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  1. If only we had 6 of the Burnley players in our team - the sort of footballing legends that Turkish, for one, is clear are far better than the current Saints players - I'm sure we'd be safe already....
  2. Robbed. But great point and truly excellent performance.
  3. How does the company liquidate then if needed?
  4. I guess at some stage, he'd take a haircut. But that probably presumes a death spiral in a post-relegation world.
  5. If I was Gao, on purely selfish terms, I'd probably hold out. I want £200m. Not £100m. Or £125m. I also have a large tranche of cash in a real UK asset. If it falls in time to £100m or even £50m I still have a good retirement fund in Western assets. Everythign else I have is dependent on the CCP's behaviour.
  6. I met him in the Saints bar yesterday. Bought the book but havent started it yet. I asked him, a bit cheekily, if he was sure Stokes was onside. He replied "yep, that's why it says "winner" on my 1976 medal"
  7. He was easily man of the match for me. Pretty flawless display. Stephens was very good too.
  8. I see his surprising hot steak continued today with a goal for Norway, away at Latvia.
  9. I'd class it as official as soon as they formally and unambiguously tell someone outside of the club. I'm putting the delay down to incompetence, most likley. The administrative side of the club seems a bit chaotic at the moment.
  10. According to the guy from the Atheltic, it is official. As in the club have formally furnished the information to journalists (same with the new 4 year contract for Stephens). They just haven't announced it on the club's official platforms/website.
  11. I seem to remember it being an opening game of the season. Maybe another record is it’s happened twice - home and away
  12. I'd given up when we went 2-1 down. Thank God the players didn't. Good performance from what I heard on Saints player - and a deserved point.
  13. That was great. Obviously Man Utd are the superior team, but we played well. Last 20 minutes especially gratifying.
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