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  1. Not ideal but a point better for us than Burnley. 4 from 6 in our important run of games. Just a bloody shame Watford hit form before we play them.
  2. That’s what I’m talking about! Come on guys, let’s grab another!
  3. Agreed! What he did isn’t necessarily a bad way to deal with this type of thing. Laugh at yourself and go again 👍🏻
  4. Hopefully we can take encouragement from the game against them last season.
  5. Pompey get battered 4-0 at home!
  6. I personally don't have an issue if fans criticise players for whatever reason. However, I think that then rules them out of the right to lay into them if they come good and then leave us for a bigger club.
  7. Great start to an important run. I had this down as the toughest one, but we got a slice of luck with the team they put out by the look of it. Nice to have something to celebrate for once!
  8. I guess there's only so much probing you can do or he won't come back for further interviews. In fairness to him, he did make it clear that this next run of games is crucial so I guess he's willing to be held to account if that doesn't go well.
  9. It's not really 40 points anymore though. Wasn't 30 enough to keep you up last season?
  10. The world is full of statements like 'clear and obvious'. The ones that spring to mind are 'as far as reasonably practicable' and 'beyond all reasonable doubt'. The problem with VAR as I see it is that people are having to make very quick decisions in a pressure cooker situation and that underlying prejudice and fear of upsetting 'the wrong people' is blurring the thought process. Add into the mix the potential 'well they were hard done by last week, so I'll do them a solid this time round' issue then you have a system that is probably as flawed as the previous one, but in different way
  11. Still far too early to judge our business over the summer in my opinion. Ifs and buts I know, but had we sneaked the win on Sunday (which could easily have happened) then I expect everyone would be reasonably content. Let's face it, we'll battle away at Chelsea this weekend, probably lose, then have to sit through the international break just above/below the relegation line. As many have stated, it's the next set of fixtures that are pivotal. We could win any/all of those 4 games and be in a much healthier position come the next international break with Norwich awaiting after that.
  12. Was Ralph wearing the waistcoat? If so then he’s fast running out of options. Never fancied us today, Wolves have far more talent upfront than us. I basically feel we’re in this microcosm Premier League with Newcastle, Norwich, Watford and maybe one or two more. It’s not looking good really...
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