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  1. I did have a good stream but it has broken - does anyone have anything currently working?
  2. We've gone from being weak at the back and making up for it with goals (from Danny), to being relatively solid at the back and totally toothless. In some games it's really felt like we could have played three lots of 90 minutes and still not scored. I find it hard to believe that we'll sign a goal scorer in January though - they are expensive at the best of times. Fingers crossed we can manage to stay up this season. There's the makings of a good team there I think, with a few additions...
  3. mcbendy

    Injury Watch

    Back in full training in two weeks, per Adam Blackmore
  4. If you look at the body language of some of the players in one of the behind-the-scenes pre-season videos it's pretty obvious that they found him irritating and unprofessional. I suspect Ralph did too.
  5. A lot will depend on where we are in the league, I suspect. It looks like we have some money left over from player trading this summer. Could we see some players coming in during January. Or maybe fringe players heading out on loan? Will we finally see the back of Shane Long? What about Fraser Forster - could he be pushing at the exit door by January? Could we try and make the Broja deal permanent?
  6. Highlights tonight at 22:30 on Quest, which it looks like you can stream live here: https://www.discoveryplus.co.uk/channel/quest?idp=Sonic&responseCode=212
  7. Brilliant interview from the young man. He's clearly a bright lad. Hopefully he's going to join the first team squad straight away.
  8. I wonder if we'll see Caleb Watts? He's not in the B team squad tonight. Forster Valery. Bednarek. Salisu. KWP JWP Diallo Watts. Elyonoussi Tella. Broja. If Stuart Armstrong is fit again, maybe he'll get some minutes, but presumably not 90
  9. Livramento for only 5 million is going to end up being the best piece of business that any club has done in this transfer window. This kid is sensational. Salisu was very solid, including his passing. Diallo added something when he came on. V happy with a point. Once they'd equalised I feared we'd fall to bits. Onwards and upwards!
  10. I lived in Nottinghamshire between the ages of 6 and 18. Hucknall is a monument sh!thole. It makes Pompey look up market. I've got no opinion on the CB!
  11. Interesting that McQueen gets a number...
  12. Seriously though, I think you're bang on with that. The only question mark really is over the 'Redmond' position, but I do think Redders will get the nod. It's 9 subs now, isn't it. So Elyounoussi and Valery on the bench too?
  13. Don't you think they'll notice if we field 12? (Stu + Armstrong)
  14. JV confirmed departure as per his own Instagram. No surprise of course, but just saying.
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