the best way to improve Livramento's stamina is for him to keep playing 90 minutes so he gets used to it.
  13. As he should. It's wrong to stifle genius, just put him on the pitch and let him play.
  14. That old thread where people were saying he was Forren mark 2 and would never play for the first team is peak Saintsweb.
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