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  1. Couldn't agree more with Hypochondriac's sentiment..
  2. My take away from this is that teams know how to play against us, exactly as they did in the second half of last season. Sit deep, mark our strikers out and be hard to break down. We havn't got enough individual flair to be a pain so if you can keep us under wraps you have a chance on the break. Defensively we are better this year but still vulnerable to the same sucker punches as before. What worked against West Ham and Man City came unstuck against Wolves today.
  3. I already posted this in the replacement Skate thread. It's a well done piece, albeit without mentioning HMRC's leniency.
  4. For anyone wishing to take a trip down memory lane....
  5. Cross palms with enough silver and anything can happen
  6. You say that, the Saxo/106 still look alright. Always had a soft spot for this particular Citroen too, they wouldn't make it now of course. But, it had something. A colleague had one, god it was comfortable.
  7. Ordered a copy too. Been too long since i've enjoyed a good read.
  8. That may have been the intention, alas, didn't work out that way. How to waste the Gareth Bale and Kenwynne Jones money. At least it was just like watching Brazil at times... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/7076446.stm
  9. Indeed, He left a club playing in Europe to join us.....
  10. If he hasn't figured that out after the same stuck record since January then he will not change now!
  11. Ralph just doesn't learn anything does he? If we can just keep the score down today we will have done well. What a pity for the first proper home crowd in so long.
  12. I would say that Yoshi at his best would improve us now, for what it's worth. Tying to look at a bright side here. My gut feeling is that we are signing a quick show pony with only a small amount of defensive ability.
  13. This feels a little bit like when we signed Yoshi. 24 years old, came from leftfield, from circumstances that didn't inspire confidence. He worked out. No, these are not straws..... What are you talking about?
  14. Not much defending in that compilation. He's going to get caught in possession a bit.
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