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  1. As we can't watch the match live in the stadium, there really is no point in playing attractive to watch, gung-ho attacking football. What is needed is boring, reliable solid defence, hard to beat, win by a single goal football. We have an attack that looks effective, but a defence that is easy to beat, who don't play well together, don't have an understanding of each other, backed by a keeper who doesn't inspire confidence. If Salisu is any good when he is ready, who would he replace? Stephens and Bednarek look equally incompetent. Vestergaard is no better. When Son proved himself to be the main outlet for Spurs, why on earth didn't we put somebody to mark him out of gaining possession? Until we get the defence drilled to be more leak resistant, why not revert to a back three? Somebody in between Stephens and Bednarek, where Son had acres of space, might have actually dispossessed him once or twice. With three in the middle, we can push up the full backs when in possession to give a five man midfield, and withdraw them to block the flanks when we are under attack. If we play a high line, that is all well and good if you can win the ball high up the pitch and then make good use of it. If you lack the players with pace in the midfield to get back into good defensive positions if you are hit on the break, then you are going to get punished. When we had our run of great results at the tail end of last season, we achieved it by winning the balls in midfield and high up the pitch, and then closing down the passes out of defence. We have stopped doing it. Armstrong made a good contribution with Djenepo giving service to Ings and Adams, who also did well. I don't think that Redmond was particularly missed and that he would have changed much had he played. We lost some bite when we took off Romeu, and Smallbone isn't a suitable replacement IMO. Nor does Tella add anything significant. Long would have added the midfield bite for Romeu, and also the pace that might have helped the defence too, but it seems that Hasenhuttl wants to give the youngsters a run out in preference to shoring up the scoreline.
  2. What a humiliation to be totally outclassed by a lower division team and to be told by our local commentators that we were outplayed, outfought, out thought and knocked out by the better team, the team that put in greater effort and desire all over the pitch. Our performance tonight was totally unacceptable and the team needs to hang their heads in shame. And as the manager, Ralph needs to take his share of the blame. He picked the team, he devised the tactics, he failed to improve their performance after a dire first half, and he also failed to make the substitutions that might have changed things until it was way too late. Spurs didn't get off to a great start in their first match, but if we play and defend like we did against Crystal Palace and Brentford, they have enough to give us a good spanking.
  3. Sums it all up perfectly for me.
  4. Wes Tender


    Despite having been universally derided for their policy on the Chinese virus, the Swedes appear to be having the last laugh. While the rest of Europe is suffering rising numbers of those infected, Sweden's are falling to their lowest levels. Death rates are only a tenth of the level predicted by so-called Science virology experts. They kept all of their schools, shops and restaurants opened, their pupils sat their exams on time and their economy carried on without too much of a hit. They relied on their people to take sensible measures to protect themselves as best they could. We, like most of the rest of Europe, went the opposite way, introduced a severe lockdown, closed schools, shops, restaurants, hotels, travel etc, and have completely screwed our economy. When the Chinese introduce their next virus attack, we will have to thank the Swedes for showing us the way to overcome it. 😉
  5. OK, your main points on the timing of the huge presenters' salary increases, the £100 million payment towards diversity programming (when the BBC are already more diverse than the diversity profile for the country) having been dismissed, you are not prepared to further argue your corner because you claim I have an agenda on the BBC. Regarding the funding of the license fees for the over 75's, your wording of it was so vague that you could have been referring to any number of other things. Thanks for clarifying it. I expect that the government policy of placing the onus onto the BBC to allow the 75s to be able to watch the BBC for free, was in order to encourage them to introduce savings in areas where there was massive over expenditure or inefficiencies to pay for it. The salary increases and expenditure on "diversity programming" clearly illustrate why they are institutionally incapable of such changes, and why they need to be defunded and non-payment of the license fee decriminalised.
