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  1. We all seem to be overlooking the fact that this link to Davies is coming from Alex Crook, who takes a dump and then picks through it to see which bits are worth posting on Twitter.
  2. Will be watching this one between my fingers I think.
  3. £20m for a player Lyon fans really don't rate. Not sure Villa have learned their lessons from last summer.
  4. It's an absolutely typical Mourinho signing. Big name player from a big club, over the hill, huge wages. However, this could potentially work out for them if he's managed correctly. Bale is a big game player and that's where Spurs have struggled over the last 3-4 years. It will still be crazy money though for a player that will play 15 games a season. London's golf courses will be glad to have him though!
  5. igsey

    Injury Watch

    Was the Bednarek substitution on Saturday tactical? Or did he pick up an injury in the first half?
  6. Strange game, not sure anybody is playing badly but we're very narrow, Redmond and Smallbone barely involved. I worry without changes that Palace will just full-on defend and we'll be stuck passing it between our defence. Ralph to shake things up at HT, I'd like to see Djenepo on relatively soon too. We need to keep it on the floor more, faster passing and get it to Ings at his feet much more.
  7. Awful article, makes me appreciate The Athletic even more! Reads like it was written by Mr. Factless.
  8. Choudhury isn't very good. Would rather have kept Reed and I'd imagine he would cost a lot more than £8m. My father-in-law (Leicester fan) rates him about as highly as Demarai Gray - i.e. moans a lot when he's on the pitch.
  9. Looking forward to JWP v Zaha part 3! 0-4 win and Palace down to 10 men.
  10. £130k/week apparently. I agree with Shroppie, I reckon he'll be a disappointment either on the pitch or constantly injured. I'm surprised they didn't get him on a loan with an option to buy.
  11. Another England game where Kane offers nothing unless it's put on a plate for him or someone wins a penalty. Not sure if it's the England system or he just doesn't offer much but I can't remember him doing anything for England since that World Cup group game when he got an easy hat trick.
  12. Bizarre there's no VAR, perfectly good goal ruled out. Not sure JWP has touched it so far? He could do with a little more assertive, seems to be avoiding the ball so far! But only 7 minutes in.
  13. JWP starts with #8 shirt, alongside (most likely) Rice in a 4-2-3-1 or as a more forward midfielder alongside Foden in a 4-3-3. Ings #21 on the bench.
  14. igsey

    Site issues

    Like greased lightning today!
  15. Pretty sure it was Fulham that are after Hinteregger, I can't see us buying another CB unless Vesty is off.
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