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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/07/30/exclusive-manchester-city-make-jack-grealish-transfer-bid-100million/ Looks like Grealish might be off. Bad news for those who like a competitive league at the top, good news for us as Villa without Grealish are dreadful so big big shoes to fill.
  2. Leach clearing things up a bit. Djenepo is not expected to be our back up left back but could be third or fourth choice if really needed.
  3. Didn't realise at the time but three of our goals were absolute beauties. Individual class from Djenepo, phenomenal throughball from Tella and very clever finish from Che, and an excellent interplay goal with Tella and Che both showing incredible composure, quality and pace. I have been saying all summer attacking mid is our number one priority but I'm not too proud to admit I was wrong if Tella keeps playing like this.
  4. Exactly! Gao's job is to hire someone to manage the football side of things, he has, and I rate that person. Certainly a hell of a lot more than the guys who tanked us post Koeman.
  5. Why would a football club need a USP? I think a lot of this is overcomplicating the issue. We don't need the chairman to have a "plan" or "vision", this isn't a marketing exercise, the aim is to win football matches. Gao ain't investing or taking money out, we use what we make, and it is Semmens job to turn that into results on the pitch. His strategy is to buy young, develop and sell at a profit. Not a bad one at all in my eyes. It will work to keep us competitive imo but it won't propel us up the table by default. We need good scouting, good youth and a good manager, I think recently we
  6. Palace, I think. It will be Brighton eventually as people won't notice they are funding their spending by selling their only two good players other than Dunk (Lampety maybe but he's always injured)
  7. There was two years between Puel leaving and Semmens coming in. I feel you are missing a step where we really cratered. I personally think we have done a great job of bouncing back from the mess three years back to back of poor buys put us in. But it is a long game, if we keep signing players of the quality of KWP, Ings, Adams and keep Ralph who can massively improve players like JWP, Armstrong, Vestergaard, and Romeu we will continue to grow. Rome wasn't built in a day though. I also think Adams would look out of place in the championship, and did, he just played a championship side and
  8. Anyone know if there is a way to watch Saints vs Swansea tomorrow?
  9. I don't think he has been great there but he is still young, maybe he can be converted. Tbh I think it's very unlikely we don't sign atleast one back up fullback though and hopefully they can cover both sides.
  10. I think people are somewhat looking at Tadic with the benefit of hindsight through rose tinted glasses. He was absolutely incredible in the 15/16 season and has been absolutely incredible for Ajax but his last couple of seasons with us he was very poor and a lot of people were calling for him to go. He got 8 and 9 goal contributions in his last two seasons with us, exactly the same as Armstrong has in his previous two seasons, but Tadic played significantly more minutes. Armstrong is atleast equal to Tadic when he left us but if he can stay fit a full season then I think he represents an
  11. A number of great points made here. People like to be all doom and gloom but we have definitely improved with the return of Romeu from injury, Bertrand to Perraud, and Tella developing more and becoming more crucial. We will spend more too, other sides are also struggling and unlike the likes of Burnley we have been told more are coming, they are relying on loans at best from what I hear. The only big spenders around us are Villa, palace and Brighton and all are losing major players in Grealish, White, Bissouma, if rumours are to be believed and palace having half their team out of contra
  12. I think it's a reference to the Cardiff scoreline. They both hold up 4 fingers with one hand and a 0 shape with the other as we won 4-0. Not sure tbh but that was my interpretation.
  13. Just get the jab then, its a sore arm for a couple of hours and I had a mild headache which went away when I slept. It really isn't a big deal.
  14. Not as yet, spurs have been rejected by a couple of targets now in Kounde and Romero. Could easily fail to get this guy and turn to Ings after paying over the odds to get someone.
  15. Quite different stylewise to Ings, plays primarily as a lone forward, quite a big lad, good at holding the ball up, from what I've seen he is pretty strong but not very quick and quite one footed. He's actually a bit more like Che Adams than Ings. I think Adam Armstrong seems more like Ings than he does. I will say I've only seen him play about 5 times though so if any Celtic fans want to correct me that's fine. Also, he scored 13 non-pen goals (18 over all) last season in the league so I think I probably would have Armstrong who got 22 (28). You could argue the championship is easier tha
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