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  1. I remember seeing a briefing around Xmas time with Boris and his acronym buddy JVT. JVT said that the vaccine needs 2-3 weeks in the body before it actually becomes effective. From that article, Norway only began vaccinations on December 27. So, if the 2-3 week theory is indeed correct, people who got the jab then will only be seeing benefit now. And presumably that is only jab 1 of the 2 required. It seems like we know any realistically accurate information for quite some time yet. Edit: basically, what WG said. Edit again. It seems I missed the point of the article itsel
  2. I think the 2m per week target is already on schedule, yesterday had more than 300,000 vaccines administered, think it was similar Friday too. 👏
  3. I can still call Boris a cunt though, right? 😉
  4. It depended what you class by some sort of normality, but I’m not so sure myself. Certainly a loosening of restrictions but nowhere near normal imo. From what I gather this latest strain is seeing much more significant impact on younger people. Probably not enough data yet to call it, but i can see it being autumn or winter before we get back to anything like normal, and even then I think we’re going to have various sorts of lower level restrictions in place for some time to come yet.
  5. I’d be the first to criticise this lying shitshow of a government, but you have to say that the vaccine rollout so far has been astonishingly good. If it keeps to schedule my folks (in their 70s) should get the jab by the end of February, which is better than I could have hoped just a few short weeks back.
  6. Not sure myself right now. All the talk of getting vaccines by a certain date is for the first of two required shots of the vaccine. Data is sparse at the moment but it’s reckoned only around 60-70% efficacy after the first dose rising to 90% after the second dose. The second shot is recommended around 12 weeks after the first for maximum efficacy. So even for people getting their first shot now, they’re perhaps not at full protection until April. It goes without saying that 60% is better than 0% of course. I think we’ll see a gradual loosening of restrictions by end of March but can’t s
  7. Actually, I’m not sure that’s quite what he said. In particular the fella on the left, ‘JVT’, seemed to say that it was the ambition for vaccination to only be limited to the vaccine production numbers. He didn’t actually say how much was being produced though, and and what rate it will be provided. It could well be that the government’s ambition comes to pass and they keep up vaccination with the full production numbers, in which case the priority system should absolutely take all available vaccines (and private healthcare gets none). On the flip side, it could be that we end up with a big ex
  8. The Kraken

    20/21 Kit

    Hummel produced two or three of our best kits. Doing some good stuff these days too. Good news if true.
  9. People on the M27 (50 mph limit with average speed cameras) who have no ability to regulate their speed. Slow down to 45, ok I’ll overtake you. Oh, you’ve speeded up to 55, I’ll pull back in behind you. Oh I see, you’ve slowed down to 45 again, great. Rinse and repeat.
  10. We’ve really not got much depth behind the first 12 or 13. I think Redmond gives us more in defence than Djnepo, not seen enough of Diallo to see if he’s a genuine decent replacement for Romeu or JWP if they’re unavailable. Aside from that there’s no one banging on the door to get in (Ings aside obvs) so we really need to keep fingers crossed for no injuries and players maintaining form. Personally I think the performances against Wolves and United weren’t great outside of a few bright moments. I think we’ve got enough about us for top ten, top 8 maybe, but anything above that would be a big
  11. More than happy with a point, as Theo said in his pre-match, almost feels like a win. McCarthy kept us in it no doubt, really good from him. Didn’t think the whole side were at their best tonight, a bit sloppy. And Djenepo still struggles IMO. But overall cannot complain, they put in a shift and ground out a very good result.
  12. Green, according to our late 80s away kit trim.
  13. That one from @Nolan is one of the better mock ups I’ve seen, if a little bit Stoke around the edges. But, Imo, it’s not as good as the current badge. There’s nothing wrong with changing the badge, but one would hope that if/when it happens, you get something better as a result. To date I’m yet to see any mock up that I prefer to what we already have. As I’ve said in here, of various polls down the recent years across fans of other clubs and independent reporters, the Saints badge often comes out towards the top of the more popular ones. So, personally, I don’t see an immediate rush to c
  14. Lemina had a Lemina of a game. No surprise he’s gone off, and Fulham suddenly look much better. Harrison Reed has been tidy. Needs more good players around him but has looked alright.
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