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  1. Looking at that table I'm still having trouble spotting 3 teams that are obviously worse than Saints.
  2. Did anything go right for Adams while he was on the pitch? If we can't get the win it's important not to lose.
  3. Any chance of Saints putting the ball in the box?
  4. Looked like he caught his ankle to me.
  5. Third time in a row that Redders has passed a dead ball to Pope. Try again, mate.
  6. Open game so far. Will Burnley decide to sit back and take just the point? They look more likely to try and go for all 3 points. Could work for Saints.
  7. Giving stupid fouls away just lets Burnley lump it into the box.
  8. That's taken the wind out of the sails a bit.
  9. Yep. Still surprised to see it in the back of the net. How many chances do we need to get one?
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