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  1. Giggs? Ask his brother’s missus.
  2. I take no joy from that. Really wanted Bournemouth to stay up. From our perspective, the Ché Adams goal was moment of the match, a really cute bit of play and great finish. So important for us to have another striker firing. It was a routine victory, professionally done.
  3. Colinjb

    Jake Vokins

    Very assured, quite promising.
  4. Yeah, I would rather not be the side to condemn them.
  5. But now 2-0 down. So, as things stand and we manage to beat them on Sunday......
  6. We were rather good. Still don't know how to feel about that. It's just so..... strange.
  7. Echoing some of the thoughts above. Cantwell (Being chased by higher profile clubs I would expect.) Aké Trezuguet Brooks
  8. Bournemouth showing that they can take advantage of mistakes. They will not come up against a team screwing up like this again this season.
  9. Well. That was a good few minutes for them.
  10. Colinjb

    20/21 Kit

    That is absolutely sweet. Taking it further, why not quarters? Just like the commemorative shirt worn in the last game at the dell.
  11. Highly irritating. But to play so well int the first half. We were the professionals, Everton needed the help. When we win at Goodison there will be wild celebrations, they are now on ice.
  12. Colinjb

    20/21 Kit

    Like them a lot, nice nods to our history and without the usual over complication UA seem to indulge in. The sponsor logo doesn't look too bad on the home shirt, it's still atrocious but at least is not absolutely dominating. Using gold on the away sponsor/UA logos looks a little cheap, but it seems like a bit of an effort to fade them out so not to ruin the classic look of the traditional kit.
  13. Oh. My. F*cking. Days. KWP man of the match for me. But that could fall for Stephens, Ingsy, McCarthy, Jan...... Not known us defend like that since Elland Road in 2011, and not known organisation in our team like that for an eternity. Ché showed his intelligence and class with that goal, clearly set up by Ralph understanding how Citeh operate, just so shrewd. So unlike us! An absolute treat, in front of the nation. We are Southampton.......... We've finally won at home.
  14. Colinjb

    Obafemi or Adams?

    I worry for Obafemi's professionalism. Clearly able and at times looks very sharp, others he doesn't seem at the races. Couple this with public calls from Ralph for him to increase his workload.... Concerning, however Ralph keeps sticking by him and he does keep getting opportunities. He is also so very young. There has been nothing of that sort with Ché, just a lot of frustration that he hasn't yet hit full, or in terms of goalscoring, any stride. I am inclined to pick Ché given the choice.... But there is clear potential in them both.
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