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  1. Good turnaround from behind we have to sign KWP surely? So much potential
  2. We will be relegated next season if we can't sort home form... You can't rely on away form to save us again
  3. Vestergard why do we persist with him
  4. I can't see us keeping hold of him if he replicates this form next season but that's a huge huge if!!! Hopefully he's happy here I can't see it going so well at another "bigger" club here he has the chance to shine and be that star player he knows he will always be first on the team sheet if fit, but then money talks
  5. We will definitely pay the price for that awful penalty.... Can't blame inggs though he's been our saviour this season
  6. Why is djenpo Out for so long?
  7. He's just so slow to react, their strikers get by him like he's stood still
  8. Verstergard at Callum Davenport levels
  9. McCarthys distribution has been questionable
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