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  1. It's largely irrelevant to talk about the past at this stage. The whole situation certainly was the responsibility of past governments, starting with Grocer Heath, but exacerbated by the CFP whereby our waters became a common EEC resource apart from a narrow coastal strip. Now that we have left the EU, it is in our hands to determine the future of the industry and hopefully the government will grasp the opportunity both to grow it back and also to protect the fish stocks in our waters.
  2. 😁They enjoy substantially less limited access to our territorial waters than we do. When they propose that they be allowed to continue with quotas at the levels they have enjoyed for the past 40 years, restricting us to a small proportion of our own resource, I'd certainly consider their access to be virtually unlimited by comparison. And why are we so concerned about an industry with such a small economic return? The answer ought to be obvious if one considers that any FTA with the EU might fall down over this issue and a couple of others; it is a matter of principle, of sovereignty. I r
  3. What is also noteworthy, is the increasing panic of Ireland, who were very happy to act as the EU's lackey when they enabled them to weaponise the Irish border. It was working well under May's spineless and clueless government, but now that our negotiations are in far more capable hands, they are bricking it that there might be no deal, and that they will have been a major factor towards that scenario. In that situation, their economy will be the biggest single loser, as we are the biggest market for their goods. As it is, they are also being asked to cough up more per capita into the EU's Chi
  4. Absolutely nothing to be sorry for. It's remoaners like you who believe that it will be an epic shit-show. Those who have wanted to free ourselves for some time from the control of the failing, federal euro-cartel gravy train are perfectly content, thank you. If we are doomed to ignominious failure by leaving the EU teat, one wonders why they are so intent on trying to restrict our ability to run our own affairs. It couldn't be that they are petrified that we will make a real success of it and become a serious competitor right there on their doorstep, could it?
  5. Panic begins to set in to the EU, who are warning us in increasingly shrill terms that if we want a FTA with them, the time available for us to wave the white flag and ignominiously surrender on our red lines is fast running out. As we have repeatedly insisted that we will not alter our position on those same red lines that have existed in the talks for several months, either the EU will have to relent, or we are out on WTO terms. Some in the EU say that it is already too late for them to ratify the deal even now and it looks as if they have badly misjudged our determination to stand firm, ove
  6. Are those your incontinence pants, Timmy? Do you get a good supply in to see you through this lockdown?
  7. Did Boris' girlfriend sack Cummings? I look forward to you posting the evidence instead of gormless tittle tattle.
  8. I missed it too. Maybe Verbal has a bad case of Verbal Diarrhea. I must have also missed his comments accusing the EU of a bomb analogy when Barnier/Verhofstadt or whoever else used that phrase to describe the shortening timescale
  9. Why all these posts about Cummings on the Brexit thread? There's a perfectly good Boris Johnson thread which would be more appropriate. Unless of course there is some idiotic, misguided assumption that his departure will somehow affect the WA negotiations. It seems as if some believe the claptrap conclusions put out by the remoaner media that we will be desperate to cave in to the EU's demands and drop our red lines to gain a FTA with them. If the EU are also stupid enough to believe that to be the case, then they are in for a rude awakening when we hold firm as the clock ticks away towards WT
  10. CNN have no more idea of events within No 10 than the BBC have about internal White House events. The simplest route to a breakthrough leading to a deal would be via concessions from London? 🤣Those CNN clowns seem to think that we should just roll over and allow the EU to have whatever they want in order to keep us as a vassal colony of theirs If those idiots wouldn't accept the USA making concessions against their national interest in trade deal talks, then why on earth would they expect us to do so? Would the USA accept a trade deal that allowed another nation to prevent them giving st
  11. You just don't get this history thing, do you? Elvis died 44 years ago, and was raised in the South of the US, so a little understanding of historical context ought to be a mitigating factor to be taken into account by any sensible person.
  12. A far less biased and more balanced debate than anything that anybody employed by the BBC would come up with. And I expect that it is what most normal, sensible people would think too.
  13. The BBC, not exactly the best ones to provide an explanation of what is wrong with the terminology used by Greg Clarke, as demonstrated by their stupid warning about the content. And you're becoming quite adept at patronising posters whose opinions don't agree with yours, aren't you?
  14. Virtually every story that is reported by the BBC will be bound to upset somebody, somewhere. Why don't they just have one big disclaimer before every news broadcast and get it over with? As somebody who is often upset myself at what the BBC broadcasts, I would watch the news from an alternative mainstream broadcaster, but they are all just as bad as each other with their pathetic pandering to the leftie woke brigade. As a result, their former audiences are deserting them in their droves and finding their source of news elsewhere.
  15. Who gets to dictate to everybody speaking the English language throughout the World what the "correct" terminology should be? Who gave them that right?
  16. Did the namby-pamby "people of colour" thing even exist in the language of the time in South Africa? It would have been a bit difficult otherwise to use language not in common usage at the time, wouldn't it? I certainly don't recall its usage at the time.
  17. Drat! An 88th minute Harry Kane goal, so they go above us
  18. Well, the big-eared crisp salesman is the MOTD presenter and it was his team that produced that result, so this will probably continue for another couple of years.
  19. Welcome. It's to your credit that you don't choose a glory club. If you've become interested in us now, have a few sessions on You Tube and delve into some of the exciting players and performances we have produced over the years.
  20. Just think what we'll be capable of when we're back to full strength!
  21. I wonder whether he on a bet with his mates that he would be able to drop their names into it?
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSxicNgbut0
  23. What a solid performance, and fulsome praise from the commentators about the exciting, entertaining way that we play. Che Adams continues to grow as a scoring force and was ably abetted by Walcott. The midfield continues to be marshaled well by Romeu and Ward-Prowse protecting the defence, who as a result weren't overly troubled and whenever threatened, stood firm. McCarthy was mostly a spectator, but late on produced a world class save to keep the clean sheet. We ought to have been weakened by being without Ings and Bertrand, but it didn't seem that way. OK, Ings might well have pounced
  24. We've played really well this half, but we might come to regret not finishing a couple of really good chances. We have been good at keeping possession and the only time that Newcastle looked as if they might be dangerous was when Saint-Maximin could have broken forward with pace, and Romeu took one for the team. The most annoying thing is the number of times when Stpehens got the ball on the left a fair way up the pitch and had good opportunities to have made a forward pass to one of our players, and every time his immediate thought was to pass the ball backwards. And I worry that all this sid
  25. Steve Bruce has already mentioned the Leicester defeat in his pre-match summary
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