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  1. Played with a guy that went on to play at Hampshire league level that was that way inclined too. He had zero interest in the game, except playing it, and he happened to be decent! He didn’t even support anyone, I could never get my head around it. Fair play to Telfer, assuming you don’t end up with a job in the media or coaching I imagine life could get quite boring once you’ve retired and you’re still in your thirties.
  2. I’m guessing you’ve subscribed then? Her lips are fucking ridiculous though let’s not beat around the bush.
  3. Got nothing against the girl, she might be lovely - don’t understand this porn star wannabe mindset behind only fans, where average looking birds get their tits out for sad blokes to pay money and drool over. Especially when you’re married to the son of a famous footballer and have young kids.
  4. Christ, I’ve not looked but I can only guess it’s fish lips. Mitch must be so proud.
  5. Yep, shame Southgate never had the balls to take him off against Croatia in the semi final when it was clear we need a change. Look forward to watching this England side with a more forward thinking manager in charge, Southgate is clueless.
  6. All I got yesterday when I tried to have a rational discussion with him was different replies calling me a twat, most have been deleted now tbf. I deduced that he has an anger problem, lacks the ability to have a reasoned grown up debate, is probably 14 years old, and maybe retarted. Or most likely, all of the above.
  7. The knee doesn’t offend me, I said it’s a pointless gesture that has lost all meaning. If you read my posts properly you’ll see that I hoped it would be a force for change but nothings really happened. I’d much rather the likes of Kick It Out or a new anti racism in football charity came to the forefront, rather than one which now has some murky crossover with the BLM movement as seen in the States. Of course white people have issues with similar crimes against themselves, the difference is we’re not blaming centuries of oppression, or black privilege for our actions. There is a serious i
  8. I know right, he probably has “be kind” on the bio of his social media account that he uses to anonymously abuse anyone that holds a view different to his. Voted Remain by the way Antrim, just didn’t cry about it when the democratic vote went the other way. Keep sending me your salty tears though, they taste too good.
  9. I mentioned it, and who said I’m a bloke, typical assuming sexist privileged male. That’s a joke btw. The reason I’m fed up with the whole taking the knee thing is because I believe it’s become an empty gesture now, at first it was quite a powerful thing to see and it really felt like maybe we were on the cusp on seeing some real change. However the phrase BLM whilst intended to be a force for good has been linked to the political party/ideology of BLM that stand for some very dangerous things, and it’s those links that have if anything created a bigger divide then ever. I genui
  10. Congratulations on your fantastic display of reasoned debate, I won’t stoop to your level of intelligence but stand by my original view - taking the knee is no longer making any difference to the situation in this country, and the so called “minorities” need to sort their own shit out instead of blaming us. The recent shooting of the BLM activist by some random black drug dealers, as well as the gangs of blacks attacking police in Brixton aren’t helping their cause.
  11. Virtue signalling that has lost all meaning, it should have been retired at the end of last season. Theres still serious amounts of black on black crime happening in this country, stabbings and shootings, it’s about time they look inward rather than blaming “white privilege” for their behaviour. Black lives do seem to matter to us, but not to themselves.
  12. Shame, was half hoping he’d gone on to replace Ralph after the inevitable poor start to next season. Be interesting to see if the Everton/Howe thing happens, especially after the failure at Burnley caused by homesickness and his wife’s inability to settle up north. That being said going from living in Bournemouth to living in Burnley would tip most people over the edge. Seeing the Everton fans crying after Carlo was picked off by a bigger fish sure is funny after the way they behaved when Koeman jumped ship
  13. He had a decent season tbf, although it’s clear to every man and his dog that midfield is one area we don’t need reinforcements. (*unless we somehow manage to bin off Redmond, then we need a replacement)
  14. Espanyol at St Mary’s perhaps? Anniversary of the first game and all that…
  15. bpsaint

    20/21 Kit

    Oh yeah so it does - I thought the pin striped stripes and red and white collar are meant to be a throwback to our first kit at SMS with the image of the cantilevers on the back and the stadium inside etc
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