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  1. Griffo


    In the latest sh*t vlog the club have produced.. Kenzie is interviewing Liverpool fans in our away end. The club are taking the **** out of us.
  2. Griffo


    For Chelsea, Palace and Leicester we'd have sold 2500 minimum for each. The club bang on about the 'support' and how helpful it is but would rather we had 1000+ less fans at away games to save themselves a few k. It's small change to them, but I can't say I'm not surprised.
  3. Griffo


    Why have we given Spurs 5300 for the cup game? 15% of capacity is 4800. There can’t be an argument about concourse segregation either as we always used to just give the 4800 with no problems for cup games. We must be the only football club who activity encourage more away fans at our own ground whilst doing everything we can to ensure that away games for our own fans are inaccessible, shown by the pathetic away allocations at Chelsea, Leicester, Palace and Liverpool. Added to how their treating fans with Gasworks memberships, warnings to those in blocks 1/2 after allowing away fans in executive boxes, it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Someone at the ticket office is a div.
  4. Drop me a text please, 07508507529
  5. Will take if still available.
  6. I can understand the argument the club are giving about losing money on unsold tickets, but whoever is in charge of deciding our allocations is clearly awful at their job and knows nothing about our away support. Palace midweek and Leicester away on a Sat at 3pm are both nailed on 3000 sell outs. Hope they’ve had plenty of complaints.
  7. Any tickets spare? After 1 or 2 if possible. Not paying £50 to the club.
  8. The club are so far from a football club these days and I’ve never felt more detached from them. They exist to virtue signal about free tampons, LGBT, tranny rights etc. They ban anyone who shows any passion, look after their hospitality customers in blocks 1 & 2 over their own fans in those blocks, send out behaviour charters, f*ck us over with **** away allocations and have even stopped releasing news on when away games are on sale. They don’t want us there, they want a stadium full of passionless tourists who will sit on their arses, politely clap and enjoy the light shows. The sooner we go down and can cleanse the club of these non-football marketing bods and get back to being a football club, the better. £40 to watch us play Palace on Saturday? No wonder people aren’t bothering. Will be sticking to away games, I don’t want to give them my money.
  9. £300 waiting for an away end ticket.
  10. Self-obsessed w*nker. Everything wrong with modern football.
  11. £300 waiting for a ticket now. Leave an email or number if tempted and I’ll get in touch.
  12. £150 cash still waiting for anyone who can sort one.
  13. £150 still waiting for anyone who can sort a ticket out.
  14. Yes, or more if needs be. This means more than any other game.
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