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  1. When you think about it Leicester were nowhere near their best but they still managed to win that game at a canter. Could easily have had more than one.
  2. Well at least we only conceded one goal. 😬
  3. Well if the manager can't get the team up for an FA Cup semi-final then you have to question what he can do.
  4. That last second free kick sums up that performance. Worse than useless.
  5. We're not applying any pressure on them at all. Hopeless.
  6. Saints just passing it around the back as if there was nothing to worry about.
  7. Leicester quite comfortable now. Lots of space for them and Saints have little urgency or threat.
  8. Seen this situation all too often with Saints lately. Expect a few blunt attacks while conceding at least one more.
  9. That's a second yellow surely. Oh why bother?
  10. Redmond loses it in a good attacking position
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