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  1. No really fussed.... Let's go get Rico Henry or Williams.. Need someone in the mould of Walker-Peters on the left
  2. Maitland-Niles sign him up looks a player him
  3. Bunch of Wet Sandwiches on here haha
  4. Personally i'd play Moussa as a number 10 I reckon he would be more effective
  5. So the conclusion is play a proper right back in the right back position and we might actually stand a chance of drawing or winning a game of football.... 🙄🙄 Can't we just loan somebody who can play left and right back for remainder of season as cover......
  6. Squad selection again was baffling hasn't he not worked out that Redmond is utterly crap and offers nothing..... Adams holds up the ball well but as a striker at this level I'm sorry but it's goals and finishing that counts so what was the logic of having Adam's and Redmond up top together? am I missing something here.....I You watch Ings and the body language when he came on having can tell he is frustrated playing alongside these muppets...... Can't blame him when he leaves because he will be off...... Crap tactics, wrong players on the pitch from the get go, to slow to change
  7. Does anybody have a link to stream please
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