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  1. Early goal for Fulham. They've really improved since the start of the season.
  2. Watched the game and then flicked through the match chat. Many different comments to how I saw it which was a comfortable win against a well organised but limited team. Watts did OK. N'Lundulu has good presence but lacks first touch, nice to see him score. Chauke wasn't that impressive but was playing out of position. Vokins took up good positions without seeing much of the ball. Stephens and Bednarek strolled through the game. People that say Stephens is League One standard really don't have a clue as to what that actually means. Even though he was only on for 10 minutes and pl
  3. The Cat


    Cases going down which is good, and that decrease will carry on now the lockdown takes effect on them. Deaths will stay high for a while as will the number of people in hospital which won't reduce as quickly as it did in the first wave because treatment is getting better and people are in there longer.
  4. He was just waiting for assurances that Hummel would be our next kit supplier. Now that's ironed out he's good to sign.
  5. Probably the most comprehensive analysis you'll get from the excellent Swiss Ramble Twitter account. Strap yourselves in.
  6. The Cat


    Spoke to my sister earlier, one of her team visited a positive Covid patient aged 50 the other day who was complaining of feeling unwell. She tested him and said she was concerned about his oxygen levels but by this time he was talking quite easily and moving around. She eventually persuaded him to go to hospital to get further tests. A couple of hours later after another job she thought she'd see how he was. By this time he was in ITU. 3 hours later he was dead.
  7. Bit of a genius in his time, made some absolute incredible tunes including the best Christmas album ever (which, in a Saints related nod included The Bells of St Mary's) Took some of the techniques that were pioneered by Joe Meek to a totally new level, and alongside Brian Wilson they revolutionised music production. Obviously a complete nutter but his legacy will live on in the music industry forever.
  8. I'd say there's a space for it, much like there's one for 6music. Both overlap a bit with Radio 1 but go further in exploring genres more deeply than Radio 1 which is basically chart fodder for the masses, especially during the daytime.
  9. Jenas on MOTD said it was a foul and he said that because it was.
  10. Tovil was an absolute hole when I lived round that way. I worked part time in the Tesco there when someone shat on the floor and it got dragged around the shop under a wheel of a trolly.
  11. Covid has had many serious implications but the lack of opportunities for ice cream at the top of the A34 on route to an away game is one that hasn't been discussed enough.
  12. Surprised they didn't go on about out pre-match huddle.
  13. Madison's shot was from about 3 yards away and he leathered it. McCarthy wouldn't have even seen it. On the other hand Scmeichel's save was quite comfortable. McCarthy's save from Vardy near the end was brilliant. Absolutely perfect technique.
  14. Complete agree. We have so many crucial players out and a bench full of kids yet played alright against a decent team and their ref.
  15. Why is that? Have they changed the rules or is it because the cup game was delayed?
  16. He's just been part of a defence keeping 3 clean sheets in a row including one against the Champions. He's not as good as Vestergaard but neither is he as bad as people seem to like to make out.
  17. No it doesn't. Stop being a whiny prick.
  18. Played so well considering all the injuries. Massively fucked over by the ref for the goal. It's not even funny how he didn't give us a free kick, it was so fucking blatant and no different to what he booked Diallo for about 5 minutes after.
  19. Wolves having a tough season so far.
  20. The Cat


    Yep. My view is largely that they have cocked a load of stuff up but seem to have got this right, which they knew they had to after previous errors. I guess the only country who could claim to have done better is Israel who got the army involved straight away and have smashed through about 2 million in no time.
  21. The Cat


    Vaccine rollout is really ramping up. I know quite a few who had have one now, and other than my Grandad none of them are old. Obviously my sister and brother in-law as they are frontline NHS, but also a friend who is a mental health nurse who has been pretty much working from home since March. My partner's cousin took her Mum to have her jab and was offered one while she was there. Apparently people at vaccine sites have been offering spare vaccines to colleagues, family, other front line emergency workers etc. These would be ones where an appointment has been missed and the v
  22. The Cat


    Maybe it wasn't Chartwell who sent out the packages in the Twitter photos. They aren't the only company doing it. The Chairman of Compass who own Chartwell is a Tory donor though.
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