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  1. Mr X

    Obafemi or Adams?

    I agree after initially being very underwhelmed with him and thinking he just hasn't got it at all, we are starting to see what a decent player he could become, he has definitely improved his workrate, he definitely puts in the effort to chase balls down on the flanks and is starting to develop an understanding with ings, if RH can improve his decision making in the final third he could one day become a 15-20 goal striker. His all round game is much better than obafemi's now i'd say. Obafemi has better pace but what else?
  2. A much better option than obafemi in my opinion though obafemi isn't without his merits
  3. A huge point and a great performance second half, not sure what changed as for the first 20 minutes it was only Chelsea playing any kind of football! Think RH must have just told them to go for it and be more agressive at half time, attack is definitely the best form of defence against Chelsea! Werner looks some player! Ings doesn't look too bad either 😉
  4. We have played well for saints this half whatever the score
  5. Wow that equaliser lasted a long time
  6. Would give anything for a draw! Would take a lot to keep Chelsea quiet though werner looks some player, plus we need another. If we can keep it respectable it will be a result
  7. Game over in the first half, hopefully we can keep the scoreline down this is looking easily like it could be embarrassing
  8. Because he has exceptional awareness of space, quick feet and quick decision making, qualities only maybe one of our players has
  9. We are trying hard but Chelsea are a class above at the moment, they are so much faster!
  10. Obafemi and Adams. Both of these players have lacked consistency and not really delivered for us. Who can you see more potential in, & who should be given more chances? Seems RH is still questioning Obafemi's attitude & workrate and Che just does not seem to have any luck on his side & doesn't seem capable of stepping up
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