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  1. I'm going to try and be optimistic and suggest that the best time to play the so-called best sides is at the start of the season, especially after a summer of international competition. Even so. That's a tricky start and a far from easy run in at the end of the season. Oh dear, I'm already feeling a rush of pessimism.🥴
  2. To be honest I couldn't give a toss about England. I was actually cheering Iceland on back in 2016.
  3. Sorry but that's nowhere near good enough. With Ralph in charge we'll likely be relegated by Christmas next season.
  4. The Saints defence just let Rice stroll in to within touching distance of the goal and have a free shot. That is diabolical.
  5. Too easy. Saints defence carved apart and it's 3-0 yet again.
  6. Saints fannying around in defence and give the ball away again.
  7. If Saints knew how to finish they might just have had a chance to get something from this game.
  8. Saints really need to come up with a better plan for defending free kicks.
  9. KWP and Minamino - two players who actually seemed to give a damn today. Both subbed. 😐
  10. KWP off for Romeo? And how was that not a foul on Minamino?
  11. Good job we don't actually need anything from this game. Far too soft in every department.
  12. Well if we wanted something to cheer us up at the end of the season we're not going to get it. West Ham hardly having to break a sweat.
  13. West Ham not even bothering to wait until the second half for Saints to implode.
  14. 3-0 might be the least of it now.
  15. Redmond fannying around and it's 2-0.
  16. Typical. McCarthy palms it out straight to an attacker. Same old story.
  17. Saints worth a goal but wasteful as usual.
  18. Sky doing their best to try and rouse some excitement to what must be on of the least interesting EPL final days ever.
  19. Redmond 🥴. Why? Hopefully I'll be proved wrong.
  20. Saints are a below average PL team. They have the 'keepers we should expect.
  21. Another game where we bemoan final third bluntness. Presumably Saints coaches might also have noticed so one has to wonder whether they're up to the task.
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