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  1. This is probably true bar a couple of players i.e tino, salisu, KWP, the thing that's worrying is he has had three years and still can't manage the basics of in game management, starting the strongest team & making substitutions and team shape at the right time, these are absolute basics really, yet he selects a totally out of form Walcott that's been shit for months & waits till final ten mins for subs it's just school boy level crazy
  2. A point is just about a passable result Burnley have improved but I still think we could have held out for the 2-1 with better game management from RH, Walcott shouldn't have started to begin with but he should have been off as soon as broja scored and another attacker and defender brought on, instead he waits 70 minutes to take Walcott off and gives Armstrong & Che like barely five minutes at the end just crazy. I think after three years here he still has no idea what subs to make or when & continues to pick the wrong starters it's worrying.
  3. Five points clear is hardly well outside the relegation zone we could easily get sucked into it
  4. Soo frustrating played well in spells but we always switch off defensively & Ralph's timing of substitutions & picking Walcott is shocking, I feel he's gone as far as he can at this club
  5. Squeaky bum time can't afford to lose this!
  6. That team will be Chelsea they have a 40 million buy back clause
  7. This will be a sickener if we don't get at least a point 🙏🙏
  8. We just can't kill games off we have been the better team though
  9. Yes a good 20 mins some awful misses though before the goal
  10. Fucking harder to miss that than score! On a plate for Redmond
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