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  1. He looks like someone who won a raffle to train with the first team.
  2. I remember we got him from Osasuna. He was absolutely rubbish, so fat and slow. I reckon when Bally played in the Alan Knight testimonial game, he was quicker than fat Sammy.
  3. Saint Pete is in charge of the gates IIRC. Pete would just tell MLG to hop it to hades.
  4. Yes MLG, I know it’s not his actual name.
  5. The vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission or catching the virus. What it does do, extremely well, is cut down on severe illness and death from the virus.
  6. The Kraken


    The Southampton scooters are supposed to require a provisional drivers license, I thought.
  7. This one is absolutely remarkable. Not in a good way, but somehow captivating.
  8. By my limited maths, he’s 35 games away from tying Wayne Bridge’s record for 112 consecutive games played and 90 minutes completed per game, and 36 games from tying 113 consecutive games (Bridge went off injured in game 113). Quite an ask but, given his past two seasons and having the summer off, not out of the question.
  9. Absolute fruit loop.
  10. This thread is funny. Mostly for the fact that MLG seems a bit confused that people might consider him a twat. Jolly good work all round 👍
  11. Indeed it is. What I see as a backwards step is that players are very rarely punished for diving these days. It used to be a yellow card but I can’t remember seeing that in ages.
  12. It’s a flawless prediction. Other than that Henderson is doubtful to start, Rashford will do well to start, so will Sterling (arguably England best team has Rice, Grealish and Foden in those positions). A shortage of genuine strikers is an issue, and I think the idea of playing a set piece specialist because he’s good at set pieces is flawed. Foden, Grealish and Trippier are fairly useful,at set pieces too. But Scotland beating us is a definite potential, even with a full strength team out.
  13. I think so up until tournament start but only for "new" injuries.
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