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  1. Very poetic, but what exactly have I lost and why would I be lonely among the 52%? I'm a heartbeat away from what I have yearned for for the past decades. 😄
  2. I expect that LD had his tongue firmly in his cheek. Starmer wouldn't be so stupid in their manifesto as to offer a referendum on rejoining the EU, or even more incredibly making it policy to rejoin without one. He did his best right through the last parliament to obfuscate over his position on Brexit, so it would be very naive to believe that all of a sudden he and the Labour Party will commit themselves to a surefire vote loser in the next election. In any event, of course it isn't going to be a scenario whereby we are welcomed back with open arms by the EU. We would have to accept joining t
  3. I'm pleased to hear that despite rumours that the UK may have caved in on fishing in order to get the talks on trade with the EU underway, news surfaces today that Barnier has reported to the EU that no real progress has been made during the past couple of weeks of intensive talks. The sticking points remain fisheries, the so-called level playing field and ECJ jurisdiction over our laws. The irony is really delicious when Barnier accused the UK of intransigence over these matters, and says that we are deliberately running down the clock in the hope that the EU will cave in to our demands. We a
  4. Badger started it:- It's strange how there seems to be a correlation between those thinkng the lockdown is unwarranted and those who support Brexit. No doubt they will claim that they are 'free thinkers' who can see through the BS.
  5. This comment from you illustrates that you must be completely clueless about the Brexit/Remain vote demographics.
  6. I'd never heard of it, so had to Google it. The chances are that until you mentioned it, I was never likely to come across it, but then would never watch it anyway. I don't care whether the Americans wish to rewrite their history, that's up to them. It is a musical and the context is totally different from the Ann Boleyn thing, which is just a case of deliberate mischief by the leftie virtue signalling woke brigade.
  7. If there is to be zero historical accuracy in the programme because that is irrelevant, then they might as well skip the costume authenticity too and have her dressed in a leopard print leotard just for added interest. A bit of lesbian action with her courtiers wouldn't go amiss too. But if the producers of this programme aren't that bothered about historical accuracy, then why would anybody take them seriously when it comes to their speculation about her psychological make up? The subject matter is far better suited to be presented by an eminent historian specialising in the Tudors, som
  8. LOL. That almost sounds as ludicrous as the black Ann Boleyn thing, but of course this kind of diversity virtue signalling is a one way street and it would never be tolerated for black historical figures to be played by white actors. The days of whites blacking up are long gone. Will this black actress playing Ann Boleyn be "whiting up" I wonder?
  9. Here we are after 7 matches, ahead of Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea so far, and possibly Spurs and City if they don't win their matches
  10. It seems that there is going to be an historical costume drama coming soon on Channel Five as part of the Black Lives Matter/cultural diversity season. The lead character, in a three part series, Ann Boleyn, is going to be played by a black actress. Why not go the whole hog and have Henry VIII as a black king too? I haven't heard anything about the other cast characters, but I'm sure that there will be plenty of scope to introduce lesbians or homosexuals into her family or among the courtiers. In order not to confuse the yoof in their future history exams, I'm expecting that before every episo
  11. What with England winning the 6 Nations Cup, and the Skates losing at home, it hasn't been a bad weekend for sports overall.
  12. It was awarded for the quality of Grealish's dive. The ref was mighty impressed by it. As I said, as good as the one from Salah yesterday.
  13. I'm sure that you remoaners will grasp any straw you can that our departure will be delayed again and again. That bitter has-been Gauke was saying much the same thing in the last day or so too. Of course, the same implications of a no deal conclusion to the talks during the period of the lockdown because of the Chinese virus affects the EU as much, if not more than it affects us. So if they decide to be sensible and accept our red lines over fisheries, the level playing field rules and that the ECJ has no jurisdiction over our laws, the FTA can be agreed quite quickly to the benefit of all.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8qH7JlgSd0
  15. On the stream I watched, the mention of it being one week after the anniversary of our 9-0 pasting by Leicester came just before 15 minutes. But now the commentators qualify it by assessing our form since then.
  16. A great game from us to go ahead by the 4 goals and could have been more but for offsides. However the balance of the team was upset when Bednarek went off for Stephens, and further impetus was lost when Ings went off. Villa's headed goal from Mings was unstoppable, but Grealish's penalty was a joke. A great theatrical performance from him, almost as good as Salah's yesterday. But Grealish's goal in the last minute of the match was superb. The way that we had capitulated in the second half, it was a good thing that there was only 6 minutes of extra time. But looking at the positives, when
  17. I'm heartily pissed off with the prospect of a second lockdown. The government is putting far too much store on the advice of so-called exerts, who are making lurid predictions of the number of deaths that will be caused unless we all live like hermits for the next month. There is not even universal agreement among virology experts, but neither could there be, as this Chinese virus is one on which there is not any accurate experience of a precedent. We can only go on the evidence of what has happened in other countries, and we have the example of Sweden which didn't have a lockdown, observed s
  18. Go on then. Put the sentence in the order you believe it should have been in then.
  19. So the sentence the right way around should have been that it was a race for the Presidency, instead of a race towards senility, right? That's what I took the post to mean, so it seems that you are a little confused. And you are sufficiently arrogant to assume that just because you agreed with a nuance of a post, that everybody else must have got it too. Ergo, a smiley/winkey thing would have made it clear what he meant. Thanks for the cartoon you added to your earlier post in an edit. It brings some much needed levity to your usual dull opinions.
  20. Oh, pardon me for believing that the "race" that he was talking about was the race towards senility instead of the race towards the Presidency. 🙄 How silly it must have been of me to believe that a mention of a race between Trump and Biden did not refer to the race to the Presidency, when there was no smiley/winkey thing to indicate that the comment was supposed to be his attempt at humour? Regarding the rest of your little diatribe, it is the usual patronising arrogance that I expect to read from you, and you really must be deluding yourself if you believe for one second that the point I
  21. Quite possibly he might be. But then again, Clinton was beating him in the polls last time around too. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to polls, as you probably know. Where Trump is shown to be bit of a buffoon in the left-wing biased media over there, there is very possibly a large element who tell pollsters that they are voting Biden, but who intend to vote Trump. When there is apparently a Biden polling majority of around 9% or so, it depends on how many of those secret Trump voters there are.
  22. It was Timmy and Saint1977 who took the topic onto Brexit, LD and I just responded. I have already posted my opinion on Trump and Biden before. Essentially it is that Trump is a buffoon, but has done some good things for the USA. Biden is pretty well senile. There isn't much to choose between them, and I marvel at the American's inability to come up with two better candidates than them, but I would always favour the Republicans over the Democrats politically.
  23. Remoaners and Lib Dumbs is pretty mild stuff compared to some of the insults hurled at those on here who voted to leave the failing EU and who are deemed by them to be on the right of the political spectrum. I don't recall you calling out those who called posters village idiot, gammons, thick, etc.
  24. This has gone right over your head, soggy. Kamala Harris has a husband, not a wife. It was just another incident demonstrating that Biden is fast approaching senility.
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