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  1. Pompey get battered 4-0 at home...
  2. I'm hoping this is all bluster on behalf of Ings and his agent with a view to securing the maximum possible deal on a new contract at Saints. Combined with his local roots (which must count for something) I would like to think that there is enough going on here to make him happy to stay if the deal is right.
  3. Haha true, he must have been gutted to have bothered waiting.
  4. That weapon Garth Crooks actually waited for us to play this week before announcing his team of the week... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55536085
  5. Fully agree, a point against a decent team that we dislike playing against and our manager not on the sidelines. If we were West Brom fans we’d have plenty to moan about.
  6. And if that’s the case so be it. We have no right to expect a result in these types of games, just give it our all and hope for some luck. Unlike July, we’ve not had the latter today (at least not yet) and I guess you then just hope you end the game with 11 men and not being on the end of a morale sapping hammering. Merry Christmas 😃
  7. I've previously been critical of Claus, but this article has helped put things into perspective and I now have reasonable sympathy for him. Yes, he's acted like a tool at times, but this is more the product of his illness rather than a reflection of who he really is. I used to have a footballer living opposite me, he wasn't a household name but played the majority of his career in the EFL. He and his family were so unhinged and you could see how the lifestyle (not to mention life's other challenges) had impacted them and how he was struggling to come to terms with the fact his career wa
  8. Too early to take Ings off IMO. Need another goal or 10 more minutes 👍🏻
  9. Over the bloody moon! You can’t play well every game, so when you don’t it’s all about getting a result. 5th!!!
  10. Fuck me, how depressing are some of you! So little faith 😐
  11. Love our crest, always have and always will. I've heard many people say that it's one of the best out there!
  12. Haha was about to ask who else screenshot the live table. Whatever the score it counts right?
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