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  1. That was exactly what we needed. Brilliantly worked early goal to split open a stubborn defence, wonderful play from KWP and Adams (so unselfish) to set up Ings. From then on, thoroughly professional and organised. Burnley were never going to lend themselves to us attempting expansive play so very pleasing that we could stay firm and deprive them. Our season has now begun.
  2. We showed a professional edge. That in itself, and despite the laboured elements of the game gives me great hope.
  3. Quite enjoying Gary Neville having something of a meltdown.
  4. Palace are playing this like it's away. On the break, catching us out. Sitting deep to ensure Ings/Adams cannot move freely. Roy has set them up perfectly to counter us.
  5. Lemina not in the Fulham side. Injury?
  6. A logical transfer but sorry to see him go.
  7. The 'Soccer Saturday' format does need freshening up a bit, it feels like exactly the same show it was in 1999. Not a bad thing in some ways, it's endured because it basically is quite amusing, but there are other alternatives now which do the job arguably better. (BT and even the BBC's final score..........) It does feel like watching an old boys club, fine if that's what you enjoy but it's clearly not going to have wider appeal.
  8. Great, a betting company. Good work to find a replacement in such short order, but a great pity it had to be a company like that. The club has also accepted the situation with people who have already bought the kit. Look forward to what solution they will offer.
  9. Paying hundreds of millions for a club and not getting a stadium as part of it. Cannot see it happening over say Newcastle or us.
  10. Colinjb

    Danny Wellbeck

    More chance of me signing.
  11. Nothing about the Wellbeck link makes sense. Not a prolific goalscorer, struggled to get into the Watford side last year (so his abilities are clearly declining) and will have high wage demands at a time when we are tryng to get rid of highly paid deadwood. Agent talk I would guess to try and flush out interest.
  12. Colinjb

    Site issues

    Bad Gateway....... 9 times out of 10.
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