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  1. I started this thread on the 5th August thinking they should have arrived or at least some updates from the club. Maybe I was a bit early. Mine arrived today. No way to run any business. Started supporting the Saints in the mid 60s never felt more disconnected and unvalued.
  2. I'm not too optimistic but blimey get a grip.
  3. Has anyone received their season ticket yet ?
  4. Sad to hear of the passing of one of my favourite all time Saints. Jimmy Gabriel played 220 games and always gave 100% . Can't let this post pass without reminding the older fans of the day he got sent off whilst on a stretcher pretending to be injured in vain attempt to avoid incurring a sanction from the ref. When this didn't work he promptly got off the stretcher and walked to the dressing room.
  5. The club has just had a 5 month warning that action needs to be taken at a drastic level. If they don't heed that warning then quite frankly we deserve to go down. An interesting summer ahead me thinks.
  6. Surprised and delighted with the decision but don't understand why David Luiz's red card wasn't also rescinded. Plenty of incompetence very little consistency.
  7. Does anyone know the deadline for Chinney to complete the purchase I thought it was 28 days from the CVA 2 meeting but not sure if i'm rightthen it's Monday
  8. Peter Storrie and Mandarich were also found not guilty in the earlier trial. Its on the BBC NEWS SITE.
  9. Just to guage the true depth of this please imagine you were running a book on this. What odds would you give on liquidation within the next 6 months. For me its 2\1 against still think they will wiggle out of it.
  10. Been away for a few days what is the latest on the football creditors court case? Would appreciate an update if anybody knows.
  11. 5 year plan... 1. First 6 months - pretend to be legitimate owner of a Championship football club. 2. Remaining 4 years 6 months - hang out in a 2x2 metre cell getting buggered senseless by a disgraced Lithuanian weight lifting drugs cheat. Couldn't resist copying this from a Pompey forum made me laugh
  12. Can anyone out there post when the the court case with Storrie and Mandaric is to be completed and also when Harry and the others case is due to start. Surely the future of the Skates is resting heavily on the results of these cases, also why has it gone so quiet on the court case front.
  13. Anybody know when the court case is starting and how long it's expected to last.
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