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  1. As far as I remember, it was more I had hoped he'd win the primary over nasty Ted Cruz (and if it were to be a Republican taking office, I'd take Trump). 4 years of>>>>>>> Making people hate each other, telling porkies all the time, dumbing down the nation, becoming a global laughing stock, expressing admiration for dictators, shitting on the environment, a rise in white supremacy, not releasing his tax returns, pussy grabbing, covfefe, lack of integrity, introducing us to his sons Eric and Jnr, #1 for Covid, pardoning bastards and war criminals, blackmail, burning bo
  2. Susan Collins (3rd bottom) is the only one in that video who didn't do a 180 on their view of him. She has always maintained that he is a cunt.
  3. Surprised he hasn't been shot by a redneck yet, thinking he was a real buffalo.
  4. Education Secretary's brother's company Blackwater. Just a few more weeks left. I think he's going to stick prawn shells down the backs of the radiators in the white house right before he departs though....
  5. Yes, tossers. They want to make sure that subscribers have a TV subscription too. This is just the beginning. They'll bring in Warren Barton from Fox next...
  6. The "well dodgy" thing about the 2020 election is that Trump got 10 million more votes than he did in 2016. This country is certifiable.
  7. Mitch McConnell wants this pantomime to run for as long as possible. He needs the Trump base to stay angry and energized for the two crucial Georgia Senate runoff elections in January so they can retain control of the Senate.
  8. 'Diaper Don' used to shit himself quite a lot, according to reports. Better a leaky willy than a leaky bum, I always say.
  9. Yes I agreed; just backing up your point about how rare voter fraud is. Six times more people voted by mail this time, bound to be a few more dodgy votes.
  10. The best we can go on, is to look to investigations of voter fraud carried out in recent years. Carried out by a wide range of groups, the conclusions were in the region of 1 to every 100,000-150,000.
  11. He better hope he wins the lawsuits, he may be up to his eyeballs in them come January.
  12. True. Did you see the interaction between Trump and the Arizona senatorial candidate McSally recently at one of his spreader events? She lost to an astronaut btw
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