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  1. Ralph says on the OS that "we have to change a lot" so why not lead by example and start with the manager?
  2. I have a feeling Ralph will be sacked after this game.
  3. Fat lot of good Sammy Lee has done for West Brom. He's only there so Big Sam Allardyce can look like a cool dude sitting during games as Little Sam prowls the sidelines.
  4. Maybe we have too many coaches? A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth?
  5. Aston Villa snapping up young talent while Ralph flips a coin to decide which keeper starts against West Ham. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/kyrie-pierre-aston-villa-transfer-20612904
  6. BLM was founded on Marxist principles (they admit it themselves). One of the BLM leaders was recently discovered to be buying a number of properties in her own name with money donated to BLM (they don't have proper accounting). The American football player who started it all disrespected the American flag whenever he took a knee during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner (and he couldn't get a job as a player afterwards). There already was a proper campaign against racism going on (no need for another).
  7. You're watching too much BBC 😉
  8. "Tella-pathic, Redmond pathetic" sums up the game nicely.
  9. As a striker, Che is hit and miss. As an assister, he is hit and hit!
  10. One thing I'll say, we don't deserve Ings and I won't blame him one bit if he doesn't sign the extension.
  11. Keep. It's Ralph who needs getting rid of for not bringing the best out of Minamino. (This is a serious comment.)
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