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  1. I've lived close to Shrewsbury for 35 years and no-one knows the correct pronunciation. There's historical evidence that it may have originally been Shrowsbury, do that's correct, but try telling that to the other half of the town. Even my family is split 50/50.
  2. I'm opting out until the New Year. Want to see family at Christmas so don't want unnecessary risks. Don't want to use the train, so it's a long drive, no pub, little chance of friends going and I think it'll be very strange in the stadium.
  3. I'm opting out until the numbers get bigger
  4. 2000 fans is just a gesture. My understanding is the club will lose more per game than with no fans. Pointless.
  5. I read somewhere that we've never beaten MU at St Mary's. Seems unlikely but probably true?
  6. Saints set to be allowed 4000 spectators under new guidelines, as long as Southampton remains in lowest tier.
  7. Redmond might just get the nod this time depending on whether the international travel has affected Djenepo. Subs: Forster, Stephens, Diallo, Tella, Redmond/Djenepo, N'Lundulu, Long
  8. Shroppie

    Injury Watch

    I think his "tight hamstring" seems to have made a miraculous recovery.
  9. Shroppie

    Injury Watch

    His hand is broken. Not sure if that will stop him playing.
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