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  1. If they beat Slovakia, they will prob top the group. If they don't, they can't finish in the top two.
  2. If it stays 1-0 to Spain v Poland, then the record of the three teams with Saints players will be Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 5...For 2 Against 8 Eerily faniliar! Lol
  3. I was at Wembley. Utterly dire.
  4. 100%. I don;t think there's been an error yet of note - nor any serious agonising delays.
  5. Not bad from England at all. Shearer, Lampard and Rio getting a bit carried away on how “excellent” we were. Solid. Not much more. V disappointed in Croatia, they looked poor for World Cup finalists. Progression to 2nd round almost certain after that. Still don’t expect us to get much further than that though.
  6. There's all sorts of stuff I'd watch on TV, but i don't think should be broadcast. HTH.
  7. I agree, it was terrible that the BBC didn't switch back to the studio more quickly. The other thing I found weird - and bizarre - was that they used those flags to over the stretcher as they deparetd the pitch. To my mind, this meant for sure that he was dead. Also, there are no reports yet - are there? - about what actually happened to him? Stroke? Anyeurism? Heart attack?
  8. If JWP played for Burnley, Turkish - for one - would be fawning all over him. Because Burnley would then have at least 7 players who could improve the Saints starting XI 😂😂😂
  9. When does the announcement for the 26th slot get made? Tonight?
  10. The bit that irritates me is every time they take the knee, the commentator says the players are "once again, sending a very clear message". What exactly is the message? If it's just that we abhor racism, great. If they disagree with BLM on defunding the police and replacing capitalism with Marxism, I'd like the PFA or players to make that clear. I'd like to boo those last two propositions, but it's a bit unclear to me what the players are really signalling. It seems either (a) obvious or (b) wrong. I just don't know which.
  11. It's definitely a political gesture to take the knee. It's not neutral. The Black Lives Matter organisation supports, amongst other things, defunding the police and the overthrow of capitalism. Fair enough if you support such things. But (a) I'd rather keep politics out of football as much as possible (b) it's perfectly fine to boo if you want.
  12. I think he looks great and is still improving. He’s probably a starting XI player for me - although some may argue that he’s only remarkable owing to the flatness of the surrounding landscape.
  13. I think he should call up KWP rather than JWP. I'm worried England are now desperately short of right backs.
  14. I'm not so agitated JWP misses out. Gutted for him, obviously and it must have been a marginal call. Am more worried we are taking, what is it?, just 5 midfielders to go along with 4 right-backs.
  15. This looks pretty reasonable to me over the long-term. With the exception of the recent absurd hike for a cushion...
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