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  1. Our best performances after restart were defending deep and attacking on the break. When we pressed, we still defended against the through ball or call over the top. Now Ralph suddenly seems hell bent on a suicidally high line that anyone can play through or over, given our lack of pace. I just don't understand why we changed. Even the very best teams get caught out sometimes with the extreme press, and we're not a very best team. I doubt Ralph can coach our CBs to be skillful and fast enough to have a Plan B when the ball is played behind. I'm a mere amateur, but it just seems obvious to me that, with the FBs so high in attack we need the insurance of at least one reasonably mobile CB staying deeper and sweeping. I get the feeling McCarthy has been encouraged to do that job, but again, it's not in his skill set and I'm not convinced it can be coached. Time for another of your famous reboots, Ralph.
  2. I tried to register my interest in attending games in my bubble of one, but it failed and then hid the option. Same happened when I tried to get my discount code for the Megastore. But I emailed the TO and both were sorted within an hour.
  3. If you think we're signing those, you're in cloud cuckoo land. 1 or 2 midfield is the most we'll see. And we're not relegation fodder. We're badly prepared for the season start but this team put together an unbeaten run of 7 games and once they're sorted out, can do it again.
  4. Ralph's clearly frustrated. This is not a normal start to a season. I can understand that during lockdown Saints made players maintain fitness, but that it couldn't be viable to impose the same regime at the end of the season. Then there was no time for a pre-season and the urgency we had on restart isn't there. Norwich was a must win game to avoid getting sucked into relegation. We haven't got that now. Then there was the idiotic international break that should have been cancelled. You could see how angry Ralph was at losing Armstrong, who is crucial. Maybe some teams who were able to be relaxed about restart and who took the lockdown as a Summer break will benefit now. After putting less pressure on players during lockdown, they could have a proper pre-season. Ralph will turn it round, but he needs the team together for a severe bollocking.
  5. Ralph needs another rethink. Fast.
  6. Except they're not in the Premier League? (Premiership doesn't exist)
  7. Armstrong fills that role, but we haven't got backup. We missed him.
  8. Disappointed that we didn't have the urgency and energy evident after the restart. We missed Armstrong: he attacks the box, can see a pass and can shoot too. Conceding was careless and critical: it let Palace sit back like an away team. But it was also one of those days when Adams and Ings would normally have scored but it didn't happen. Having said that, we got lucky more than once. I'm sure Ralph will have some serious words this week
  9. We haven't got an Armstrong replacement. You're right about Smallbone but Djenepo and Boufal are too much individual players who may pull off something special but haven't got Armstrong's passing and vision.
  10. We missed Armstrong's ability to pick a pass and his shooting. There's no replacement available for him. Both Djenepo and Boufal might pull something off, but they are very much individual players who don't have vision.
  11. What alarms me most about this potential takeover is that at Bordeaux the first thing they did was remove the board and manager. I gave great faith in Martin Semmens and Ralph: anyone should appreciate they are critical in taking us in the right direction.
  12. In some ways, having no real involvement and leaving it to Semmens and co is offering benefit.
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