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  1. Missed the game because a few beers and a meal in town seemed just a bit more exciting. First look at the comments makes me think it was a replay of so many Saints games this season. Big problem is final third conversion as usual. It's screwed us for several seasons now.
  2. I welcome Theo's signing. Good man to have around the squad. Presumably others reckon Saints should be waiting for Harry Kane to agree a deal instead. 😇
  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see Fulham get at least a point here. Saints have completely handed over the initiative.
  4. Saints playing at half pace now and are suitably punished.
  5. Redmond sets up another Fulham attack.
  6. Saints offering Fulham the chance to get back in the game.
  7. Redmond is getting worse is anything.
  8. Saints reminding us how wasteful they are in attack.
  9. Plenty of sunshine 2nd half please. Saints are a bit dodgy in the wet.
  10. Still no yellow for Fulham. Ref needs to get a grip.
  11. KWP a bit off the boil so far.
  12. Saints comfortable in the end but without Ings' finishing it could have been more frustration.
  13. If only Saints could be a bit more composed in the final third.
  14. Saints looking a lot better suddenly. Trouble is they can also suddenly look awful.
  15. JWP winding up Palace players. Good effort lad.
  16. Thank goodness for Danny Ings. Good pass from Adams.
  17. Palace have good attacking players. Saints on current form will be lucky to hold them out. Trouble is that on current form Saints will now start to run out of puff and very likely fail to score.
  18. Why do Saints play dangerous passes in defensive positions but not in the attacking third?
  19. Good break by Saints. Armstrong did well.
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