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  1. That veerman looks decent I'd be happy with that
  2. Walcott...... Jesus wept I'd rather out a bid in for Koopmeiners...
  3. What about Liverpool Origi, Shaqiri both could do a job
  4. I reckon Davies on loan for Everton Olivier Ntcham as the hoiberg replacement And a cheap winger for cover for Redmond and if Boufal leaves. That's my prediction.... Should be looking at Chelsea I know wages would be a issue but Barkley, Hudson, Loftus One of them could give us an additional dynamic.
  5. 18.3 million bid accepted for Jovane Cabral he is a winger and looks quality.... https://mobile.twitter.com/TheSaintCentre/status/1308357608961708032 1) Surely this can't be true we are skint..... 2) Why are we signing a winger and not a hojberg replacement? 3) Will Davies play the Hojberg role? 4) Do already have new owners instructing us to sign targets now? Or has Gao found wallet? We are also linked to Florentino Luis.... wtf is going on lol
  6. So who are you hoping to get in what would make it a successful window. That lad at Everton looks ok for a loan I was hoping for a proper hojiberg replacement though someone who can break up the play command midfield and setup attacking plays. A winger would also be good someone to compete with Redmond. And wishful thinking another mobile centre back with some pace.
  7. Tuen koopmeiners and a winger find the funds get it done...
  8. Fair play to Ings if he stays here..... double wages and play alongside Bale or stay at Saints and hope we can scrape a couple of toffee together to get some unknown on loan.... It's a no-brainer I'd be gone.... This club is so backwards sometimes yes let's get rid of four midfielders Reed, hoj, lemon and potentially Bovril leave it until last minute to bring some unknown in..... Call me a negative Nancy I think we could go down this season....
  9. Olivier Ntcham and a loan such as demarai Gray or loftus or Delph. forget this youth strategy we need someone with a bit of grit and steel that can hit the ground running and pull strings in midfield.
  10. Any links? All I'm seeing is other clubs strengthening and we have weakened the midfield options considerably....
  11. So anyone in the know? Anymore incoming? Getting a bit boring now get some money down and get a midfielder! Lol
  12. He is terrible has no first touch...
  13. Sell the overpaid dross and get that teun koopmeiners lad
  14. What about Slattery, Hesketh, Sims, Jankewitz, Ferry, Tella, Can any of them realistically come in and add depth to current setup? Are we actually in the market for anyone else? Any ITK?
  15. What about Enzo Robise? I thought he was supposed to be the next big thing? I still think we need a box to box midfielder someone who can break up play get the ball forwards and link the attack essentially a Hoijberg who can actually pass a football... I'm not fussed if Boufal goes he is to inconsistent.
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