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  1. Horrible to watch but much needed 3 points. Much improvement needed as it was basically Burnley reserves.
  2. Co commentator (Lee Hendrie?) keeps going on about missing Hojberg, not realising we had our best spell of the season without him in the team.
  3. Other than the goal, have we had a shot on target? Or more than 3 shots in total? Can’t think of many; the one that was spooned over the bar but not much else.
  4. I more meant what happened with Bertrand and McCarthy. Total brain fart between the two of them. This is uncomfortable viewing.
  5. Good summary, agreed. Definitely need a second goal.
  6. It was, he was suggesting that Steve Grant should step down and let someone else take over.
  7. At least we made it to half time. Hopefully Ralph can settle them down a bit and get them playing. Pretty good in places but work needed.
  8. Steve Grant, too much whining about the site being unusable
  9. Yep, we’ve had our pants pulled down there before, that’s for sure.
  10. We’ve gone off the boil. No ability to keep the ball for any extended time. Not sure I’ve seen a team look less threatening as us from corners as the few we’ve had so far. Almost like we don’t push too many forwards to protect against the counter attack.
  11. We look decent enough when in possession but don’t seem to have the same sort of zip as last season for winning the ball back and settling play, it’s all a bit frantic.
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