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  1. No, looks at which tournaments academy teams should play in, and then gets teams to come to Southampton.
  2. It would be nice to think that fans wouldn’t fall for the player letting us down bullshit this time. The ‘good’ offer highlighted by Adam Blackmore suggests we haven’t offered a great deal and Hassenhutl’s chat about not relying on Danny Ings shows you the internal reality. He’s likely to go because his value is not appreciated or affordable to the bean counters. We are in a financial hole, the commercial department is at best average so money isn’t going to be flooding in to help fund player wages so we need to sell the key assets, which are players. It’s naive to think otherwise.
  3. Not destroyed as it is still operating but it is nowhere near as good as it was. From what I understand, the rot started with Les who took credit for what had gone before but started getting rid of coaches who didn’t believe he or Martin Hunter were the best thing since sliced bread. Les was great at creating a story about how good he was and with a board made up of people who were/are pretty clueless about football, that made him untouchable for awhile. They also didn’t like kids who were talented and full of potential but were rough around the edges, and it still doesn’t look like we recrui
  4. If we sell, it could fill a financial hole we are probably in. Great financial action. Will be a massive loss for the first team, fans and the actual football element of SFC. Terrible football action.
  5. The reality is that football is run by people with little care, and in some cases, little understanding of football beyond it being a fairly lucrative business with guaranteed customers. Outside our detached owners, our own team at the top is made up of posh boys who probably like rugby or cricket more than football, or at least deep down they do, or that’s what their kids play because football is just for oiks. No problem with that but it just exemplifies that those running football don’t love the game on a deep level. When that’s the case, it’s only about money, whatever they say.
  6. All these players should be sent on loan and probably moved on ideally. None are really likely first eleven material for a top twelve prem club.
  7. The latest Norweigian to join the ranks? Looking likely according to sky sources
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