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  1. Let's just say that at Old Trafford or Anfield that would not be a red card.
  2. Saints woeful finishing has been a feature this season.
  3. It'd at least give us a bit of height up front.
  4. Just seen the team. WTF? We're doomed aren't we?
  5. We would be with Chris Wood in the team. He's the sort of player that Saints are currently missing.
  6. Wolves relaxing on the beach with sand between their toes while Burnley easily move above Saints in the table.
  7. If only football matches were 60 minutes rather than 90 Ralph would be a world beater.
  8. Admittedly it's unlikely but really not difficult to come up with a scenario that would see Saints relegated. Especially given Saints current bottom of the league form.
  9. Once Fulham have dropped enough points to help secure Saints' safety we'll be able to relax I suppose. Must admit that I'm finding it hard to see where Saints next points are coming from so hopefully the fat lady will be warbling a happy tune by the time they come up against Fulham. That form table for 2021 is shocking though. Nailed on relegation stuff and who honestly can say that next season is not going to be a struggle to stay up if things carry on like this? The whole club seems to be in a shocking state.
  10. Unless Saints get a 4-0 lead by the hour mark I really can't see how this lot will get another point this season.
  11. Every opposition now knows that Saints will burn themselves out by the 60th minute and then be easy meat.
  12. When was the last time Saints 'keeper saved a penalty?
  13. Redders coming on to snatch the winner.
  14. An attacking free kick and the ball gets passed all the way back.
  15. Do Saints share a bottle of whisky at half time or something?
  16. Son stood on his own right on the penalty spot.
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