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  1. Is Justice Mike still around these days? Used to see him a bit ‘in real life’ but fell out of touch like people do Wonder whatever happened to Javi, wonder if he’s still a super fan with a creepy side to him.
  2. Chelsea is too big for Ralph, he’s a decent manager but they’ll be looking for someone of a higher calibre for now.
  3. Not English league I know but just reading that Real Madrid have been knocked out the cup by a team in a regionalised 3rd division, who were down to 10 men. I don’t know enough about the Spanish lower leagues to know who our equivalent of CD Alcoyano is. Biggest upset in Spanish football history apparently.
  4. We know how this one ends don’t we. If he really wanted to sign he would have by now. Oh well, he was a bargain for what he returned in goals and we should make a profit too so it’s been a good deal. Back to fighting relegation next year then, oh joy.
  5. bpsaint

    20/21 Kit

    Interesting going back through this thread, a lot of people will have been happy with yesterday’s announcement it seems. That Oldham away kit would have been a solid start, with blue shorts and white socks....
  6. Very odd this never ending injury - thought we were going to see him in October. Can’t imagine he’d be getting involved in things like that video if it was indeed a case of the Nathaniel Clyne’s
  7. Saw this on Twitter, was it that one?
  8. Unfortunately he’ll probably get more minutes for England being a bench warmer at a big club than scoring for us.
  9. .First time I’ve seen that since being there on the day, never had the heart to watch it again or the highlights. Torrential rain and losing the cup final, what a way to spend my 18th birthday 😂
  10. I’d hope/expect to see our lot surrounding the ref in the same situation tbf Diallo won’t last the 90 if he’s not substituted
  11. Bit of a farce no decision has been made still. Shrews cannot field a side and as such we should be given a bye - whilst I understand people saying we could just play the u23s but why should we? Due to the madness of covid there’s a very real chance that one of the unfancied sides could go all the way this year, especially once European football starts up again and the big sides have to factor that in alongside any postponed games that need to be rearranged. I’d love Ralph to take the cup as serious as possible and leave some sort of legacy. Qualifying for European football would be gash
  12. Just read through everything again now my brains a bit more switched on - didn’t notice that 9.14% was per annum. £7.2 million a year for the next 4 years, that’s a ridiculous amount of money. When it says the loan is secured via fixed and floating charges against the assets of the company I guess that means the players, stadium and training ground?
  13. Christ, that’s pretty damned awful reading. Our wage to turnover percentage is not sustainable in the slightest - and I’m actually surprised at just how much matchday revenue is worth to us. Seems we’re going to have to sell just to stand still without outside investment. Relegation with that loan hanging over us would be a disaster.
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