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  1. Long really isn't a footballer any more
  2. Shrewsbury have been pretty impressive defensively & we haven't had any cutting edge this half, we do seem to have a trend of being poor in the second half
  3. I don't personally think he is going to sign an extension reading between the lines of some of RH's comments “If it is not what we expect to pay in the future then we have to look for somebody else who is cheaper - but we know it always should be win-win for both,” Hasenhuttl continued. If they want to make the next step in the summer to a bigger club and there is an offer fitting to the player, then we can always negotiate. Hope I am wrong, surely it is better to be a big fish in a smaller club? Maybe he wants a bigger pay packet for his last few years at
  4. Mr X

    Mohammed Salisu

    Bednarek also cleared a certain goal yesterday and made some vital blocks, swings and roundabouts
  5. Yes unfortunately theo offered nothing today gave it to Leicester players more than our own, for every decent game for Theo there's two where he's anonymous thats what you get
  6. By far the better of the game???Better first half that's all
  7. Not our day decent first half looked lost second half
  8. We look lost this half no posession
  9. We've been much poorer second half as is our trend
  10. Dam another player who might be out
  11. Not our night, would take a draw in a heartbeat
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