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  1. You're comparing the winners of League Two with winning the League Cup. Clown.
  2. It's a cup win at the end of the day, far better than what we managed at our peak.
  3. Plus Swansea won a cup along the way so they were far more successful than us.
  4. The clubs propaganda around that time was hilarious, seem to remember loads of digs towards Koeman about not using the academy and how Puel would reopen the pathway to the first team for the likes of Hesketh, Sims, Gallagher and Reed.
  5. We are well and truly ****ed if we go down. Same can be said about most clubs in the 'greatest league in the world'
  6. Just seen that on twitter. Very sad news and my thoughts are with his family. RIP.
  7. Close to putting Redmond above Lallana? Redmond has been nowhere near the level Lallana hit in 2013/2014. Boruc Clyne - Toby - VvD - Bertrand Morgan - Wanyama Tadic - Lallana - Mane Lambert Forster, Fonte, Davis, Shaw, JWP, Ings, Pelle.
  8. Even them sending us down is a complete myth. They could have lost that day to WBA and we were still down. Worth remembering that we beat them twice that season as well.
  9. Business as usual on the construction site, laughable really.
  10. Looks like they owe the owner near on £100m too.
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