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    Obafemi or Adams?

    Adams is the out and out winner. N'lundulu vs Obafemi vs Long becomes the question now to see who gets to be our option off the bench.
  2. TWar

    Injury Watch

    https://saintsmarching.com/2020/11/17/southampton-ings-return-action-saints-ahead-schedule/ Semmens said on TSP that he will be back in December and "10 days ahead of schedule". Wouldn't be surprised to see him on the bench against Brighton, maybe even united.
  3. This really shows the importance of Vestergaard to how we play. A ball playing centerback is essential given that McCarthy has such poor distribution. Hoping Salisu comes good and takes Bednarek's role as he has a good left foot apparently.
  4. TWar


    Anecdotes over evidence, gotcha.
  5. TWar


    Walcott has been good, not denying that, I'd even say better than Redmond with his quality in the final third and linking of play coupled with his desire to track back. This is likely why he is currently getting the nod over Redmond. It is, however, objectively wrong to say Walcott "runs directly at players" and Redmond doesn't when Redmond objectively has more take on attempts than Walcott per min, more successful take ons than Walcott per min, and was top 5 in the entire league last season for it. I'm sorry if facts offend what you reckon from watching, maybe you need to watch closer if you
  6. TWar


    No idea where this myth came from. Redmond had the 5th most successful take on's in the league last season. It's like people are watching a different player. Even this season where he has had a poor start he is 20th in the league for successful take ons per 90, Walcott is 57th and Djenepo is 23rd.
  7. TWar

    Injury Watch

    Wonderkid who played for Birmingham. In the summer got a move to Dortmund and Birmingham were so enamoured with the 17 year old they retired his squad number, which they were widely mocked for.
  8. It's weird how when players perform for Celtic people always say "well its a crap league, these performances are meaningless" but the last few players we signed from Scotland have all gone on to be superb additions to our team (Armstong, VvD, Wanyama, Forster, Davis). Seems like the Scottish league is underrated as a proving ground for quality.
  9. Heard it suggested we could give Redmond a go up top. We could see: McCarthy Stephens Bednarek Vestergaard KWP JWP Romeu Armstrong Walcott/Djenepo Adams Redmond
  10. He's on the pitch haha, redmond benched.
  11. TWar

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Adams is faster than Ings, and is also stronger and has comparable ball control. What he lacks is the composure and ability to finish, also Ings is a better passer although Adams isn't too bad in this area himself. Ings is a much better player, granted, but Ings is also a top 5 striker in the prem in my opinion arguably only worse than Aguero, Kane, Aubameyang, and maybe Vardy, Werner may also go ahead if he proves himself in this league. We shouldn't be saying "well he is not as good as Ings so Adams is an average player". Adams is still a fantastic premier league forward and I'd have him ove
  12. TWar

    Mohammed Salisu

    Our defence has been ok, we have conceded 9 goals which is 11th best in the league and have 3rd most clean sheets in the league (Us and West ham on 2, Villa and Wolves on 3). We had a catastrophic game against spurs defensively and conceded 3 to a very good Chelsea side but aside from those we have conceded one goal in three games.
  13. Pretty understandable when they are top of the league I suppose.
  14. Skimmed through the surnames for Salisu and had a panic! Thought we hadn't registered him, fortunately he is there at the top of the under 21's list with his actual surname "Abdul Karim"
  15. It's exactly 50% but your maths is sound. Incidentally how do you ignore someone?
  16. Seems close enough to get his own thread. Lequipe (https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-ibrahima-diallo-se-rapproche-de-southampton/1178673) saying we are close to a deal and he is keen to join and a local paper saying a fee is agreed (https://www.letelegramme.fr/football/accord-entre-le-stade-brestois-et-southampton-pour-diallo-02-10-2020-12629716.php). Seems like could be a great signing from what I have heard.
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