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  1. LVSaint


    I think Portugal collectively shit themselves a bit early on in the pandemic when they were getting hit hard. Together with the link to Brazil and it's 'variant', they wised up. (They also were trailing in vaccine supply compared to the rest of Europe for quite a while.) Their Chris Witty/Fauci Covid czar is a kick arse Navy admiral who some are saying could be the next president/pm. Basically, most of Portugal prefer the idea of life, rather than fucktards (that we're blessed with in abundance here in the US) 'researching' conspiracies. My parents are living in Lisbon on and off, not a b
  2. LVSaint


    Yes, we certainly lead the way in the misinformed, conspiracy addled fuckwit stakes. It is usually like night and day going from state to state and no surprise where the overloaded hospitals, higher infected and higher death rates are. (Actually, our fuckwits make SalmonSi look quite clever in comparison)
  3. Look at this! Not the two cunts in the centre of the photo, but this is where Donald keeps his Mount Trumpmore sculpture....under a table? Fucking uncouth philistine.
  4. You are correct. Everyone (with their head screwed on) knows that he deserves punishment, but under what law? We know what kind of a person he is and why he went into a riot/protest with a machinegun. It's left a lot of people sickened that this was allowed to happen and that he was able to do this without any repercussions. Two people have died here and the immediate focus of the right is to celebrate and embrace what has happened. This won't be the last time we'll see this unfold. This country revolts me.
  5. Jnr thinks daddy should give him a medal...
  6. I was going to bring up Morocco but wasn't sure if there were likely to be less Russians there. A cheap Riad in Fez, Meknes or Marrakesh would be my advice...shorter flight too (but no all inclusive pool and booze.)
  7. Yes, still have these playing on my Spotify playlists, as well as other stuff from 90's Warp and Ninjatune
  8. LVSaint


    I tried getting the bleach out, didn't work either
  9. Do you remember the precise time in the game for said incident?
  10. I like the archery, it's a short event and always the slim chance of someone getting shot. The South Koreans dominate the sport and there's a 17 year old twerp on the men's team who screams and shouts too much. He needs a slap, or an arrow.
  11. The whole thing about 'starting in August' is a giveaway IMO, that they want to test the water suggesting an immediate change rather than something that wouldn't take effect for several seasons. It would garner the maximum outcry it was going to get.
  12. You can't have both lovely handwriting and an amazing goal celebration
  13. Maybe something was left on the stairs causing him to slip.
  14. If we beat Bournemouth, there'll be four teams left and 180 minutes away from lifting a cup, of course it's 'viable'.
  15. He certainly was. Undeniably nice man is Ralph....he needs to be a bit more of a coont though.
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