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  1. Makes perfect sense if it also helps get rid of u23 players who will never make it to our first team, some barely end up as professional players yet have several years as a ‘pro’ on fantastic money.
  2. That’s whole chunk of change for some directors and senior management staff!
  3. Pompey at home...we owe them a proper battering, no foots off the pedal
  4. The big difference was that the players were moving and you could see that there was a purpose to the play, sometimes this season at SMS it’s been a fearful pass backwards and a forward pass has been available. I believe most fans know the difference and wouldn’t have been critical. At home fans rightly expect their team to be on the front foot, hopefully the players are regaining the confidence they need to play that way at home.
  5. Hate me now instrumental is 100% what the players come out to. The music when the players shake hands is the Premier League anthem.
  6. F**k me we were s**t but a win is a win
  7. Great move of true. There was surprise when Les got the job over Crocker in the first place. From some people in the game I know, he will be much more demanding than Les was in the right areas so I’d imagine some of the academy staff from senior to lower will be made to answer some questions about why the standards have slipped and so many good people have been replaced by average ones.
  8. Phone the accounts team and ask them to deny it
  9. Let’s do away with some myths. She lent the club money for which she was paid back as well as using club accounts to pay for her and her son’s lifestyle, and then sold the club to the first person who came along. She, as well as others, is very much responsible for where we are...which is a relegation favourite just a few years after being a team that could’ve been a permanent top half/pushing for Europe. She deserves nothing from fans. Her Dad, yes. Her, none.
  10. Someone ITK might confirm but I was told Radhi hasn’t been coaching the team very much this season and has been largely sidelined. Maybe another Bathampton coach has come in to do it, or someone with a West Country connection?
  11. Just saw this on our website. Does anyone have kids that play in these tournaments? https://www.southamptonfc.com/global-football-development/southampton-cup/southampton-cup-series-usa
  12. I will be happy with this a)when I see it actually happen and b)when the players are decent and not ‘one for the future’
  13. No, they had a falling out apparently. Has left Ralph with some bang average (at best) support on the coaching side but the power he was given and had in the club allowed him to get rid of someone who was more important than anyone probably realised because Ralph had been given hero status. Last season he and Rohl were a two-man show on the sideline, this year he has nothing.
  14. There’s no money to invest. You have hit the nail on the head when it comes to character. They are a weak bunch. Not great players and certainly not the mid table team some think we are because even that takes players with a good mentality as well as technique.
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