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  1. Tactically inept cabbage head would be a decent forum name.
  2. Well Steve Bruce has been let go, so we’ll see soon enough if Howe is his replacement.
  3. Yeah, i rewatched the BBC interview which is the one that your quote came from I think, no worries with that one. Just the extra quotes I found (not sure who they were to) that will IMO land him in bother, like you say it suggests a bias from Dean given the history of his appalling decisions against us.
  4. "I knew when Mike Dean was on the VAR that the referee would go and have a look at it," "I always have a bit of a problem when we know Mike Dean is on VAR because we don't have a good history with him, to be honest." I mean, both fair points, but yeah he’ll get done for that.
  5. What are they doing with the Bargate development? I’ve looked online but aside from a few words about new flats, retails space and a linear park it’s a bit vague.
  6. Being as the transfer window has SLAMMED SHUT I’m reasonably certain we won’t get anyone in before January, and I don’t think we will then either.
  7. Dave happened. Absolute fucking loony. I haven’t posted on there for more than a year but it now seems to be dominated by a small handful of people who have literally nothing interesting to say at all.
  8. I wouldn’t bother with UI to be honest, it’s genuinely rubbish these days. Sad to see, used to be decent.
  9. Likely not the best team, but my favourite team. Tim Flowers Jason Dodd - Mark Wright - Virgil Van Dijk - Mark Dennis Steve Williams - Jimmy Case Rod Wallace - Matt le Tissier - Danny Wallace Alan Shearer
  10. Out of interest……. say that this Lyanco fella had not had a mare on his first game, and had played well. If some on here made comments that he looked really good and that Saints could have unearthed a gem, would you have said “after one game? Fucking clueless!!”
  11. Seems like similar figure to Lyanco, 7.5m euros
  12. How much further do you think your benchmarks of acceptability can drop for a player who, according to some online sources, cost 6m plus? Personally I’d be disgusted with another Gardos.
  13. Boosters were always likely. It was often said that we’ll likely never beat COVID but that it will be minimised like we do with flu and an annual injection. Of course the goalposts are constantly moving. It’s an ever changing and adapting virus.
  14. Only if you need a wee and don’t go in the bag.
  15. Evidence if ever there was that’s it’s time for an easyJet pricing structure.
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