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  1. Exactly right. I didn't for one minute believe that there was any great deficiency in Liz Truss' reticence to answer the Duchess Thornberry's questions asking for statistical information on the Japan trade deal, compared to Thornberry's utterly humiliating shortcomings as Shadow Foreign Minister not able to name her counterparts in the French Government or in South Korea. Talking of Diane Abbott, as Shadow Home Secretary, it is a toss-up as to which was the more incompetent of the two of them, but we must thank them heartily when added to Corbyn and McDonell as Shadow Chancellor for makin
  2. As usual, anybody who disagrees with your opinions doesn't know what they are talking about. Typical arrogance from your side. Whereas most of the trade deals so far negotiated are rolled over from the EU deals we were a part of, that is the immediate expedient position as a starting point. Further negotiations will concentrate on the specific areas of beneficial advantage to both sides and expand the deals with those Countries. We will not only arrange trade deals with Australia and New Zealand, but a combined one with them and Canada too, to form CANZUK. We are also looking towards joining
  3. On the other hand, we are motoring ahead with trade deals all over the place, plans are being made to open several free ports around the country, especially in run-down areas of the country, we have in place our own immigration policy now that FOM has ended, and the Government is liaising with business chiefs to ask for ways that industry and commerce can be made more efficient by getting rid of EU red tape, you know, the sort that had to apply to all businesses whether they dealt with the EU or not. £100 million to be invested in our fisheries to assist their growth as the quota of fish in ou
  4. In the same way that there were advantages of our EU membership, then of course any sensible intelligent person would also acknowledge that there were disadvantages too. The decision to stay or leave the EU was based on whether one's assessment considered the the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages and vice versa. You have said on more than one occasion that there were no advantages to leaving, so clearly you are completely blinkered, and it would be a waste of time attempting to argue with you. I am confident that time will prove that our decision to leave the failing EU will have been t
  5. If there is all this trouble over so-called additional bureaucracy because of the deal we have with the EU, then perhaps we should just go WTO and have done with it. How do all of those other countries export and import with the EU under WTO terms with seemingly none of the fuss that is being created here at the moment? Either it is deliberate stirring of the pot by the usual anti-Brexit suspects, or some businesses which had months and months to get their houses in order, haven't bothered to do so.
  6. Doesn't Van Dijk count as an ex-Saint who caused Liverpool to flounder without him playing?
  7. If Armstrong has tied up 3 players and then loses the ball, then there are three fewer players available for the counter attack. In any event, it is usually far further upfield that Armstrong receives the attention of defenders, as he is more likely to pass the ball in the middle of the park, only running forward with the ball when there is a clear path open ahead. Walcott is just as likely to run at the defence and find himself closed down. However, I am pleased that both of them do carry a real threat to defences because of what they bring to the attack by getting the ball into the box, or b
  8. My heart sank when I heard that Mariner was refereeing. He's usually awful where we're concerned. Naturally, I'm not complaining about him tonight. 😄
  9. Saints brilliant to deny the champions more than one shot on target, and unable to score in the 88 minutes following Ings' goal. This was a team missing three key players; our in-form goalie, our midfield stopper and one of our two main strikers. And by the final whistle, we had added three youngsters as substitutes and still we held fast against a World class team. Before the match on here, some thought that our high pressing play would suit Liverpool down to the ground with their fast breaking attackers, but Aston Villa proved that an attacking team could unsettle Liverpool, and with their
  10. Try this definition - Hyperbole exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. As nobody on here is likely to be able to do anything individually to change the situation regarding Brexit, then as you say, posts from them on a football club forum are opinions only. As such, charges of treasonable behaviour are much more closely attributable to those fifth columnists who independently attended meetings without the government's blessing to give counsel to the EU negotiators and Commissioners about how they could best act to thwart the Brexit negotiations from ou
  11. Really? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tampon-tax-abolished-from-today
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