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  1. We cant pay him top six striker salaries as theyre near and over £200,000 a week I suspect we have gone to around £120,000 and i bet hes wanting £150,000+ odd Our wage bill is 90% of all income, which isnt good. I dont see anyone up north so its down to a london club and unless they sell a striker either Spurs or Arsenal. Lacazette is maybe off from Arsenal in the summer. The concern has to be that Ings valuation has dropped because of a reduced contract.
  2. Some details on his funeral today https://www.facebook.com/lee.white.14203
  3. The situation is manageable, if we remain in the PL and get back fans next season. The big problem atm is the disaster of paying remaining transfer fees on players that failed. Boufal, Carrilo, Lemina and Elyounousi for example The issue with Danny Ings is that his value is reducing due to contract length and that due to covid finances interested clubs wouldnt be able to match our selling price.
  4. Clearly not, when you look at all academys in the premier league no clubs have regular players worthy of first team inclusion. Certainly Burnley will struggle due to location and i imagine City and United would take any players in that area.
  5. Just reading another Saints geezer passed away a couple of weeks back, Darrell from totton way.
  6. Umm wil have to make his mind up as Palace are looking around and im sure he will be interested. Saints have clearly made good financial offers to both Ings and Bertrand and i dont see why we should break the bank even more as that would be bad managament.
  7. Go back 30 odd years and he was a regular like me in goblets and doing his zorbas stuff. He can only be early 50s im guessing cancer ?
  8. What has happened to him this year ? So sad to read all this conspiracy paranoia I bet sky sports are well glad they got rid of him Once you attract the weirdos and yes men on social media, its a slippery slope of confirmation bias. God knows what his family think.
  9. He had alcohol problems on arrival and his wages made it worse. Whilst he was propping up the ocean village bars, someone should of realised there was a problem.
  10. Got it down as DMWSL 613 which was renamed St Marys football group
  11. I was after just the shield which i cant find a decent one online like you have done.
  12. Do you have any images of the city shield only, i could use for a mock up ?
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