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  1. I can’t go to football, I can’t go to gigs, I can’t go to events, I can’t go abroad. I gave up a year and a half of my life on the premise that I was protecting the vulnerable, who have all been jabbed for a long long time. Life might be normal for those that like to potter around a garden centre or put some shelves up indoors. It was 3 weeks to flatten the curve. It was to save NHS capacity. It was to get the most vulnerable jabbed. It’s now to get everyone jabbed. Normal life is always just one further and final stage away.
  2. Those of you backing covid passports, masks, restrictions etc, when does this end? Covid zero isn’t achievable, and most people are vaccinated - when does it end? Do we go down the Australia route and bring restrictions back every time there’s a case? Surely life has to return back to normal at some point.
  3. How on earth did you survive before covid?
  4. The risk of covid adversely affecting someone is higher the higher the BMI of the person is. If Saints truly cared about their support they would do a BMI test on fans at the turnstile, turning away anyone that was overweight.
  5. No thank you. By that reckoning we should ban smoking completely and stop allowing people to drive as they can directly harm others too. You mention the risk of harming others, but they’re protected by the vaccine. If people feel unsafe they should get the jab themselves and take personal responsibility for the situations they put themselves in. See you all in the away end at Goodison.
  6. Won’t be setting foot in anywhere asking for proof of vaccination. It is a personal choice and the passport will create a two tier society. If you’ve had the jab then good on you, you’re well protected - crack on. Saints are perfectly happy to preach inclusivity but are seemingly about to exclude many younger fans from games, who have more chance of drowning month to month than being affected by the virus.
  7. A generic reply to MLG/those saying fuck off and support Pompey: You may think the club exists for us to play in the best league, sat on our arses wanking over the quality of opposition, but to many others that's not the case. I may be factually incorrect about the shareholder situation, but the club are a commercial entity that exist to profit. I don't like it, but understand it. However ticket revenue is such a small % of their income, yet they still hang fans upside down and shake them until their pockets are empty. There are many, many examples that show the blatant disrega
  8. Hoping for relegation soon. Massive empty block of overpriced padded seats, an empty Gasworks bar, free tampons in toilets removed, ticket office idiots that take reduce allocations everywhere sacked, etc etc. Watch the club then suddenly realise the value of their supporters when they rely heavily on them to keep the club financially stable.
  9. They exist to line the owners’ pockets with Premier League money whilst showing contempt for supporters, sorry - customers, every step along the way.
  10. Saints can absolutely get fucked. A corporate entity designed to satisfy shareholders. Haven’t been a football club for a number of years.
  11. People are sick and tired of having how racist they are forced upon them from all angles 24/7. Good on those that booed. Hopefully 1000s more will be doing the same at the start of next season if they continue with it.
  12. Hope this is a wind up. If not I suggest you go buy some adult nappies and wrap yourself in cotton wool for the rest of your life you wet fart
  13. Don’t think we’re any better. Given half the chance most owners would do the same. Didn’t vote against pay per view early on in lockdown until we’d judged which way it was going, late to come out with our statement today. We’re all consumers and customers to Saints too. This could be a real chance to change the way the game is run. Get rid of VAR, proper rules on ownership, spread more money further down the pyramid, sort ticket pricing, safe standing etc. Instead we’ll just welcome those 6 back and get on with our sport that’s rapidly dying on its arse for match going fans already.
  14. Genuinely saddened by our pathetic support. One game off an FA Cup semi final at Wembley and we’re not arsed. My Dad talks about 76 more or less every time I see him. Yet virgins on here are more concerned about the club’s bank balance. Football’s dying for me and the attitude of most comments on here sums it up. This is a massive massive game and if I have one wish for my time on this planet it’s to see Saints win a major trophy. Fuck what league we’re in, I’ll take 20 years in League One just to have that one moment.
  15. JWP will never be close to being a Saints legend. I’ve seen him in person shouting Play Up Pompey, and his whole family are Skates. First sign of a big move and he’ll be off, like has happened 99% of the time to every half decent player we’ve had in history.
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