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  1. I don't think we even sold out our allocation last time we got to the semis vs Chelsea in 2018. I had no trouble getting a ticket even though I hadn't been to many games that year and there were loads of empty seats where I was. The fact that tickets were £90+ may have had something to do with it.
  2. If you have a BT sport subscription, you should be able to watch it online.
  3. Nice idea but I'm pretty sure that it's now only the FA Cup winners that are guaranteed the Europa League spot. If they already qualify then I don't think it is passed to the runners-up like it used to be - and it certainly wouldn't go to semi-finalists.
  4. Indeed. Checking my copy of "In That Number", it would probably have been Sheffield Wednesday that West Stand saw as they were in Division 2 with Saints that year. If it was them, the home game against them in the 1946/47 season was actually played on 19 Apr 1947 and Saints won 3-1 with 2 goals from Jack Bradley and 1 from Don Roper. Bradley also missed a penalty.
  5. My first trip to the Dell was when my uncles took me to a Saints reserves game against West Ham reserves in 1967. Saints scored first but ended up losing 1-2. I suppose it set me up properly for a lifetime of brief hope and ultimate disappointment. My first first-team game was a few months later against West Brom which we won 4-0 (Davies(2), Paine and Chivers).
  6. You are assuming that Leicester win on Wednesday as well. If they don't and we win, we'll be top for a whole 2 hours until the Liverpool/Spurs games finishes.
  7. By my reckoning: Today, Everton v Man Utd - draw or Man Utd win Tomorrow, West Brom v Spurs - draw or West Brom win Leicester v Wolves - Wolves win (by less than 4) Man City v Liverpool - Man City win
  8. Friday night because it was a live TV game - on BBC I think.
  9. According to Wikipedia, in 1981/82... "Kevin Keegan helped lift the club to the top of the First Division. Southampton led the league for over two months, taking top spot on 30 January 1982 and staying there (apart from one week) until 3 April 1982. But in a disappointing end to the season, in which Keegan was hampered by a back injury, Southampton won only two of their last nine games and finished seventh."
  10. Interesting fact reported by the BBC from tonight's Arsenal Vs Dundalk match - "Dundalk made a bit of history as the first team in the 10 years of the Europa League not to commit a single foul in a game." Must be quite a rare event. Didn't help them much though - they still lost 3-0
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