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  1. Another extremely jammy finish from Che today. Hope he sorts out his finishing soon.
  2. Jammy finish? He scored, what more do you want? It would be great for Che to kick on next season to bat away ridiculous posts like this.
  3. Good stat. In three months we’ve only won 8 points. Sums up how dreadful 2021 has been for Saints and how bad the bottom three are.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they battered Leicester, making our performance on Sunday even more disappointing. It could be 2005 all over again...
  5. Our awful run of performances began with his tears after Liverpool.
  6. As always, it’s the hope that kills you.
  7. Ian Darke commentating. This will be insufferable.
  8. Anyone here go to Silverspoon before the game? I remember Silverspoon vs the Green Man pre match venue build up generated more hype than the match itself.
  9. Hopefully this won’t turn into another Tranmere.
  10. Ralph Krueger’s been sacked from the Buffalo Sabres. CHDAJU?
  11. Posters like CB Fry have to be wondering if they’ll keep their “we are safe” schtick up.
  12. You can’t rely on other teams to lose their tough fixtures and we’ve looked terrible and lost against teams supposedly worse than us, including Newcastle. I’m not sure why there are so many on here that confident we are safe.
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