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  1. A good transfer window in a way would be keeping hold of the two or three "star" players we have, of not being a selling club for one season when big clubs are sniffing. That said it's probably not productive to have players around when their mind may be elsewhere
  2. We are paying more than £75k for Forster to not even play for us much?
  3. Wonder how much we offered him to be on the highest wages of any saint ever? Do you reckon 75k a week or not even that much? How much would he get at a top" club to be a bench warmer maybe £100k a week?
  4. The club have lost the plot giving the likes of a carthorse and a has-been ex Saint new contracts!
  5. I just wish it would get sorted now tbh as much as I'd love him to stay and sign he isn't going to, so let's get him gone at the right price (which could be difficult with the high Liverpool sell on clause) so it's not the one big distraction of the new season that disrupts everything. Are we going to have to try to replace the irreplaceable though?
  6. Reports of 17 million asked from spurs surely they will snap that up! If he doesn't want to be here then there's not much point letting him leave on a free later, ings situation is different as his goals are the difference between relegation
  7. This, though grateful to ings in providing the goals that mean we aren't already playing in the championship!
  8. It seems Liverpool have a high sell on clause when we brought him so there's no chance he goes for less than 30 million
  9. Who are we going to get in that's gonna score enough to keep us up? Anyone we did get in would need time to adjust to the team and we are in real danger of another repeat of last season but without the good start
  10. Are they actually worth much though? 5-8 million for Redmond, maybe a bit more for dejenepo as age on his side?
  11. At 23 does he have age on his side? Or is he as good as he's going to get? JWP developed late
  12. He has all the key ingredients in terms of skill to be a really exciting prospect for us but it just hasn't happened consistently, do you think this will be his season, should he start regularly? Another player that perhaps needs to learn to introduce some simplicity into his game and not try and beat every player on the field with flicks and tricks and walk straight into trouble! Frustrating as he is too good to be another Redmond... Or is he?
  13. Welcome saint romain you have huge potential, I hope you achieve it with us. Hope you aren't our only significant signing though, our club needs at least four new signings if we are going to avoid a repeat of the second half of last season.
  14. Pompey, Bournemouth & Brighton the ideal Pre Season 🤣
  15. I was on about dejenepo but yes hoedt had some skills just an attitude that didn't match
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