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  1. Well, if you derive implied probabilities from bookies’ odds then you have Newcastle at 3/1, Brighton at 4/1 and Palace at 5/1 to go down. If my maths are correct, that equates to a 50.2% chance that at least one of these three will be relegated....and therefore a higher chance that one of these three will end up in the bottom four.
  2. Only worry for me is if it’s set too low. If his market price is, say, £60m but the release clause is £40m you’ve set yourself up for a load of clubs triggering it. If there is a release clause set it at £100m. And for twice that amount, you can buy the whole club FFS!
  3. It’s early days, but that bottom four do look pretty poor. As a whole - disregarding the games they’ve played against each other - their combined record over 15 matches is W 0 D 1 L 14. It’s fair to say that 0.067 points per game against the top 16 is probably relegation form. Long way to go, but I don’t remember Saints being quite this bad in the early matches in our first year back up.
  4. This season is nuts. I’m starting to think we might get a wildcard winner of the league.
  5. He also took out a gun. Shot dead their centre forward and then used the second bullet to shoot our left back through the skull. Brutal, but sends the right message.
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