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  1. Hey all, hoping to get a ticket (or 2) for the Watford game if possible? I don't have DM's but you can get me on Twitter https://twitter.com/matsmithdesign
  2. Mattio

    20/21 Kit

    Nice to see the Top Cashback man back in work...
  3. Out of interest, do the women also play with the first team tactics like the other squads?
  4. Thread on Twitter here could explain why VAR never overturned the red card, if so it's a stupid way to use the system.
  5. So now that ESL shite is off, do we think talks will resume regarding a takeover? Or are the stakeholders all going to still be shook by this?
  6. I felt less confident before the 2018 Semi vs Chelsea but not by much.
  7. As much as I'm against sticking betting companies on the front of shirts, it's a decent wedge for the club.
  8. I wish I stuck a tenner on it 🙃
  9. I can see us grabbing a draw here, we're bouncing back from our injury crisis and the 9-0 and have had a decent break of games for the first time in a while. KWP being out is a big downer but maybe Salisu can play there and excel?
  10. You watch us win it the year no one can go...
  11. Looks like a great debut on paper. He was rusty but to be expected, he needs to get up to the pace of the EPL but he will - I'd play him Sunday (unless Vestergaard is fit)
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