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  1. Oba was constantly injured too tbf
  2. I guess the explanation is here. He was much better as a forward than as an AM last season and with Redmond playing well atm, Broja on a scoring streak, Armstrong being our biggest summer signing, and Che having important qualities like passing and hold up which Tella doesn't possess, he just isn't on the pecking order.
  3. I don't think he is miles better than Elyounoussi personally. Probably better than Theo but Ralph seemingly disagrees.
  4. We were unlucky imo, Redmond challenging Djenepo for worst finish of the season. Shame no JWP as would have been nice to line up with him next to Diallo when they were camping behind the ball
  5. He has missed two guilt edge chances, one where Tino put him in on the ground and took too many chances and lost it. One where it was put in and he vollyed it wide. He made the Redmond chance well but I'd rather see our first choice striker pairing on tbh
  6. Bring on Armstrong and Che for Theo and Broja, then Stu on for Redmond later if needed. Tino is making chances like crazy and no one can finish them, he had to do it himself in the end!
  7. Broja has to do better with these chances, Livra could have had two assists by now if his finishing was better.
  8. My moneys on Redmond, seems to have been given all other dead ball responsibilities.
  9. Good numbers from 1v1's but his generic saves vs expected he is 14th in the league with -0.7. Good skill to be able to do well in 1v1's but his general goalkeeping is still mediocre. Better than last year though.
  10. Keeper I reckon and that's it, but it will depend on Stephens' injury as we may need to pick up a CB if it is still going. Going into the second half of the season with 3 cbs and 2 that we'd probably be happy to play week in week out is pretty risky
  11. Is there statistical analysis to analyse the success rate of corners depending on their placement? Yes. Yes of course there is.
  12. Is it not boring for you to constantly point out you don't enjoy statistical analysis?
  13. I love Diallo, superb footballer, but I think you are perhaps being a bit generous here. Looks to me like he gets a tackle in due to a loose touch and it falls to Djenepo fortuitously. Even if it was deliberately a pass, I think calling it "involved in the attack" is a little generous too. It was a mostly sideways 5 yard pass by his own box, the attack was made by Djenepo's running and passing and then Redmond. You could say his solid defensive work and positioning led to an opportunity for Djenepo to attack, and that would be accurate, but I wouldn't use it as an example of Diallo being invol
  14. I believe they can't buy him back before 2023, so we have atleast two seasons before they can stump up £38m to get him. That's what the athletic said if I recall correctly. EDIT: Quoted the wrong post, sorry, was ment to be in response to the one you were responding to!
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