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  1. I'm not fussed to be honest fair play to Danny he has done well for us If he wants out let him go get the best money we can and let's get a the best young striker we can buy from the championship. This could be a blessing we could of actually had Ings at peak and he might deteriorate further with injuries. Adams, N'lundulu and new guy In summer buy a creative winger couple of fullbacks Job done ladies
  2. Shane Long is shite...... Watts and the goal scorer look okish That's about it really.
  3. Anyone got a stream tonight for the game lads
  4. So we will be signing noone then since we don't have a pot to piss in....
  5. Doesn't like the weather?.😂😂😂😂 stick some thermals on stop acting like a lemonade sandwich liven up and get on with it! Is he for real..... 😂😂😂😂
  6. I think Hummel kits look shite personally but we all have opinions
  7. We lost it happens no need to wet the mattresses Leicester are a good outfit. Take Ings out of the equation and we seem to lack a bit of end product. Walcott jury is still out for me runs around alot but should we sign? Smallbone showed a few glimpses of potential I'd start him in the cup. Armstrong best player for me was unlucky not to get a goal. The reality is injuries aside we need an injection of further quality New left back I don't rate Bertrand personally Creative midfielder / winger that has consistent end product Striker someone with
  8. I reckon he would make a decent winger
  9. Brandon Williams on loan with option to buy And a creative player that can link the strikers
  10. I have been watching the Villa game this match and bored me to tears.....
  11. http://liveonscore.tv/soccer-streams/premier-league/fulham-vs-southampton/
  12. any streams that work? one posted is lagging like mad thanks
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