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  1. Yeah, or something weird like KWP to left back and Valery in at right back etc. It does seem to me the most fragile part of the squad, even though both starting full backs are excellent.
  2. I'm really just hoping we sign a full back. Pref someone comfortable playing on either flank. Bertrand and KWP are both doing great, but coverage for them is pretty damned thin (didn't we play Jack Stephens at left back in one match?) I'm a little worried at centre-back too if the apparent problems/injuries with Salisu persist.
  3. Anyone know if we're the first club to have been top and bottom of the Premier League/First Division table in the same season? I'm trying to recall, but think we were bottom as we kicked off againt Burnley? Not totally sure on that though. Obviously, we went top after beating Newcastle. I'm not counting the "live in play" table - which fluctuates wildly over the first few games - just the table when there is no football actually in progress. I guess there must be a time when the eventual champions lost their first match heavily or the team finishing bottom won their first m
  4. Starting to look like a lot of football will be cancelled in the coming weeks. As young fit people, hopefully most players who get Covid will only experience minor symptoms. But it starts to bring competitions into disrepute if more and more teams are missing more and more players.
  5. I care a lot about the cup this year - and still think 6th or 7th is about the highest we can finish in the league. But, that said, this is the sort of game where we need to blood in youngsters. If we don't trust Tella and N'Lundulu to play at home against a League One team from the start, then when do they get 90 minutes? Also worth giving Diallo, Long, Forster some game time. We need them on point, not rusty, for future games. Yeah, it I guess it reduces our chances of winning from, say, 85% to 82%. But that's a price worth paying, even if you think the Cup is very important.
  6. Haven’t counted myself, but saw on social media someone saying that we haven’t just beaten the current champions, we did so with 11 academy products in the squad and finished the match with 5 of them on the pitch. Sweet.
  7. If Spurs beat Leicester, I think we go back into 4th place?
  8. I think we can all agree that this is a "must win", no?
  9. I'd say this table is about right...we are somewhere around being the 5th best team in England. We have probably over-performed a bit, but that's roughly where we are just now. About 5th. And about 18 points off first.
  10. Same starting XI. keep with the plan. Look, we are underdogs for this one, but 6/1??? I just put £200 on. I think our chances to win are about 20% and to draw, maybe 25%.
  11. We were about 1000/1 to win the league at the start of the season. Now about 125/1. Sounds about right to me. Was practically inconceivable. Is now merely vanishingly unlikely. I think we have a really good chance of a Europa League slot though. And maybe, just maybe, could get top four of the cards really fall our way (I think that’s about a 20/1 shot at the moment).
  12. I had ID checked to access corporate hospitality - and was temperature checked twice. Even though a good number of staff know most of the season ticket holders there personally. So, I think I could have got in without ID, but doubt someone else could have got in using my ticket. I’d guess there might be pretty severe consequences for attempting to do so too.
  13. The bit of Kingsland closest to Northam was the loudest. The gaggle of fans in that block made some damned good noise - certainly on a per person basis.
  14. Thought I’d be nervous as hell watching Saints at St Mary’s again. If we’d lost, you maybe get a “we don’t want fans in the ground” meme going. But that was a stroll, really good throughout the team. Congrats to the club and stewards for running things so smoothly with a weird situation. Congrats too to the 2,000. Pretty damned good atmosphere given the ground was 90+% empty!
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