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  1. Southgate says that he chose the penalty takers based on what they've shown in practice. At least it's nice to hear a leader take responsibility.
  2. 'Keeper saves two penalties and still ends up on the losing side. I'd be a bit miffed for sure.
  3. Occasion got to Saka. Don't think he did anything right at all while he was on. But he shouldn't be taking the 5th penalty in the first place.
  4. England's penalties were dire.
  5. So the two specialist penalty subs both miss.
  6. The bus is teetering on the edge.
  7. England could do with a free kick specialist. ☺️
  8. That last second free kick was abysmal. No belief.
  9. England's limitations being exposed now. Still in it though ... just about but don't even look like nicking one on the break.
  10. Pickford needs to pull himself together.
  11. I've seen 'em given. Only at Old Trafford and Anfield mind. 😁 Take the good fortune and run with it.
  12. Denmark look knackered. If England can't win this in extra time then maybe they deserve to lose on penalties.
  13. og will do thanks. Now move on.
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