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  1. I don't watch Liverpool matches apart from MOTD highlights, but it will be interesting to see how long and how often the commentators happen to mention the 7-2 thrashing that Aston Villa delivered to them. Arguably that defeat was more embarrassing as a result than ours was against Leicester when we were playing for much of the match with 10 players. After all, we are just mediocre Saints, whereas the Scousers are one of the World's greatest glory teams, and last year's champions. I expect that when people heard our result, there was much shrugging of shoulders, whereas when Liverpool plastics
  2. Does it have to have caused serious injury and have the player stretchered off to justify it? Digne had one tackle through the back, K W-P did well to keep on his feet and carry on, so Digne thought I'll stop him properly this time, which is what he did.
  3. Preferably Leicester, as it would be nice to be above the Arse IMO. And then we await the results of other teams who could potentially go above us.
  4. We remain in 5th at the moment, Wolves having failed to pick up more than 1 point in their game.
  5. An honest appraisal from an Everton fan
  6. A really quite brilliant win, beating the top team,and a clean sheet to boot.
  7. They take coaching from Richarlison. He's the best exponent of the dive
  8. Dirty play from Everton. Not enough cards for them from Not our Friend
  9. It looks as if we have at the very least the chance to go further ahead
  10. Statistics like that are totally meaningless, especially when talking about a team leading the PL after a good start and under a good manager. No doubt there are statistics that said that we wouldn't have come back to draw against Chelski.
  11. I think that Everton are badly missing Richarlison, who has speed and skill to put the ball into the area
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