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  1. This. Embarrassing lack of knowledge by the commentators
  2. This, absolutely. There may have been doubt over the timing of ours last week, but this was clear. He blew the whistle before the ball was kicked. The idea that he could unblow it by blowing again is ridiculous.
  3. Ancient history doesn't count. I think our recent records match fairly well, except we've probably had more cup finals and Euro campaigns recently.
  4. Shroppie

    Injury Watch

    "Subject to the proviso that the duration of a Standard Loan must be the time between two Transfer Windows, Standard Loans can be for half a Season or a full Season. Any recall clause requiring the early termination of a Standard Loan can only be included in a full Season Standard Loan and this can only be activated during the second (January) Transfer Window. Any other early termination of a Standard Loan must be by way of a mutual agreement in writing (including by way of a recall clause within the Standard Loan Agreement) between both Clubs and the Player but can only be completed after the
  5. Shroppie

    Injury Watch

    No. I'd rather Salisu or Stephens
  6. Shroppie

    Injury Watch

    That was the Leeds pitch. And just as he was having his best game in a long time.
  7. It wasn't clear. A fraction of a second and the whistle was certainly in his lips as the kick was taken. The point is, it was so close he could have let it go and would have done in any other circumstances.
  8. Like your thinking. Not a bad shout at all if we don't want to risk Jankewitz. Stephens is another option but I'd say not as good. I'd probably choose Djenepo ahead of Minamino but otherwise agree.
  9. You've perfectly demonstrated meltdown. Thank you. Yes we have problems. Yes, we're on a bad run. No, I'm not happy. But I trust the club and Ralph far more than the opinions on this forum when it comes to solutions.
  10. The ref admitted he blew as the kick was taken but then changed his mind and blew again as he decided he wasn't ready. That really is wrong.
  11. Not according to Ralph. It was 4222 with Djenepo sometimes dropping back to support at RB. And Romeu will definitely be out.
  12. It's a close call but Bednarek and Vestergaard did have a good understanding going and I think Salisu breaks that up.
  13. I can. It's this forum in meltdown. Don't confuse it with reality.
  14. I can't believe anyone would seriously consider any of those.
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