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  1. TWar

    Mohammed Salisu

    Our defence has been ok, we have conceded 9 goals which is 11th best in the league and have 3rd most clean sheets in the league (Us and West ham on 2, Villa and Wolves on 3). We had a catastrophic game against spurs defensively and conceded 3 to a very good Chelsea side but aside from those we have conceded one goal in three games.
  2. Pretty understandable when they are top of the league I suppose.
  3. Skimmed through the surnames for Salisu and had a panic! Thought we hadn't registered him, fortunately he is there at the top of the under 21's list with his actual surname "Abdul Karim"
  4. It's exactly 50% but your maths is sound. Incidentally how do you ignore someone?
  5. Seems close enough to get his own thread. Lequipe (https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-ibrahima-diallo-se-rapproche-de-southampton/1178673) saying we are close to a deal and he is keen to join and a local paper saying a fee is agreed (https://www.letelegramme.fr/football/accord-entre-le-stade-brestois-et-southampton-pour-diallo-02-10-2020-12629716.php). Seems like could be a great signing from what I have heard.
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