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  1. Colinjb

    Obafemi or Adams?

    I worry for Obafemi's professionalism. Clearly able and at times looks very sharp, others he doesn't seem at the races. Couple this with public calls from Ralph for him to increase his workload.... Concerning, however Ralph keeps sticking by him and he does keep getting opportunities. He is also so very young. There has been nothing of that sort with Ché, just a lot of frustration that he hasn't yet hit full, or in terms of goalscoring, any stride. I am inclined to pick Ché given the choice.... But there is clear potential in them both.
  2. It was my understanding with James Maddison that we had agreed terms for him, had offered a contract and he was considering us. Leicester however, recent Premier League Champions and a move closer to his Coventry home made the decision a no-brainer for him.
  3. I hold Bournemouth no ill will...... But the myth that they havn't spent much is a little daft. They have wasted a lot of money on players that have not improved them (like us over the last few years) and are now paying for it. The wages they paid on their rise up the leagues was also a massive gamble.
  4. Up: Leeds, West Brom and Forest. Down: Wet Sham, Villa and Brighton.
  5. Of all the talismanesque players we have, he is the most likely to stay of any. Burned at a bigger power, now established as a hero at his boyhood club with international recognition beckoning. The money it would take to prise him away..... With his injury history. Would it be desirable? - For either party? That said, watch Man Utd bid 50mil and Ingsy loving the pay rise.
  6. Was going to post. You've saved me the bother. Cheers.
  7. Time to zone out. Dodge the nausea. Despise them.
  8. Colinjb

    Arsenal build up

    The answer is therefore clear given our resources and how it will never simply be a case of buying players of certain class. Play to our strengths.... And without a home crowd on our player's backs we may be more likely to do that.
  9. Tried it, but that takes it to an annual, rather then monthly, payment. £36 for a one off payment for a year isn't bad. But broken down to £2.99 a month I'll hardly notice it.
  10. Where is this deal? At that price i'm happy to have it.
  11. I somehow doubt we are the only club in a position like this, but our ownership situation can only exasperate things further. The game is never going to be the same again.
  12. Watching so many kids act as though they were drunk on that stuff was hillarious. Just so pleased we had the opportunity to go.
  13. Colinjb

    20/21 Kit

    Really busy, but significantly better then the current home shirt.
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