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  1. Diallo is 21 years old. Second start for Saints (second start in the Prem), playing against the defending champions. That performance...
  2. If only there was a thread where people could speculate about Saints signing Lingard. Oh, wait...
  3. Vestergaard MOTM. I have in the past said "I never want to see him in a Saints shirt again". Immense yet again.
  4. Interesting comments coming out of the club recently regarding signings. It seems unlikely that we'll bring in anyone high profile. I wonder though whether we might with a few more young rough diamonds to polish. I still think we'll bring in a second choice full-back on loan.
  5. This one is working *reasonably* well for me, and (with AdBlock) is fine in terms of pop-ups etc http://runnel.ir/lfc-tv/ Better than nowt - at least it's Saints 🙂
  6. Working again now, though buffering
  7. It was, but is now saying its adblock capacity is full. Also available here, but buffering more: https://www.olwebtv.com/lfctv Watch out for pop ups etc...
  8. Stream here of the U23s if anyone is keen: http://runnel.ir/lfc-tv/
  9. Here are a few thoughts on potential outgoings: https://www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/transfer-news/southampton-obafemi-long-forster-hasenhuttl-4706078?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  10. The fact that it's only really full-back where I feel we are weak now is a great sign of how Ralph has evolved the squad.
  11. So many good performances. JWP and Armstrong were great, KWP was great, Theo slotted in so so well and created problems all night, plus pressed and tracked back well. ***BUT*** my MotM was definitely Adams. Not because he was stand-out better than any of the others, but because he REALLY stepped up to the next level when we needed him to. He held the ball up brilliantly, created loads, pressed brilliantly, covered so much ground tirelessly and took his goal really well. We knew what KWP, JWP and Armstrong could do, but that was the best game that Adams has had in a Saints shirt, right when we
  12. Goalkeeper isn't a position we need to strengthen in. McCarthy with Forster as back up is good enough. Full back is our obvious area of weakness.
  13. The next few weeks, without Bertie, might well determine how much we chase after a full back in Jan...
  14. Same team for sure, with Theo coming on for Redmond unless Redmond is having a better game.
  15. Could injuries at other clubs affect the January window for us? If we're in the top 6 at Christmas then might the big six come after our players? Or Ralph...?
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