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  1. Yep, hoping for Utd. I could see that Ronaldo kick being red for a different club. Absolutely. Far worse than JWP
  2. And, effectively, Stuart Armstrong. He's not match fit.
  3. Ralph said that Dean has sent three of our players off, at least two overruling the on-field ref, since he's been at Saints.
  4. How can Rugby, cricket and hockey do it so well (albeit in different ways) but football do it so abysmally? To answer my own question, because they can't accept that other sports have developed systems that work and it would be good to draw on their experience. No, football is far too important and must set its own rules, even though they're a complete clusterfuck.
  5. Another game that shows what a mess VAR is We need to change things radically so that the norm is VAR only comes into play if the ref requests that an incident be reviewed or VAR can demonstrate that the ref has actually missed something, rather than VAR intervening to express an alternative view on a event the ref has seen and ruled on. Whenever VAR is invoked, the on-field ref should be able to have any replay, from any available angle, at any speed HE requests. The current system is still broken and at the mercy of attention-seeking VAR refs wanting to prove they’re better th
  6. That's not the moment he shot, but there could be a case. Surprised Dean didn't challenge it as he delights in spotting (after watching unpteen slow motion replays) something the ref has, in his opinion, missed. We really need to change VAR so refs are in control of its use, not VAR refs. They should be choosing the replays to watch.
  7. How many times have you watched it, and from what angles at what speed?
  8. How many times has Dean on VAR intervened to get a yellow converted to red?
  9. This. I watched it in live TV where they showed dozens of replays in real time from different angles. Only the one Dean chose made it look dangerous, especially with a freeze frame and slow mo. Yellow at worst, but won't be overturned.
  10. This. Not clear and obvious.
  11. Livramento is ok going forward but is getting caught out in defence. Redmond is anonymous. I'd move Livramento forward and KWP across, bring on Perrauld and take off Redmond. Then Adams for Walcott and get SA on
  12. It's Supersport Premier League. TV, via IPTV.
  13. Getting to watch this live on TV thanks to so -in-law's amazing array of channels.
  14. Broja can't play. On loan from Chelsea
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