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  1. 高, 你这个死王八蛋, 快花多一些钱, 否则给我们滚!
  2. Congrats! Still, full membership comes with nappy-changing duties when daughter and son-in-law are busy at work, as you'll soon find out 😄
  3. Even footballers are not given to rational thinking because they celebrate when they've just scored instead of when the match has ended and they've won.
  4. They should have taken the blue pill a half hour earlier, we were soft everywhere in the first 20 minutes.
  5. If Fulham do go down, do we get less money for Harrison Reed?
  6. SKD is trolling and all of you who are saying "give it a rest" are feeding the troll.
  7. Does anyone know what has happened to Saints and MLT super-fan Javi from Spain?
  8. No bigger snowflake than Ralph himself, kneeling and crying like a little girl just because he achieved a personal milestone - beating Klopp for the first time.
  9. Oh please, Hughes kept us up, for that I will be eternally grateful 🙏
  10. So sparse on details, I wish I knew what was actually said. If the 4th official wasn't guilty of racism, why was he found guilty of inappropriate behaviour and punished nonetheless? What alleged "racist term" amounts to inappropriate behaviour yet falls short of outright racism? You know the saying, "Justice must not only be served, it must be seen to be served." Well, how do we know if the punishment of suspension till the end of the season is just if we don't know what was actually said? Is the punishment too heavy/unmerited in order to placate the woke leftists? Or is it too light
  11. You don't understand. We are not panicking, we are FORWARD panicking with next season in mind.
  12. I completely agree, better get him before Newcastle do.
  13. If that's what he looks like when he's low in confidence, heaven help us when he's high in confidence!
  14. I blame him for our relegation in 2004, I really do, him shoving the ref resulted in a 10-match ban which cost us dearly. Much better commentator than player.
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