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  1. Dan Seaborne as a front sweeper also, iirc. Stephens is simply not a midfielder. And certainly not one that would fit the heavy press that Ralph goes for.
  2. Did VAR review it at the time? I didn’t watch the game so I don’t know.
  3. Not sure about that, the talk has been about the T-shirt sleeve rule that IFAB brought in. TV mentioned it as a reason why the Liverpool third goal was chalked offside. I may be wrong but that’s my understanding of it.
  4. Is that handball? Fuzzy pic is inconclusive. Handball being below the t-shirt line only, hard to tell from that where the impact of the ball is. Not as clear cut as saying it’s a definite handball. Probably just about, but very very close and wouldn’t be surprised to see the ref not overturn that one had it been reviewed.
  5. I saw a stat earlier today that, in week 5 now, there hasn’t yet been a 0-0 draw in the PL this season. Quite surprising.
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