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  1. Good response by Saints last couple of minutes. Could do with a 2nd goal.
  2. Another daft free kick given away.
  3. Not bad at all. Saints really worth more than 1-0. Not too much fannying around in defence but there were a couple of daft free-kicks given away towards the end of the first half. Should polish them off 2nd half but this is Saints at Watford so expect a late goal for them.
  4. Feeling pessimistic about this one. Watford to come out of the blocks fast with a lot of pressure and get an early goal. Saints then with plenty of tippy-tappy possession offering little idea up front. Watford break late on from a Saints corner and put the seal on a 2-0 win.
  5. St Mary's really is a voodoo venue for Saints. We need to burn a Wicker Man or something.
  6. Time to remove PEH from the squad. We don't want him injured if someone's going to pay money for him.
  7. Stephens asleep again and an early bath.
  8. Lots of Saints possession but not looking all that dangerous in front of goal.
  9. Substituting Valery will have been one of the easier decisions to make.
  10. Typical home performance really. Too slow. Defence often exposed. Stupid mistakes.
  11. Nearly screwed up at the back again. Stop with all the pass backs.
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