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  1. Great turn and ball from Adams there. We really need to get our grip back on this though.
  2. Big 10 minutes, soak up the pressure, and go for the this to kill it. Sit back and try to protect the lead and we’ll crumble.
  3. Fuck sake redders, at least get it on target
  4. bpsaint

    Injury Watch

    One of those is quite clearly wrong... Abramovich wasn’t Chelsea owner when they fielded the first foreign XI.
  5. Release clause means nothing, even if there wasn’t one we’d still have a figure we’d let him go for, every player has a price and this is Saints we’re talking about so you can always rely on us to bend over when another club comes calling.
  6. Yeah one of my team walked off the pitch after doing his ACL in a Sunday league mate. Could tell from his scream it was pretty serious though. What really screwed him up with the surgeons leaving a piece of equipment inside him when they stitched him up 😳
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