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  1. TWar

    Harry Lewis

    Better, but not much imo
  2. TWar

    Harry Lewis

    As opposed to you who blames the same person every game regardless of why we dropped points?
  3. TWar

    Harry Lewis

    Watched him a few times now. Strap in lads, he's dreadful
  4. I am. He hasn't been. And that's how much he would be worth. He had an excellent game until the last 3 mins or so.
  5. One mistake doesn't break two and a half seasons of high quality play.
  6. I didn't bring up Armstrong, I was responding
  7. Have your opinion. I don't care about it to be honest. Broja missed two important chances, JWP made two massive errors, and we lost because of it. I'm not interested in what ifs about if Armstrong had had those chances.
  8. No way you could know that. He should have finished them and didn't. Armstrong misses a lot too but it's not like Broja is suddenly our answer.
  9. I didn't mention Armstrong. But the fact is, if Armstrong had missed those chances he would have been blamed.
  10. He scored one good goal. Granted. But surely you can see he could and should have put away the one Livra set up for him and the one Che put him through for at the beginning?
  11. Broja should have finished the 2-3 golden chances he had to give us a buffer, two massive errors from JWP at the end.
  12. Superb so far, Tella, Broja, JWP, Romeu, Livra, Lyanco, and Salisu bossing it Still feel we may regret these missed chances
  13. I also prefer Stephens. Lyanco is handy in a back three but his last start in a back two IIRC was Sheffield United and he was abysmal.
  14. True, I remember hearing from some source at the time we had a £15m price tag but they wouldn't go over £10m. Either way, his price tag has clearly over tripled since then thanks to Ralph completely reinventing him as a footballer and making him into our best and most important player.
  15. It's not dogmatic to disagree with you mate. And what pointless details? I occasionally back up my points with numerical evidence, I don't see how that is pointless.
  16. There is no way Bednarek has gotten worse, you clearly don't remember him under Hughes he was getting held out the side by Hoedt. Romeu has gotten exponentially better, as has Stu. Stephens has ups and downs but his quantity of "ups" were much higher under Ralph.
  17. You reckon me and MLG are the same poster?
  18. I think our squad is better than Villa, Watford, Burnley et al. because of Ralph. He has improved our players tenfold. Just look at jwp, romeo, stephens, bednarek, stu etc. before him and after. Before JWP almost went to Watford for 15m after we are turning down double that
  19. Then probably do some chanting and sacrifice a goat
  20. I thought this, this morning his was raving and swearing at multiple people and seemed like he might leave for a bit. Unfortunately he is back and angrier than ever.
  21. Hughes scraped it right at the very end, and was sending us down before Ralph took over. Since then the board have given him nothing funding-wise and we have been nowhere near relegation. The bar is low because we spend absolutely nothing. I'm amazed you haven't noticed.
  22. I'm trying to say if you invest second least in the league you are very likely to get relegated, especially if the team before that barely avoided relegation as is. Ralph keeping us up given that is very impressive and not something most managers could pull off. Given that, I don't give a fuck about two freak results over the last three years or a couple of bad spells we went on when ravaged by injury. That's the point, hope that keeps you sane so you don't have to storm off again.
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