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  1. Would we have been able to afford KWP too if we'd got him though? Not sure I'd want to swap them.
  2. Probably shouldn't have signed that 6 year contract with no way out then, eh Harry? No sympathy for him. Should have learned from Zaha.
  3. For the millionth time, Williams is a RB that filled in at LB when Shaw was injured for them, whilst Wan-Bissaka never seems to miss a game. If you watch Williams playing at LB he's extremely one-footed. Fine as back-up to KWP and a new LB but I'm not sure he (or OGS) would be happy with that.
  4. Not suggesting he should start, but I don't think it takes a footballing genius to watch 60 minutes of us vs. Scotland to figure out that we didn't need both Rice and Phillips in that midfield, particularly when neither of them were pushing on like Phillips was against Croatia. Regardless of if JWP would have done more in that role (arguable either way), he would have made our set pieces much better and can't have done any worse than Phillips was playing. If we have a squad of 26, it makes sense to me to take different options for the different challenges we face, rather than 4 RBs and however
  5. Southgate comes across as a great guy, speaks very well about complex topics, seems thoughtful and has done an excellent job of creating a good atmosphere at the England camp. It's a shame he's a shit manager. Glad to see him taking the flak in the media today, we were shambolic. Foden our only player that looked interested in going forward - but we can't have that, get him off. Not sure if it's just my Saints bias talking but that was exactly the kind of game where we needed JWP to come in in place of Phillips to move the ball quicker, make some forward runs and to not h
  6. I think your mistake here is trying to debate people that would not change their views on a topic if their life depended on it. Move on.
  7. On the one hand, you would hope a major international tournament would have a higher standard of refereeing than a domestic league. But on the other hand, it's the richest league in the world and we still have the stupid rule that only British refs can work in the PL/EFL, which has always seemed ludicrous to me. We have the best players and managers in the world, but limit our pool of refs to what, a few hundred refs in the country?
  8. He's running the club the same way Boris runs the country - leak ideas to the press, gauge the reaction of the public, then change the plan if they don't like it. Bring back Tim Sherwood..?
  9. Reminds me of Sunderland appointing Di Canio.
  10. 5 penalties awarded across all games so far... only 1 scored!
  11. Very big game for Wales against Turkey at 5pm, they have to win if they want to have any hope of getting out the groups.
  12. Probably doesn't help that all their players are leaving to strengthen the clubs around them. Watmough and Naylor have gone to Wigan, Close to Doncaster, Williams to Oxford, MacGillivray (no. 1 keeper and their player of the year) is going to Charlton or Ipswich. Seems only Cannon has made the move to a different league, going up to the Championship with Hull.
  13. I'd have him in if we played a 3 man midfield. Agree that he doesn't get in over Rice or Phillips in the 4231 we played against Croatia though.
  14. And then they wasted all the money they saved on smart signings by bringing in Welbeck and Lallana on silly money.
  15. We should be all over that like MLG over a slightly hyperbolic statement.
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