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  1. It was the last minute and 1-0 down. Fannying around and giving the ball away in a dangerous area isn't what I'd hope for.
  2. Saints looked to be content to get away with a non-heavy defeat in the 2nd half. Even so, with a decent composed striker could have got something from that.
  3. That goal comes from Saints fannying around instead of going for an equaliser.
  4. There really is nothing wrong with lumping it upfield in the last minute Saints.
  5. What is the Adams chance/miss ratio?
  6. Just a bit of composure is all that's needed in that final third.
  7. Well I've quite enjoyed Redmond actually taking defenders on for a change. Ok, so he ends up in a cul-de-sac more often than not but it's good to see a spot of confidence in him.
  8. If we had a half decent striker we might have a chance.
  9. Ball in the net. That can't be allowed.
  10. Miss a good chance at one end and then concede less than a minute later. To be fair it has been coming.
  11. What's the betting that even if Vest received a yellow instead of a red that Vardy would still have got him sent off before long anyway?
  12. Another 2 points dropped from a winning position. 😇
  13. That's the sort of fighting spirit we want to see.
  14. Well played Saints. Shame to have conceded that equaliser.
  15. This will be as good as a win in the circumstances.
  16. Saints need to relieve the pressure. Fresh legs up front?
  17. Dare I say that this situation calls for Shane Long.
  18. Still no yellow card for Leicester
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