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  1. He won't attend as he believes he is the real author of rewriting the playbook
  2. Part of the reason why we are so poor is Ralph knows their is no accountability needed on his part the club have removed all manager accountability which is a dangerous move, If you survive two nine nils and many more no shows and you know your job is safe what motivation is there left?
  3. It is indeed average but we still shouldn't be losing 9-0 twice and multiple 3-0 plus defeats literally no one else has achieved that and you can't blame it all on having crap players we've had much worse players and not crumbled to two 9-0 defeats and many more performances where we simply haven't turned up at all! Yesterday really did sum us up & the way Ralph sets us up is very risky he sticks to his plan no mattter what and doesn't adapt and hasn't installed that never say die attitude & work ethic in the players what so ever.
  4. Ralph thinks we did turn up not only that that "we left everything we could on the pitch' he was proud of the performance
  5. I guess it's too much to hope that the club will finally tell Ralph that his motivation of the team is unacceptable as he clearly thinks "we left everything on the pitch" he saw a completely different game! I know he's not going to say we were awful & managed not one shot on target and I take my share of the blame but to say "we left everything on the pitch today" is laughable
  6. Ralph talks shit "we left everything everything we had on the pitch today!" Did we fuck
  7. Sorry don't buy that you motivate whatever players you have available and quit moaning! We were not motivated or fired up to give 100% today we barely gave 50% the manager is at least half to blame for that!
  8. Their keeper was basically a spectator he could have set up a deckchair
  9. Sorry but Ralph out fed up with the excuses
  10. Barely a shot on target in an fa cup semi final
  11. Simple question is RH worthy of another season? he's had so much goodwill with sticking by him after record defeats but I think a change is needed!
  12. Sorry ralph time up! No one cares if we had lost to the better side having given everything but this is pathetically poor we don't look like we ever had the fight for this
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