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  1. I somehow don't think that replacing the presenters of a football chat show qualifies as "evil".
  2. Yes I think he said that he (or a team mate) deliberately kicked the ball out for a throw-in straight from kick-off in a televised game because he had some bet on the time of the first throw-in. However I seem to remember that when people looked at the records, there was no game that matched his description so he either made it up or got the details wrong. Lawrie McMenemey as manager? Wasn't he done for drink-driving? Doubly embarassing as he was on a TV advert for alcohol-free lager at the time.
  3. We always called it the "Football Echo" although I don't think that was ever its real title. I always thought it was an impressive feat to have them printed and on sale by about 6pm on a Saturday evening, especially at those pre-internet times when reports would presumably be phoned in and transcribed. As well as the report on the Saints games they would cover matches involving Saints Reserves, Pompey and Bournemouth and the centre pages would cover a whole bunch of local league games. You could always tell it was a bit rushed though as the first half's would have quite detailed coverage while the second half's would just be restricted to a short summary of any goals - and sometimes not even that for the more minor games.
  4. Scoring 3 to win at Everton but still getting relegated. That will sound familiar to Saints fans of a certain age.
  5. Yeah Foster was really unlucky there wasn't he. Of course as every "You are the ref" fan would know, if the ball had come back off the woodwork rather than the goalie, then it would have been disallowed because no other player would have touched the ball between Sterling's 2 shots.
  6. Even though it only postponed our relegation by a year and lots of great stuff has happened since, that game has remained one of my favourite memories at St Marys. What a rollercoaster match that was.
  7. Sad news. If I remember right, his final game as a player was against us at the Dell.
  8. Subs made at half-time don't count as one of the 3.
  9. As the team third-from-bottom that year, we were the first ones to suffer from 3-up, 3-down (before then, only 2 teams were relegated). We were joined by Norwich and of course, Manchester United.
  10. A great site and once you start reading it's hard to stop. I like the description of John McGrath as "a barn-door in a red-and-white shirt".
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Tottenham league games - I wasn't at any of those.
  12. Yes, aintforever just got there first. 1976 Charity Shield which we lost 1-0 to Liverpool.
  13. This will probably be easy for some, but it gives me the chance to say that I am lucky enough to have been at all 8 of Saints' Wembley/Millenium Stadium appearances. 7 of these matches were: 1976 FA Cup final vs Man Utd 1979 League Cup final vs Nottm Forest 1992 ZDS final vs Nottm Forest 2003 FA Cup final vs Arsenal 2010 JPT final vs Carlisle 2017 EFL final vs Man Utd 2018 FA Cup semi-final vs Chelsea Which game is missing from this list?
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