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  1. bpsaint

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Because Edison thinks he is Manuel Neuer and was caught off his line in a way pretty much no other keeper would, he got lucky that he basically had an open goal to shoot at.
  2. bpsaint

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Appreciate your opinion which you’re entitled to, but I am curious to know why you think he is better given Obafemi has a better goals per minute return, and tally for the season so far. With a bit of luck he might have half a dozen goals, but surely you can’t choose a player on what they might achieve “with a bit of luck” over one that has actually achieved things for the team. But for the fluke against City we’d still be talking about a player with zero premier league goals, but more senior football experience that Obafemi.
  3. Ole being complimentary on Sky and making no excuses - fair play. loving this Saints side since the break, we look so fit, like the Strachan and Poch teams of past. Literally 2 or 3 shrewd signings from finally having a decent season I’d say. Only negatives, KWP had a bit of a bad opening third but regained composure later on, and thought Adams had a really poor game, so many times he lacked the vision to play Danny in. Fluked goal against City aside I really don’t see a Premier League player in him still. Let’s go for the full 9 points now lads!!
  4. With goal difference Bournemouth are effectively 4 points adrift, they’re away to Man City next which hopefully means they’ll get hammered. Then anything less than 3 points against us and they’re down.
  5. I may be wrong, but the only teams that are currently wearing new kits are due to the contract with either the sponsor or manufacturer ending in June. As we’re not changing either we’ll probably carry on as we are, or possibly wear next seasons home kit in the final game to promote it.
  6. Can I more talented person than me do a mock up with no sponsor just to see how they look?
  7. There was a thread on this forum before the swap over entitled “How ready will we be for the restart” or something to that effect. Very ready is the answer to the question! 9 points from a possible 12 is definitely a better return than I expected, and with a bit of shrewdness in the window and a short wait until the new season maybe we can finally have a season where relegation doesn’t even look remotely possible for us.
  8. That was incredible. Just to echo what others have said, Leeds away Mark II, absolutely fantastic backs against the wall performance. Felt like we set up like the away team and got our rewards for doing so. Gutted to not have been there to see that Che goal, and just imagine the noise at the final whistle!! Incredible Saints,
  9. This, came in so quick as it was a god awful shot by Adams.
  10. Every season we play Leicester now it’ll be 9-0 this, 9-0 that. Should have been put to bed with the 2-1 reverse and our survival.
  11. How long until we don’t have to hear about that fucking 9-0 game.
  12. I remember that - he looked a hell of a player. The original “YouTube compilation let down”, before YouTube was a thing. The one that probably had the most damaging long term effect was when Strachan wanted to sign Malbranque and Saha from Fulham after the cup final season, but Lowe didn’t believe in paying so much money to our league ‘rivals’ so wouldn’t sanction the move. By his own admission that decision led WGS to believe he couldn’t take us any further, and the rest is history...
  13. Look on the bright side - with the dildo brothers in charge and Moyes at the helm perhaps they’ll go down next year instead.
  14. Where’s that tweet from that Bournemouth fan that said we’re not even in the same league as them?
  15. God I hope we send them down!
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