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  1. Fractured skull, he's having surgery today. The real shocker is that Luiz was allowed back on the pitch after colliding with another player hard enough to hospitalise him.
  2. I agree, Walcott seemed to mess up everything he tried today. Adams was having to do everything himself when he's used to knowing exactly where Ings will be. Particularly evident after Long came on, instead of playing with 2 up top it was suddenly more of a lone-striker role for Adams, with Theo on the left and Long being God-knows-where.
  3. Just lazy writing! Southampton losing after being 2-0 up, United getting a winner in stoppage time. Ah well, hope this gives everyone a kick up the backside before Brighton next week. Ings back would be huge.
  4. Fuck me we did not deserve to lose this.
  5. I think this is the first game where we've obviously been missing Ings. Walcott has been poor, Long not going to pull up any trees.
  6. Vestergaard playing 3 players onside there, Ralph will not be pleased! Just the penalty to go for the 2-3 comeback.
  7. Have a free corner, Utd. Cavani just skied it from 6 yards.
  8. First goal was absolutely crucial, they were all over us until that and they've completely dropped off since. I predict they will do the same second half - all out intensity for the first 15-20 minutes, then get too tired. Wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of subs from United at half time.
  9. Hope not, Henderson is much better.
  10. Agreed, that is credit to United though I think, completely disrupting our usual game plan. So long as they keep playing aimless long balls though I'm happy.
  11. JWP got booked according to 'taters.
  12. Have Vestergaard and Bednarek swapped sides for this game?
  13. Utd pressing us like crazy, trying to just copy our tactics by the look of things. If we can keep it solid they will probably run out of steam before us.
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