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  1. The more I think about it, the more I think this is just a shot across the bows of UEFA who are about to announce their new Champions League format. This whole format really hasn’t got legs. German clubs aren’t going to get involved as the vast majority of them adhere to the 50%+1 ownership model. PSG won’t do it as they’re owned by Qatar, who will stay loyal to the establishment after being gifted the World Cup. This seems like a “look what we could do” threat rather than a plan IMO.
  2. I can’t recall us having even a single shot in the first half. At all. For 5 or 10 minutes in the second half we finally got out of first gear, but aside from that it was a shockingly poor performance. No quality at all really.
  3. He shouldn’t do, normally refs only get one FA Cup final in their career and he had it in 2008.
  4. I’m reading that 40+ will be able to book from tomorrow. As such I just went on the nhs central booking site and was able to book my jab for Friday (I’m 46), friends same age have just done the same. Worth checking.
  5. Can’t disagree that LGW was cheaper for flights, on average. But as someone who lives in Soton, price absolutely isn’t everything, and I’d gladly pay extra for the convenience of an airport within a few miles of the house. And as you say, most airlines charge extra for baggage and what not. Even BA do it now, so I see that factor as irrelevant.
  6. Bournemouth is fine if you’re happy to leave your car in the car park. Yeah, public transport is awful, but the car park is massive, close to the terminal, and cheap. Unlike Soton airport car parks which are ridiculously priced (luckily I live close enough that a cab takes minutes or even a bus ride takes no longer than 20). They also do some very handy routes for summer sun and winter ski. Flying from Soton or Bournemouth is infinitely better than schlepping it to Gatwick.
  7. A good proportion of FlyBE’s old routes have already been taken up, by BA, Eastern Airways and others. The international flights will largely focus around summer schedules. COVID aside, that was already a big part of FlyBE’s problem, in my experience (I fly to south of Spain a few times a year in normal times). Summer flights with FlyBE were usually chock full, but winter schedule flights were often at best half full, and those flights were being run 4 or 5 days out of 7. It looks like the new operators may take a more cautious approach and have a more limited schedule that they can fill all p
  8. Might have to get a mug, they look grand.
  9. I thought I read somewhere the other day that one or two of the labs are already working on a tablet form on the vaccine.
  10. There’s some areas of under 50s that it would be nice to prioritise. Emergency services, all nhs, shop workers and such like. That bit seems like it could be manageable for a small number of select industries, if a bit of a work up. Extending it to all of the general population seems like a minefield, how do you categorise it? The company I work for is in manufacturing, it’s a 50 50 split between WFH and can’t wfh (with a few like me who mostly go in but do a day or two from home). We certainly don’t have any work ID that would identify the difference and it would be a massive work up getting
  11. Plus Jaidi who had played well at PL level for a few years, and Danny Butterfield had played PL and Championship for years. Puncheon was there too. And it was three future England stars: lambert, Lallana and Oxlade. Chaplow had played higher level too.
  12. Perhaps would have won the league had Nigel had a full season. We had lost three league games by the time we brought him in, then lost a fourth in his very first game after just 2 or 3 days with the team. The form towards the end of the season was amazing, 13 wins and 1 draw from the final 15. We lost the league by 3 points and had a better goal difference. Given Adkins had no pre season with the team, I thought he did very well. But, yeah, to be fair, that team was way above anything else at that level at the time.
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