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  1. There were large parts of the game where we had control with good passages of passing and movement. It was later in the match when we got tired and United brought on players of World class with fresh legs that the midfield became sloppy and the tables turned in their favour.
  2. Maybe we were a little lucky to have a clean sheet, but no way were we lucky to be two up. The first was an excellent header by Bednarek and the second from Ward-Prowse would have beaten any goalkeeper in the world. For all of United's quality in attack, their defence was pretty poor.
  3. Sickening. I would have fancied us to win that had Ings been fit. In the end, it was the quality in depth that the ultimate glory team has that made the difference.
  4. Typical stream commentary whenever a glory team is playing us, particularly United; when they were on top the commentary was all them. Naturally our goal was against the run of play, fair enough, but then gradually it grew more to praise how we were playing and how we were gaining more possession and looking more dangerous. Then when Ward-Prowse struck his incredible free kick, and we were playing really well after our confidence boost, it became a case of saying that get a goal back and United could be back in it. Also out came the statistics about how many times we/them have gone on to win/c
  5. So those licences are time limited. Those arrangements above were formed under the CFP regime. Presumably now we are free from the CFP, we are at liberty to alter those rules applicable to foreign owned vessels because we have regained control our own coastal waters and its resources. Hopefully in the ongoing discussions with the EU over fisheries, we will only agree to an initial period of readjustment of a maximum 3 years where the EU catch declines marginally if we have to, and then an annual review thereafter. Their talk of ten years agreements tied in to trade talk reviews is idiotic.
  6. I have my doubts about what you say about the Marine Management Organisation and the conditions attached to the permits they issue. You say that they are not time limited, but I would be very surprised if there were not caveats applied to their timescale. The MMO has powers to revoke permits under certain circumstances, so maybe under the current situation whereby the MMO was set up effectively to pay lip service to the CFP, now that we will be free of it, I expect that legally our obligations regarding the permits will also alter, and also our ability to alter those terms to our advantage in
  7. As our resident fisheries expert doesn't deign to respond, I might as well get the ball rolling again in light of the developments within the last few hours. For some sort of idea of how things might go in a situation whereby the EU have far more limited access to our coastal waters than they believe they ought to be entitled to, one can look back to how it was historically for us during the Cod Wars with Iceland when we felt that we were the wronged party. There were several skirmishes, ramming of boats, involvement of the RN pitted against their coastguard, cutting of nets, etc. If the
  8. Why don't you engage with all of the issues instead of boring with only one side of it? As a typical dyed in the wool remoaner, you persist in this argument like a stuck record that fisheries is a tiny part of the economy, whilst refusing to acknowledge or argue the main reason why we don't roll over and surrender control of our coastal waters; the political dimension. Do you even recognise that although fisheries is a small part of both the economies of the UK and the EU coastal states, the political implications of the negotiations over fisheries for all of them are immense, and go beyond th
  9. We hold by far the stronger hand, as the percentage of our catch in EU waters is minuscule compared to their catch in our waters. https://marinedevelopments.blog.gov.uk/2018/09/27/mmo-fisheries-statistics-2017-eez/
  10. Well done for dismissing the concerns of such a large proportion of the electorate; the usual remoaner arrogance. I accept that the current situation on fisheries has been caused by successive UK governments, much in the same way that the current situation of our membership of the Federal United States of Europe evolved. It started with the betrayal of the industry by Grocer Heath when we joined the Common Market, and then via the CFP, in parallel with the morphing of the Common Market/EEC into the EU via the machinations of the successive governments, whether Conservative or Labour, without t
  11. Both of you totally don't get the significance of what significant means, as you are only capable of comprehending it in an economic sense, but apparently because you do not balance your arguments to include them, you are both completely ignorant of the political implications. Produce as many graphs, bar charts and as much statistical analysis as you like, but that doesn't alter the political landscape one jot. Just to simplify it for you two, there are political implications affecting several coastal EU states. The French in particular are worried about Macron's chances of reelection if they
  12. So you'll celebrate the revival of our fishing enterprises and the economic boost it brings to our coastal communities once we regain control of our territorial waters, won't you?
