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  1. A stray fly landing in my venus fly trap.
  2. Colinjb


    Interesting that the conspiracy theorists say people who dissagree with them are afraid, when generally they start off as the ones looking for alternatives to allay their own fears and lack of understanding. Saw the pattern in some friends, they were deathly afraid of sending their children to school when the pandemic began, scared that cities in China were being laid waste with massive burial pyres and that the government was trying to pull the wool over their eyes over the scale of the threat the disease posed. Now, they have totally 180'd and consider it an excuse to destroy liberty in t
  3. True, but a big shame if the youth team of a club have been deaf to the situation.
  4. Portsmouth Football Club, it would seem: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57833838
  5. What the f**k is happening!?
  6. Trying to imagine Rice and Phillips together against either of these sides.
  7. First dodgy call of the tournament goes against Lovren. Hillarity ensues.
  8. Shades of Schumacher and Battiston on Pavard there. Just a shade.
  9. Really enjoying Hungary. Putting in a great shift, hope they can get Portugal with a sucker punch.
  10. The Geckosaint kit. It showed that great design is corrupted by commercial need.
  11. I am very far from religious but thank god he's seemingly ok.
  12. Good news, we don't need three keepers of the same standard so some money back. Plus, he's going home. One of those rare transfers that makes sense for everyone.
  13. Didn't he leave Burnley due to family issues? He seems to be tied to the south.
  14. Is Adebayo Akinfenwa moonlighting as Obafemi's fitness coach?
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