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  1. I'm a glutton for punishment. Are there any streams that won't have my antivirus scream at me?
  2. I miss the days of those Directv Extra time channels. Perfect quality, no buffering, TiVo controls, and could watch whenever I wanted instead of when they decided to upload the replays on Gold. ( Directv and TiVo RIP too, but that's another story) Hopefully Peacock have a more polished streaming service than Gold, but I won't hold my breath (it could be worse) Concerned that Roku and Peacock are at loggerheads right now, they've got a few weeks to sort it out. Just read that non televised games (gold pass games) are only available live and replays available NEXT DAY. this means that if you live on the west coast, watch live at 7am, otherwise you're fucked. I remember reading something similar two years ago with the gold pass, but luckily it never materialized. Hope it doesn't this time either.
  3. I can't see the allegation derailing Biden, it's not as if Trump can weigh in on the subject is it.
  4. You're right. I'd never looked into it, as to why, but it makes sense - the last scenes in the final episode of season clearly weren't written as a finale. https://www.looper.com/153803/we-finally-understand-why-deadwood-was-canceled/
  5. Recent polls are putting Biden ahead in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, (even, for the first time in ages) Florida, amongst others. All Trump states in 2016. Polls aren't always accurate obviously, but even with their margin of error, since Trump's brief bounce at the onset of the virus, his numbers have been getting progressively worse.
  6. Watched Deadwood again, 15 years after it first aired and enjoyed as much as the first time. Ian McShane is brilliant in it. A bit let down by the feature length, tie the ends up, 'movie', only because the series was so good. Ozark season 3 done. Another cracking series, I just hope they don't string it out for eternity. One of the things that made Deadwood so nice was it stayed at 3 seasons.
  7. It's a great advert, ramming home how out of his depth he's been in the last few weeks. The war against the virus (and the 'inevitable' victory) will be his main campaign platform. Of course he's sh!tting himself now. At yesterday's daily Covid presser, he talked about the war on cocaine smuggling and how he was winning that. Cheers Don!
  8. For those that enjoyed binging Don't **** with Cats, try Netflix Tiger King next.
  9. I like to think that a lot of his 'foot in mouth' statements are done on purpose (although he really is that dence)...for attention (and deflection of more important topics), especially something as buffoonish as this. Akin to Boris Johnson fluffing his hair up before an interview and acting like a plum as a smokescreen.
  10. Ok good, I look forward to them then. Meant to watch The Irishman tonight on Netflix, but by the time dinner was done, left it too late. I'll try again later in the week.
  11. Doing an Oscar movie marathon pass at the local cinema at the moment. So far, I've seen - Jojo Rabbit 8/10 - Charming and fun Parasite 8/10 - Clever and twisted 1917 - 8/10 - Riveting and beautifully filmed. Joker - 5/10 - One dimensional and miserable Marriage Story - 6/10 - Well acted and meh Once upon a time in Hollywood - 8/10 - Satisfying and nuts Still to see The Irishman, Ford vs Ferrari and Little Women, but I expect I've already seen the best ones.
  12. This. At 2-0 up I didn't expect the end result, both teams playing well, but wolves always capable of scoring as they're a better team. I still don't think we need panic buys in this window, if that's what they're going to be. See the season out, finish respectably and hopefully by then we have an effective recruitment plan in place and try to shed the deadwood.
  13. Just saw a bit of Jules Holland Hogmany and Vic Reeves was drunk as a skunk, but sort of acted the same incoherent way he does when he's cornered on his own. Agreed, fine with a sidekick (in the 90's) but offers nothing by himself. I suppose the same goes for Bob Mortimer, who clicked so well with Paul Whitehouse on their fishing show.
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