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  1. I remember that - he looked a hell of a player. The original “YouTube compilation let down”, before YouTube was a thing. The one that probably had the most damaging long term effect was when Strachan wanted to sign Malbranque and Saha from Fulham after the cup final season, but Lowe didn’t believe in paying so much money to our league ‘rivals’ so wouldn’t sanction the move. By his own admission that decision led WGS to believe he couldn’t take us any further, and the rest is history...
  2. Look on the bright side - with the dildo brothers in charge and Moyes at the helm perhaps they’ll go down next year instead.
  3. Where’s that tweet from that Bournemouth fan that said we’re not even in the same league as them?
  4. God I hope we send them down!
  5. The only pressure on defences and dangerous situations he creates are against his own team mates.
  6. 3-1 Watford for me. Our comedy defence will collapse against a team with more fight then any of the other teams at the bottom. id say bring in Gunn in an attempt to make McCarthy buck up his ideas but he’s just as bad so won’t achieve much. How I’d love for Adams to get a proper run out and break his duck. Gotta be a better choice than Obafemi
  7. He’s just signed a new deal, so it would either be a no or a big money fee
  8. I’m guessing you’re talking about Gordon and not Forster?
  9. I’d fucking love it if Saints just went out and bought someone’s first team keeper, someone with a decent reputation, not some bench warmer or flappy handed addition to our current crop of under achievers. Anyone know of any teams with a solid first choice that we could realistically get?
  10. After the blip on Friday it seems Saints have returned to normal service!!
  11. Yeah it was an unnecessary passback by Hoj but you can’t blame him there, purely McCarthy that caused that, can’t for the life of me work out what he was thinking. Must have been the toxic atmosphere from our fans 😂
  12. bpsaint

    20/21 Kit

    That home and away combination, with a yellow third kit, would sell by the absolute boat load. But no, it sounds like we’ll get another Under Armour horror show with some random white sash.
  13. Interesting that they’re doing an instalment plan in house, with much bigger payments over a shorter amount of time compared to the usual 10 months offered by V12 finance. Wonder if this confirms there was a bit of a palaver between V12 and the club over season ticket refunds as mentioned on here as cause of the refund delay. Also seems the club are keen to get the ticket money in the pot ASAP in case of a second lockdown and potential refunds.
  14. Same conclusion I came too as well. I’d love us to send Bournemouth down, would be a hilarious case of karma given their celebrations earlier this season.
  15. Hope we sign a striker in the transfer window - we’re so lacking in depth up top
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