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  1. Seems strange to buy a midfielder who has done ok from the German second tier for £10m and sell one who has done great in the English second tier for £8m, championship is a significantly higher quality league so why not just give Reed guarantee he is first choice and keep him. Unless the idea is to buy this guy as well as McKennie.
  2. TWar


    I'm not exactly raving about Hojbjerg myself, he is an average player, but as our former captain and number one in the league for recoveries from midfield, those are objectively his strengths.
  3. I mean, ITK people do exist. That KBilly fella posted Angus Gunn's wiki page before a single press story had even linked him and a week later he was signed. You are right in saying that 90% of people on here who earnestly claim it are just completely bullshitting though.
  4. I believe that the idea is that instead of having an under 23 team that is managed in its own way seperately to the first team they will instead be trained to play like our first team does in order to facilitate seemless transition between the two. Our under 23 side will now, from what I gather, play the same 4222 high press football that the first team will. This was discussed a while ago with regards to plans RH wrote during lockdown. Leaves us in a weird spot if we lose him though, given we would have set up not only the first team but the entire club around his style of football.
  5. TWar


    Wonder if they are planning to announce Salisu and KWP same time as the sale of Hojbjerg to keep spirits up. I would be fine with it to be honest.
  6. Would people prefer we sign Cash or KWP? Personally ideally I'd see us sell Hojbjerg ASAP for max money and buy Cash, then use the money to sign McKennie. Stop messing about with spurs.
  7. Seems incredibly steep for a player who managed 5 goals and 6 assists last season (for reference Armstrong got 5 goals and 3 assists with 300 less minutes and cost us 7m). If this is where they are going to replace Zaha I think they may struggle.
  8. Presumably out of concern that spurs may pull out of a deal at the last minute and screw us, leaving us with a massive financial hole. Or if spurs are smart they could notice we have spent money and know how this means we must sell and use that as a way of getting Hojbjerg significantly cheaper.
  9. Could maybe see a mass announcement of KWP and/or Salisu plus some contract extensions but I think if we had new owners or McKennie there would definitely have been more press surrounding it. Those are probably too big a thing to happen to just drop out of thin air.
  10. If we get in Salisu, KWP, and McKennie in the first couple of weeks of the window I think I would be happy from there. No need for any further signings, maybe a back up lb or a cheap cb4. Just focus on selling the dead wood and getting that rumoured 20 man squad Ralph likes to work with.
  11. Been a few sources, I believe Alan Nixon was the first one who tends to be pretty good for us. Normally don't trust the Sun but Nixon has been on the money for us over past seasons.
  12. Well we have apparently wrapped up another signing (Jeremi Rodrigues) and I believe we haven't officially announced JWP's contract extension. Normally we tweet out our contract extensions and no news. Furthermore, last week it was heavily implied that Bertrand and KWP were locked down on permanent contracts. Maybe we are waiting to announce a bunch of things at once. Not sure why though.
  13. This is the important bit from the president of Rennes - "“Unfortunately, we knew that Mohamed preferred the Premier League because he is English-speaking. We respect his choice. We had doubts about his capital to obtain the work permit in England. It seems he acquired it. We were his first choice in case of not obtaining the permit. The central defender position is the priority of our transfer window" (source https://www.footmercato.net/a3910090425056081055-rennes-nicolas-holveck-tres-pessimiste-avec-guirassy-et-salisu) confirming we have a work permit. Looks done and dusted!
  14. Yes obviously it would be not a bad thing to have a better 4th choice CB, and obviously we shouldn't "stop looking for ways to improve that area". I thought that much was so blatant that it didn't need stating. The question isn't "should we choose a better candidate over a worse one?" it is "could £15m be spent somewhere better than on a position that likely will get 2 or 3 starts all season?". Stephens and Bednarek are quality defenders who, since they have come in as a pairing, have ranked comfortably in the top half of goals conceded. Bednarek statistically is one of the best CBs in the league for clearances, blocks and interceptions (see my statistical analysis post) You have to ask yourself, which of the following do you prefer: Double cover for CB with Stephens or Bednarek being 4th choice and barely getting to play or The competition/cover for Armstrong which is better than Smallbone, Bertrand which isn't Volkins, or Che that isn't Obafemi. No one is saying it is bad to have competition, you just have to realise if we have Stephens, Salisu and Bednarek all fighting for two spot then there is definitely multiple spots on the team that need the competition more. So again: competition - good; lots of competition in one spot at the expense of it elsewhere - bad. Surprised some on this forum really needed this spelling out with the sort of comments on here today.
  15. Ok so assuming that Salisu is being brought in with a mind to start for us. We have Bednarek, Stephens and Salisu all competing for two positions, all seemingly good premier league quality players. Bednarek and Stephens would get into most sides outside the top six (and probably Chelsea in the top 6) and we have to assume Ralph rates Salisu as good enough to compete with both of them. Given this, why on earth would we spend £15-20m or whatever Disasi has been touted as on a 4th cb?! That is madness. There are so many better places it can go: At LB, RB and RM we have youth players as our back up. Surely improving on the quality of competition for places like right mid where Armstrong and Smallbone compete or LB where Volkins and Bertrand compete is a better use of money than competing for who gets the honour of sitting on the bench most of the season. Some clubs don't even put 2 cbs on there bench so we may not even have this player in the matchday squad some weeks, you want to drop 15-20m on that?! 3 quality cbs and an up and coming player is perfectly fine for cb depth. Don't try to overcorrect our team balance problem and swing the pendulum all the other way. I hope this second cb is a young lad worth less than 10m who can improve over time. EDIT FOR POST LIMIT: Since game week 14 when those two took over as first choice we would have finished 4th in the league with joint 6th least goals conceded. People should rate our defence a bit higher.
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