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  1. Absolute pish, Sterling drives me f’ing bonkers when he plays for England.
  2. Absolute trash so far, Kane looking like it’s his first game of football. He must come good soon right?
  3. ... plus you never know if you'll be playing on-the-beach versions of Liverpool and Leicester at that time!
  4. I remember the 'devastation' of seeing Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert all leave in 2014. I genuinely thought we were gonners, but then we did some stellar transfer business and actually became better. I'd like to think the club has learned from the 'everything we touch turns to gold' complacency that followed VVD's exit.
  5. See where you're coming from, but there are ways to lose and there are other ways to lose. Even if the points don't materialise, the very least you expect to see is decent tactics executed by a committed team backed up by good use of subs. If we get smashed a few times and are around the bottom of the table then he would be luck to get to Christmas. Desperately hoping for some decent summer transfer business, but expectations are set pretty low to be honest.
  6. Thanks for confirming, it really should be in my opinion!
  7. Absolutely this! Clear and obvious as it's always supposed to have been.
  8. Let's see if we can extend our laughable record of opening day results! What is it again, 3/4 opening day wins in about 30 years? Only ones I can remember are Coventry away ('99 ish), Leeds at home ('11 ish) and West Brom away ('14 ish).
  9. Well fair play to them I guess for finishing the game, but they should definitely have replayed the match today (thought that before the result). Think someone at the top should have taken the decision off the players shoulders. I shouldn’t laugh but Hojbjerb clearly fancies himself as a bit of a Henderson.
  10. Great post, thanks! As someone who squeezed in with just 15,000 others in its final days, it seems difficult to conceive how 40,000 could have been in the same space. Amazing!
  11. Yes it was, but I was talking about things from my perspective as my first game was in 1993 when capacity was about 17,500. If we're being pedantic, then the attendance of the game you went to was 31,044, whereas the first league game at St. Mary's was 31,107! 😎
  12. Crazy isn't it! I remember clear as day, taking one last look at The Dell and then walking down to see the new ground in the summer of '01. That first league game at home to Chelsea was memorable, walking out into the bowl and seeing 30,000 Southampton fans at a home game for the first time ever. It's not bad ground, in fact far from it, I just wish it had a bit of unique character to it. If nothing else, whack some striped seats in there like the old Milton Road End 🙂
  13. Well I knew it begun with a B 😃
  14. Birch Construction rings a bell for St. Mary's. I have the glossy brochure somewhere...
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