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  1. What's Ross Barkley up to? I reckon he could do a job
  2. f--k me lads take it to the bedroom..... has anybody got any transfer news?
  3. Djenepo two great opportunities wasted at this level you need to take those chances..... abysmal finishing... Salisu is a unit absolute rock really good at reading the game on another level to Stephens.. Livramento won't be with us for long he looks on another level technical ability wise. Both strikers were meh today We need a number 10 to link the play.
  4. Bunch of lemonade sandwiches on here write a player off before he has even put on a shirt..... Our fans embarrassing sometimes
  5. Problem with Saints we have a weak mentality, no leaders take Liverpool for example they have the likes of Milner as soon as one of their young players misplayed a pass he went nuts at him that's the difference we have nobody in our team to lead, organize or inspire when the going gets tough. Look at our team currently he has a bit of steel and bollocks about them? Romeu and that's it..... Our defensive record is abysmal and has been for a while heading into a new season the first priority should of been to strengthen the back four, goal Keeper and Def Mid options...... i'm not talking
  6. hows about Luciano Spalett
  7. We had a perfect opportunity to roll the dice we should of got Rafa in I mentioned this previously.....
  8. https://ibb.co/wWQng9X Knocked it together earlier figured some of you may like it
  9. If Villa came in with a 40 million bid for Prowse would you accept it?
  10. ally_uk

    Adam Armstrong

    Happy days hopefully some of our fanbase will stop acting like absolute melts
  11. Lads anyone got a stream?
  12. Agreed with the above Go all out and get Armstrong and the Greek mush!
  13. So we Sell Ings and we are going to bring in some unknown lumper for 5 million this club...... Armstrong, Edouard or Tammy Abraham Anything less and we might as well prepare for the championship..
  14. Could we get Tino Wener or Pelle to come back? In all seriousness what about the bundesliga or french leage or spanish league Any cheap strikers that could do a job i.e scored 15 goals last season? must be somebody out there. My own thoughts break the bank and get Tammy Abraham don't care what it takes buy back, loan just get the damm thing done that is the calibre of player we need.
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