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  1. You know what I meant MLG, Nigel has struggled career wise since he left us.
  2. I feel that way about Bournemouth due to the players still on their payroll, the players they’re going to lose, the size of the club and the infrastructure. I’d imagine his stock has fallen now he has a premier league relegation on his CV. Be interesting to see if he is able to cut it at an already established Premier League club or if his thing is taking a lesser club on a rebuild through the leagues. He could end up another Nigel, fortunate to be the right man at the right club at the right time, but unable to really make it click elsewhere.
  3. Been trying to find odds of Bournemouth dropping again next season but can’t see any markets open just yet. Be interesting just how far he’s willing to travel for his next job, it’s common knowledge his family getting home sick bough him back to the south coast so as people have said I can’t see him travelling too far. Could always ask if he fancies a break from management and wants to be Ralph’s number 2.
  4. Swansea trying to get promoted in what looks like the kit we sent them down in! Looks like Brentford have found their bottle again after the last few games, Fulham v Brentford final would suit me, both decent away trips
  5. bpsaint

    Wesley Hoedt

    No space for Nile Ranger? Maybe on the bench...
  6. bpsaint

    Wesley Hoedt

    Those guys had talent compared to Hoedt though that’s the difference. Tommy Forecast was a bit of a twat too tbf. Maybe we could come up with a twat XI of ex-saints.
  7. True - but then we’re talking about a group of people that can afford to fly privately to the Caribbean or somewhere equally exotic where there are no quarantine rules...
  8. bpsaint

    20/21 Kit

    Kit looked good today - funny how times change though, couldn’t help but notice the team weren’t wearing the “professional” versions of the kit and they looked a bit baggy. Not so long ago that was the norm for players, you wore the same kit the fans do.
  9. Brilliant, that’s up there with that tweet from that guy who reckoned Bournemouth were the next level up from Saints and we weren’t even a threat to them.
  10. Great end to the season - so close to the top half of the table which I never thought was remotely possible back in October walking away from that Leicester game in the pouring rain. Little rest for the players, keep the fitness up and then go again with a few new, and hopefully decent, faces. Let’s see what we can achieve next season.
  11. Yes Che!! that confidence in front of goal really starting to shine at last
  12. In some ways I’d rather we finished the season with a pissed off Ralph, to encourage him and the powers that be to get some decent reinforcements in rather than the recent windows of late where they think we’re doing alright and don’t need to bring anyone in.
  13. Forgotten how bad it is watching football in SD. First world problems I know!!
  14. Intrigued to see if the players will have a holiday, whether there will be any kind of preseason or whether we just transition into next season with a friendly or two
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