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  1. You’d never hear the end of it from some of our entitled fans if we started giving away free tickets when people have had to pay for season tickets, even if it was only to kids. Get the young ones in now and you can keep them tied in the the club for life. Maybe have kids for a quid when an adult pays or something similar to get bums on seats. Don’t know our pricing for the late teen, young adult demographic but this should be affordable too - need the “lads” to help the atmosphere home and away, especially if we were to go down. Have to say fair play to Leeds and Leicester for t
  2. As Captain JWP is going to start every game he’s fit by default, even though with a fully fit side he wouldn’t make my starting line up as free kicks aside I don’t think he actually contributes that much. I’d have been happy to take the £50 mill and make Stuart Armstrong team captain.
  3. Don’t get the big hoohah about losing the 100% record in the group stage - it means absolutely fuck all once you qualify. Didn’t we do that recently and then have a shocker of a tournament? Either way, we’re gonna finish top and a point away at Poland isn’t a bad result.
  4. Was my initial thought, seemed to duck out the way initially instead of diving towards the ball.
  5. Always makes me laugh when people bank on the opponent having a European tie, cup tie, or players in a long haul international fixture that is going to result in giving us some kind of advantage - we’re Saints, we never get the fucking edge. Ever. It works against us but never for us, in all my years of watching this sorry lot. Honestly the opponents could come down with the shits the night before and we’d still struggle. They could travel from New Zealand 48 hours before the game and still beat us. West Ham could be in Kazakhstan Thursday, have a semi final Tuesday, and Antonio woul
  6. Yeah maybe - perhaps I’ve done the guy a massive disservice based on what we saw of him when he played for us previously, and he was a complete fish out of water. He shone at Celtic, and the fans were disappointed to see him go - it’s hard to compare his Celtic spell with that of Armstrong as Stu was part of a side steam rolling everyone where as Moi was part of a team very much in transition. I don’t want the guy to fail - I just don’t want the club to be complacent and assume because he had an ok spell out on loan that we don’t need to recruit back up.
  7. Shines in the SPL, and shines against League 2 opposition. There’s a connection there… Well played tonight none the less, but answer to a problem this guy isn’t.
  8. Jermaine Pennant did it at Arsenal, no prizes for guessing which team suffered the embarrassment…..
  9. The gentleman drummer. What a legend. …and then there were 3 ☹️. edit: extra legend points to the man for dressing in red and white when they played St Marys a few years back….
  10. They won’t be gracious enough for that, they’re going to absolutely fucking raw dog us. Wonder how bad it would have to get for those in attendance to start turning their anger towards the dugout and executive box.
  11. 1. That’s bollocks 2. Wanyama was twice the player Prowsey is, and we never did replace him properly.
  12. If that what it looks like for Man United wait until Norwich and Burnley come to town. Good, hopefully show the idiots in charge the error of their ways.
  13. Starting to wonder if McCarthy is a mute. Never hear him bellowing to organise his defence, and when we concede a stupid goal as a result of our error he just has this look of “oh well, never mind” about him. People say it’s counter productive, but when the defence fucks up I want to see a keeper up on their feet given said players a good fucking rollicking, A good goalie should behave like a second captain, and help marshall that back line, it’s absolute basics.
  14. I have zero faith in this team or management anymore. I know it’s only 1 game in but for me it’s just rolled over from last season. Us 1 - 6 Utd.
  15. Same shit different season, combine our opening day record and our record at Goodison and it was never going to be a good day was it. Go 1 up, play well, concede against the run of play and collapse like a fucking Jenga tower. We’re just so mentally fucking weak. We’re like someone being tortured for information that gives up just having their feet tickled. Honestly it’s been an issue now for years, we’ve got as much backbone as a fucking worm.
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