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  1. Why don't Saints lump it up front when there's 30 seconds left? Instead Stephens gives it away and it's 2-0.
  2. Saints not creating enough. Just one more chance please.
  3. Yeah it should have been a foul but Stephens shouldn't allow Maddison to turn him like that. Saints still have plenty in them to get back in this if they just find some composure in attacking areas but this is more likely going to end up 2 or 3 nil I reckon. Leicester have the game where they want it.
  4. Why wait until next week to decide what to do? Aren't there rules already in place for this sort of thing? It's not exactly something that's an unknown unknown is it? Seems simple to enough to me. Shrewsbury should forfeit. Tough on them but it's not the end of the world, unlike for thousands of others.
  5. Play the ball in behind their back four earlier. Delaying the pass is causing the runners to be caught offside. Saints doing ok though.
  6. Well, in the past we'd have lost that. Take the positives.
  7. Typical. Give away a daft free kick right at the end.
  8. Big screw up from Stephens. Almost handed them a winner.
  9. Sloppy stuff from Saints. Conceding free kicks all over the shop.
  10. WHU will be fancying their chances here.
  11. All a bit disjointed from Saints. Not looking for a forward pass enough times, probably because Adams is having one of those games. Good job St Mary's is empty.
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