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  1. That was never a foul. Oh well.
  2. Have Saints defenders got money on a Benteke hattrick or something?
  3. Che Adams can't miss! And he didn't.
  4. Saints getting into some good attacking positions but there's still a lack of ideas or composure in the final third. Do we have an attacking coach?
  5. Thought that from JWP was in. Never considered that he'd miss the target.
  6. I was watching Championship games at the weekend. The lack of VAR was a real bonus.
  7. When was the last time Saints 'keeper saved a penalty?
  8. Saints defending is laughable.
  9. Noticeable that an open play high ball in the opponents area is almost never won by Saints. We do have a small attack.
  10. Just wish Saints would leave an attacker upfield when defending a set piece.
  11. Much better now that Saints attack is offering width.
  12. Danny makes the difference.
  13. Just imagine if Fulham had won last night.
  14. Opponents know now how to counter Saints narrow tippy-tappy style. Saints are easy to play against.
  15. Well at least it can't get any worse. Can it?
  16. Fannying around again already.
  17. Tune into Sky Sports for Saints V Palace and apparently it's all about some Manchester team.
  18. Well for me it's not an obsession with Jankewitz. It's nothing more than wanting to have a look it the chap.
  19. It was the last minute and 1-0 down. Fannying around and giving the ball away in a dangerous area isn't what I'd hope for.
  20. Saints looked to be content to get away with a non-heavy defeat in the 2nd half. Even so, with a decent composed striker could have got something from that.
  21. That goal comes from Saints fannying around instead of going for an equaliser.
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