  6. What are you going on about? The Chinese virus became widespread knowledge in this country since February. It's been the subject of nearly every minute of the BBC news every day since. Wasn't that enough time for it to register with them before making these pay increase awards currently? Was Chris Evans job terminated by the BBC, or did he leave of his own volition to make even more money with Virgin? When he worked as a presenter on Top Gear, the viewing ratings nose-dived. Some of these overpaid presenters add insult to injury by taking additional jobs on the strength of their public exposure with the BBC, notably the potato crisp salesman Lineker (the highest paid presenter at the BBC) and Naga Munchetty. Both feel perfectly at liberty to express political opinions against the ethos of the Corporation's obligation to be impartial. As for your argument for the £100 million funding of diversity programming, a little research by you would reveal that the BBC already has a greater diversity employment record and diversity in its programme personnel and subject matter than the national statistics for racial, religious and sexual orientation diversity in the country. So why waste £100 of our (license payers) money? As for the second to last sentence, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. When hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs because of the Chinese virus, the BBC are doing their impression of fiddling while Rome burns, awarding massive pay increases to mediocre presenters despite their viewer ratings going down in many cases. This is on top of taking away free licenses from pensioners over 75 and spending £100 million of license fee payers' money on "diversity" programming. Their current actions are really taking the piss. Come on Gavyn, you used to be in charge of the BBC; what are your thoughts on these excesses?
  8. Frost is doing a great job of countering Barnier at every step. What a pity that we didn't appoint him at the very beginning instead of the useless Robbins, but that would never have happened, because the Vicar's daughter was a remoaner and was perfectly happy to have the EU walk all over us in the negotiations. It's a sad state of affairs that our position on the negotiations has to be put across on twatter, but the mainstream media and our national broadcaster are mainly remoaners and happy to put across the EU's point of view, but not ours. Great news last night though with the Internal Market Bill passing its first hurdle with such a substantial majority.
  9. You really are a bit short on comprehension and long on the acceptance of bogus rantings of those who you believe to be credible sources of information provided it suits your warped agenda, aren't you? Firstly, no treaty law has been broken yet. If a FTA is agreed with the EU, then the current proposed legislation will be rendered unnecessary. Essentially it is an insurance policy against no deal. In any event, the law has not even been passed yet. The EU are past masters at it. The USA has not said sod your deal with us.The Speaker, Mad Nancy has shot from the lip that no trade deal will be done with us if the Good Friday Agreement is broken. Like you, she knows nothing and understands less, as the legislation proposed by the Government is designed to protect the Good Friday Agreement. As the Speaker of Congress, she has no more right to spout forth on what the USA trade policy will be than our former rogue Speaker, Bercow. It doesn't appear to have affected the Japan deal and I don't see the Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders being bothered by us besting the EU either. Oh, and looking back a few posts, I see that you are ageist and racist too. What a hypocrite you are.
  10. Several. Some from the rogue Speaker, Bercow, some from traitorous MPs going to meet EU officials in Brussels to brief them on how to thwart the Brexit vote, other remoaner MPs passing legislation like the Benn Surrender Treaty obliging us to accept any deal the EU wanted to force on us, May and Robbins plotting a deal with the EU without discussing the terms with her own Cabinet, particularly her own Brexit Minister, MPs taking over Parliamentary business to vote on contentious amendments to Brexit legislation ,etc.
  11. Read the argument put forward in the link and answer ta simple question that is the basis for it. The circumstances surrounding the original drawing up of the WA have completely changed post the GE and the mandate given to the government now.
  12. https://facts4eu.org/news/2020_sep_eu_broke_gfa https://facts4eu.org/news/2020_sep_eu_weaponising_peace One in the eye for mad Nancy Pelosi and the background on how and why the EU and Ireland weaponised Northern Ireland in the post Brexit negotiations.
  13. Yes, I spotted that too. I read it that the Supreme Court will be hampered by the precedent they adjudicated on in the Miller case and will be required to rule that the UK Parliament is sovereign and that Section 38 of the WA permits the government to proceed with the Internal Market Bill
  14. He's arguing against things that lots of remoaners have said. I imagine that he didn't write the article for no apparent reason. So when we sign a FTA with the EU, that will count as 27 more deals for us, will it? 🤣
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