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  1. Yeah, Djenny seemed utterly resistant to running at his opponent...... But that's what he does..... Maybe an instruction to play it safe? And Alex was on fire.
  2. A fair point, good game. Wolves are very tidy and we went for them. Will not dwell on Theo not taking that chance, Wolves spurned many of their own.
  3. Mayonnaise. Emulsified egg white and vegetable oil, come along to be in every single pre-packed bit of sandwich and wrap you can think of, including the ones that on face value wouldn't require it. Chicken Tikka doesn't contain this appalling waste of calories, so why do the sandwiches? Disgusting, vile gloop.
  4. Just seen on Channel 4, a new approach by the club it seems. This must be quite specifically regionalised.
  5. So, one article says we are over the hill. The other states our squad is the third youngest in the league. Love it.
  6. Sing it guys.... Just wonderful, can't believe how good some of our play was tonight. It didn't feel like watching Saints at times, that good. Subtle flicks, confident triangles, direct pass and press. All without our talisman and with a prodigy returning and showing his love and desire for the club that helped make him. Loving this.
  7. A win is a win. Played wonderfully to get to a point where even when we implode it was irrelevant. Happy birthday to JWP.... He took his goals brilliantly.
  8. You wouldn't have him in for Redmond?
  9. No-one does melodrama quite like the scousers.
  10. For many reasons, glad i didn't pay 15 quid for this.
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