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  1. I got no issues with us selling Vestergaard for the reasons you state. My grim comment is because we've shipped goals for fun the last 3 years with Bednarek being a mainstay in defence. CB is a position we need to improve on.
  2. Mount bottled that 50/50 for the goal. Skate.
  3. Rate that massively.
  4. Such a needless foul to give away by Shaw.
  5. Disgusting coverage from the BBC. I really hope Eriksen is alright, that was fucking heartbreaking to watch.
  6. 1 goal in 28 for Doncaster according to Wiki. Southampton reject.
  7. Decided to have a Google after seeing those numbers and saw that there are roughly 1,200 NHS hospitals in the UK. Government definitely can't say postponement of June 21st is to protect the NHS with that kind of ratio.
  8. The club have just released their season ticket prices for next season...
  9. That offside is infuriating, it's such a shame that we're stuck with him.
  10. Just another easy win against us. 19 defeats is abysmal, more than the shite in 2005 managed. For me, the manager has to go but he's not alone there. The ownership is a joke, we are desperate for a takeover. We also have players that just stink up the place, players with piss poor attitudes, we lack leadership on the pitch. The club is rotten right through to the core. I feel numb towards this club at the moment. Honestly so glad the season is over. I'm not confident of us getting the scouting right in the Summer. We absolutely have to be signing players to go straight into t
  11. That's just embarrassing defending. We are in so much trouble next season with the defensive options we have. We concede goals for fun and have done for years, it's a fucking joke.
  12. Redmond is nowhere near a Premier League standard player. You're a moron if you think otherwise.
  13. We are fucking woeful defensively. So easy to score against, it's pathetic.
  14. Jesus, £999 for a club that is quite happy to finish 17th. You're a mug if you renew at those prices for some 'comfy' seats. This club claim to be a family club but they've been so out of touch with the working class fan for years now, it's a joke.
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