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  1. For one moment, I’m forgetting FFP (because that’s clearly a load of old bollocks) and dreaming of a time in the future when we had an owner with more to invest… We could make more capital investments in the stadium to increase match day revenue from greater attendances, or even just pay for safe standing to improve the experience. We could improve the facilities at the training ground even further and extend them. We could invest in making the area around St. Mary’s more attractive to visitors and making more money from rentals, income for the club if it was able to. We
  2. Read the article with Jason Dodd talking about Like Shaw the other day and how his, and Willo’s experience of top flight first team football was used to help the players make the step up. Since Les backed Martin Hunter over him falling out with Dodds and Williams, we’ve gone for coaches who don’t have the experience of playing at the top which is probably really important in this phase as it’s kind of a finishing school. It’s mostly mates of people, not the best and most appropriate coaches and in many ways, mentors. Interesting comments about Fulham too. Funnily enough, th
  3. Definitely seems to be one of the good, or at least interesting and more curious players. Does the sort of things I would choose if I had oodles of dough.
  4. I think so. Mind you, that deal would be so they can extract a decent transfer fee should things not work out for him there. He might be a bit like Minamino in that he won’t be used that often when we’ve got our players on permanent contracts 🤷‍♂️
  5. Only if we sign him permanently, which at the moment doesn’t seem to be part of the loan agreement with Chelsea.
  6. One of the biggest budgets of all the teams (including the WSL) so they should be spanking everyone week in week out. Good to have at least one well funded first team 😎
  7. I’d still take 17th now. We have a few players with potential for sure but as others have said, we have some glaring weaknesses that a couple of talented kids and a new striker might not cover. Based on adding talent but not established players, we might scrape to 13th if results go our way.
  8. I doubt the fees for those players will be that high yet…might be with add ons. The accounts will definitely look healthier though with a positive net spend, some players with values that should increase, big wage savings and with investments in the hospitality experiences made as well as players, things will be better on the P&L/cash flow and balance sheets. A little debt paid off too maybe, which is good for the business overall. Then hope the players, manager and the back room staff can keep us up in the Premier League to make sure next season is equally self-sustaining and maybe pays d
  9. If we stay up, that’ll be a perfect season 👍🏼
  10. With safe standing likely to be permitted, could this be Saints’ chance to use the Chapel stand to create a meaningful end in the stadium for fans to be together and stand, and hopefully sing? Certainly if I was at the club, I’d put safe standing across the Chapel end regardless as watching football standing up is more fun, and helps generate better atmospheres than people sitting down.
  11. So the player might want to leave, or there might be interest but Ralph doesn’t want the player sold. I know Ralph’s English can get tied up a little so hopefully this is one of those moments, and not a guarded and nuanced answer.
  12. Looking forward to seeing him play and hoping the club have found a gem
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