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  1. Is Adebayo Akinfenwa moonlighting as Obafemi's fitness coach?
  2. Our badge is instantly recognisable, unique and a quite excellent bit of design. Leave it be.
  3. Finally a good result, but one maybe forced by necessity. Ralph is not a pragmatist. That's why we lost 9-0 twice after an early red card. Today he was forced to change. Another absolute shellacking could have been a final straw, he had to adapt on the fly, he had to make us dig in. There are lessons in how we played today, in not over-committing. Not expending all energy early doors. In building from the back not expending from the front we actually allowed an unexpected opportunity after our previous pattern of "good first half" failed through self implosion. (Yes, the red card was har
  4. Exactly why Ralph needs to go. The only way his system works is by knackering out the players. No savvy, just utterly naive.
  5. Had just about enough of this pattern of knackering ourselves out playing Hassenball in the first half ahead of collapsing in the second. Just f**k off Ralph.
  6. Kier has clearly successfully appealed to the grass roots support. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-56802020
  7. Just like Rio Ferdinand. 'Disgusted.'
  8. Although we did benefit from this when Villa lost the 2015 Cup Final.
  9. Any answer given in the survey will not matter. Until you have witnessed the pure rabid hatred of Worthy's YFC and Littleton then you havn't lived.
  10. His glorious playing of Zaha a season ago or so was peak JWP. He really can be a swine when he wants.
  11. Not wasting any time in displacing Under Armour are we!?
  12. Cannot deny the commercial sense, but to have that logo on our shirts is a disgrace.
  13. Yep. Expiring everything to deny us a win when three points against Millwall the following Wednesday was clearly a much bigger issue. (From memory they lost one nil effectively sealing relegation?) Checked: Yep. And the goalscorer. Weird one. On-loan Harry Kane.
  14. Clearly it's not that simple. Also, Ingsy featuring alone didn't mean wins in the Wolves away game (despite scoring), Newcastle away game and Chelsea home game in that time.
  15. He comes back into the team and we win. Our worst run of the season corresponded with his injury. Clearly it's not that simple, but there is correlation. His signing has worked better then I would have expected, he clearly loves it here, his work-rate off the ball is superb and his pace is a pain for any defense. Hope he does stay.
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