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  1. Che McAdams has scored Scotland’s opener 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  2. It is amazing how you continuously spout so much crap. I have seen a lot of comments online of other fans surprised he has been left out of the squad over DCL and Watkins and they have also commented on him being England's best finisher behind Kane. Although, as mentioned above - he has had his injury troubles back this season which I guess has gone against him here.
  3. Nuno leaving Wolves at end of the season, they really have struggled this season since they have been missing Raul Jimenez.
  4. Watching the Barnsley playoff game last night there was a distinct lack of masks compared to the Bournemouth home fans... hoping our stewards don't jump on anyone slipping the mask down to their chin to boo the taking of the knee
  5. I went to the Sheff Utd game and they sent out a questionnaire based on Covid (have you been in contact with anyone who’s tested positive etc.) a few days before the game. It could be that? although don’t know why you’d need to answer that to print a ticket? 🤔
  6. I’m sorry what the fuck. How is that denying a goalscoring opportunity when he won the ball 🤣 games gone.
  7. I have slowly lost my faith in Ralph but I do have to keep reminding myself that this is the same core group that has served up shite under a number of managers. I would rather see the likes of Bertrand, Redmond etc. leave (as well as finally shifting the deadwood out on loan) before Ralph.
  8. How the fuck was that a free kick for Spurs there sorry?!
  9. Why couldn’t we play like this on Sunday ffs 🤣 either way, get in!
  10. The Sun (I know, I know...giant pinch of salt 🤣) reporting that City are now set to withdraw too
  11. I may have imagined this but didn't Ralph say he wouldn't let players go play for their international teams if they have to travel abroad and self isolate on their return (is that still happening?) apologies if I have just made that up...!
  12. Just reading Dan Sheldon's 'The Athletic' article this morning and I think from that it is clear that Ralph was severely unhappy yesterday with the lack of impact of the subs yesterday - which is fair as they were abysmal and offered nothing. He was also clearly was frustrated at the backwards and sideways passing (specifically mentioned as a moment where Redmond and Djenepo in forward positions ended with a ball back to Bednarek). I am starting to doubt Ralph, but I also think the players need to take a lot of the blame and we need to clear out some of the losers that we have, which are
  13. Embarrassing, in trouble now. Starting to severely doubt Ralph now.
  14. This is fucking pathetic. Pissed off. No pace or urgency.
  15. Pathetic second 45. Every single time. Getting really fed up with this week in week out.
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