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  1. 18 which I’m happy with, got the Armstrong and KWP ages wrong
  2. Would have taken it before the game but we should have taken all 3 points tonight.
  3. It’s coming, only one team want it
  4. Great work from Adams to keep it alive btw
  5. The extra days holiday isn’t till the following year so a bit longer to wait yet! Even if she did snuff it we’d get an extra days holiday anyway, . England making light work of the ROI, shame their neighbours are struggling against Slovakia, be good to have them and the sweaties there next year
  6. bpsaint


    News of the vaccine is definitely a glimmer of hope for many, if this initial RNA vaccine is 90% effective then at least the goal remains to create one that is 100%. Personally I feel that Covid-19 will still be around for a few more years yet, whilst scientists study the virus and learn its workings to create a true cure. Normally these things take years of testing and trials before they are approved for mass production so I do feel a slight bit of trepidation about it. How do you go about rolling out that many vaccines to that many people though, I would assume the government I’ll want
  7. Just had to google that match to see who you had nicknamed lemonface (assumes it was someone with a sour expression) Guess it was just a predictive text failure 🤣
  8. Think we should get Obafemi out on loan given how far down the pecking order he is now. Would only be a good thing for his development.
  9. Can’t decide who is the biggest sore loser. Trump, or the Remoaners.
  10. Can’t believe all of that post match analysis on sky and there was no mention of that save from McCarthy. If that had gone it would have been a very very different last few minutes. As an aside the dinosaur Souness was giving Lloris grief for leading with his ‘wrong’ hand for the West Ham equaliser the other week - Macca tonight showed exactly why keepers do it some times, for the extra inch of reach
  11. What i’d give to be stood on the Northam right now, belting this out in unison...
  12. Amazing. What a difference a year makes. so gutted we’re not there to see it
  13. What afucking save!!!! Fuck me!!
  14. And how the hell is that not a pen?
  15. Whyyyyy Armstrong why! For fuck sake take it on
  16. Villa at home last season style squeaky bum finish?
  17. That second would be most welcome now to kill the game.
  18. I’ve no doubt that if Ings was on we’d be 2 or 3 up.
  19. Could be 2 or 3 but I’m kind of glad it’s not, would rather us come out looking to kill the game than sit back and protect something.
  20. Only just realised it’s the FA Cup this weekend and Eastleigh are playing MK Dons. Such a shame they’ll miss the crowd for that.
  21. I’ll go 2 minutes 30, they’ll use the fact it’s a Friday night as an excuse to bring it up 🤣
  22. Great to see, shame their fans have to wait a little longer to step inside. Should never have come to this anyway. Just need MK Dons to go pop now and the circle will be complete!
  23. When you’ve got the sort of money that their potential Sheikh has the purchase price becomes pretty irrelevant. They owners would make up the difference in tv rights money alone for the couple of years it would take to get the rams up to the Prem.
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