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  1. They are our rivals for a European spot so good to keep an eye on them!
  2. Very unlikely - he's got a good thing here, just signed a new deal recently and Chelsea clearly aren't the best place for a manager to go. Tuchel is coming in anyway I think
  3. COYR! Very composed performance, we just look amazing right now - Long even played well at the end there!
  4. Great news - I was really excited when Under Armour signed but they've been a let down with half arsed designs. Hummel have a much smaller group of teams and a history with the club so hopefully we'll get something exciting next season. Really like this Coventry design, so something similar would be great.
  5. COYR, so proud - what a season this could be!
  6. Maybe we should just drag Kelvin out of retirement 😬
  7. Lovely stuff - I even spotted my head in the pitch invasion at the Coventry game
  8. Surely it's because the sponsored seat covers are on the stands facing the cameras, so the club can continue to make money from them until we're all back?
  9. Forgot it was international break weekend 😑
  10. He's an absolute rock, opposition attacking midfields must be worried when they face him with the ball at their feet which can only be a good thing. His tackling has really improved recently too, not so many clumsy tackles, he was taking the ball straight off the foot of players yesterday which was great to see. New contract now please!
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