  13. Naturally it's insignificant to you remoaners, but it is one of the three red lines that we are unwilling to concede to the EU, so one would have thought that on that basis alone it would warrant some interest from the mainstream media. But as the mainstream media is so out of touch with the rest of the country outside of their own metropolitan bubble, it comes as no surprise. Thankfully there are plenty of other online news sources prepared to cover these topics, so all that the mainstream media is achieving, is the reduction of their credibility, their audience and influence.
  14. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/flagship-fisheries-bill-becomes-law The Fisheries Bill receives Royal Assent and passes into law. Naturally there isn't much of a fanfare from our main broadcasting media about it.
  15. Great news that we have agreed a trade deal with Canada, rolling over the EU deal. It is expected that next year an even better deal will be negotiated. Some remoaners on here made the ridiculous assertion that because it took the EU over 8 years to arrange the FTA with Canada, it would therefore follow that it would take the same amount of time for us to get one. Australia and New Zealand next and then a bloc deal between all of them with us to follow.
  16. Really typical of you, Timmy, produce reams of graphs and statistics to cloud the argument and then go into patronise overdrive, attempting to show how clever you are and how thick your opponent must be. And all because I had the gall to mention that our trade with the EU had declined over the past decade, whereas it had increased with the rest of the world; at least I assume that must have been what triggered your little diatribe. Having lived through the time since before we joined the EEC, I know perfectly well how and why our manufacturing industry declined, the part that the trade unions
  17. I've told you a thousand times not to exaggerate. Pardon me for mentioning in posts one of the three major subjects that are preventing the signing of a FTA with the EU. If you think that I'm indulging in "crazy rants" about fish, what must you think of Macron's outbursts? He's threatening all sorts of crazy measures in a vain attempt to browbeat us into submission over fisheries, so it must be important to him, even if you dismiss it so lightly.
  18. What happens? Being of pensionable age means one has had life experience of the whole sorry episode of the Common Market/EEC and the creeping development of the federal EU? That one has experienced the decline of our manufacturing industries and the problems caused by the CAP and the CFP to our agriculture and fisheries until we have a trade deficit with the EU of some £100 billion, as the proportion of our trade with them reduces and our trade with the rest of the world increases? This current negotiations situation and our robust stance on not surrendering to your beloved EU's bullying
  19. That might be how you read it to mean, but that's you. I meant it to convey the current situation whereby we left the EU at the start of the year, have since then been involved in talks with the EU over a FTA, and have met a brick wall in those negotiations over several months because they will not treat us as an independent sovereign equal. We only require a similar deal to that signed by the EU with Canada, Japan, S. Korea. We have told them time and time again that we will not budge on our entirely reasonable insistence on retaining our fundamental right to govern ourselves and our coastal
  20. Do be a bit more careful about reading what I said before commenting on it. I invite you to read it again and then reconsider your response.
  21. I give you the same advice that I gave saint1977; be patient, wait and see, it won't be long now. As we all know, you aren't exactly much cop at making Brexit predictions.
  22. There is a lot of speculative guff printed in the media at the moment, pontificating on how we will have to cave in to the EU demands because of Biden/Cummings/the Chinese virus etc. I suggest that you wait and see what transpires. Be patient; you won't have to wait long.
  23. When you take it upon yourself to talk in generalised terms of "people" and their hopes and desires for a particular outcome to these talks, you have to accept that there is probably a majority of the electorate currently who do not wish for us to cave in to EU demands (particularly from the French) that they have undiminished access to our coastal waters. Neither do those "people" want us to continue to be subservient to EU rules on how we should govern ourselves, or subject to the jurisdiction of their law courts. Put me among that majority. Apart from that, I have expressed my views of
  24. Me too. I have my porridge made with milk, and I add sultanas. As you say, fills you up until lunch time, great for cholestral reduction.
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