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  1. Modern players I’m afraid. They take no responsibility to think for themselves. Graham Souness tells a story that he was in the dressing room for his Liverpool debut & Ronnie Moran said “ok son?” He replied that he hadn’t been told the tactics or how to play yet and it was 10 to 3. Ronnies answer “ we paid 250k for you and you’re asking how to fucking play??? “. That’s how it was then, players sorted stuff out themselves. If we’d have got done like that in the 70’s there would have been a sort out in the dressing room, probably involving fisticuffs, now it’ll be high fives and Instagram messages about trying harder.
  2. Even if we had Moore & Beckenbauer instead of Stevens & Bednarak, I fail to see how they could have stopped Son, unless they dropped off. So the question is why didn’t they? If they didn’t because they couldn’t think quickly enough, that’s their fault. If they didn’t because they were specifically told to keep the high line, that’s the managers fault. The issue was the ease at which Spurs were able to knock the ball in behind. The centre midfielders job is to disrupt that, not track Son’s run. They failed quite spectacularly to get anywhere near their midfield, who were playing the game with a cigar in their mouth, it was so easy. We’re too nice, too polite and too fucking soft in midfield.
  3. He’s ok, half decent, pretty steady but not really the quality we need if we want to improve. Clearly they expected Gunn as number one, but he’s been a let down.
  4. If that was Leeds or Fulham everyone would be saying that they’ll need to wise up or they’ll be straight back down to the championship, they’d be saying you can’t play like that at this level. Yet we have experience to play at this level. Our manager has had a full season of English football, full back has played for England & won the champions league. OR has been at Barca & Chelsea, Armstrong an international, Ings knows what’s needed in England, Prowse an experienced pro, even our centre half have been a pair for pretty much a whole season. The fact that they can’t seem to see or react to what is blatantly obvious to 95% of the watching public, is quite shocking.
  5. I notice Ward -Prowse escapes your summing up. Why? He was awful today and his one paced lack of defensive awareness was part of the reason we were so poor. He is bang average and we need an upgrade.
  6. That maybe the case, but the centre halves need to manage the game properly and think for themselves. Proper players won’t just accept that, they’ll dig into the midfield, giving them clog till they do their fucking jobs, and they’ll also think for themselves and drop when there’s no pressure on the ball. They’ll also challenge the manager, winners like Roy Keane & VvD wouldn’t have put up with that. What are they doing, just blindly following the managers instructions to the letter, even if it costs us time and time again. I hope senior players got into Ralph afterwards, but I doubt they’ve got the balls. Sums up our lot, bunch of son in laws.
  7. The manager has some questions to answer. Did he tell the back 4 to play a high line no matter what, or did he tell them to drop when there was no pressure on the ball. I imagine from the lack of bolockings & maybe even substitutations, they were carrying out his instructions. If so, he needs to take a long hard look at himself. You don’t need to be a tactical genius to see that it was killing us. Elsewhere, finishing was awful, really cost us. But the turning point was their first goal, they were on the rack and showing signs of losing the plot. Ward-Prowse should have chopped the bloke down & take the yellow. Shocking soft arsed choir boy attempt to win the ball, that summed his whole game up. The majority of the forum piss themselves talking about Hojberg, but Prowse is no better. Him & Romeou aren’t good enough. The 2 wide men & Ings played well and the 2 full backs were ok, Adams did ok, until it came to doing his fucking job. The central 4 (centre halves & central midfield) the goal keeper, Adams’ finishing and The manager were pathetic today. That’s what cost us.
  8. Bobby Moore & Jack Charlton in their Prime would struggle playing a high line when the midfield don’t make a tackle. Pathetic, from the captain today. Like a little boy lost.
  9. When is someone going to put a fucking tackle in.
  10. How many centre halves are as quick as Son, a handful at most. The lack of pressure on the ball is just as responsible. Way too easy.
  11. It’s not just the defenders. The manager tells them how to play, he needs to look at himself. There’s also no pressure on the ball in midfield, easy for them. Had we taken our chances, they’d be dead and buried. Too easy to just blame the defence & keeper.
  12. Fucking Armstrong, bury the fucking thing. Too airy fairy
  13. Confirmation that it wasn’t JWP booked. They’ll know full well on the pitch who has been booked, so his pathetic attempt at a tackle looks even worse.
  14. We also need pressure on the ball, having 2 plodders in central midfield makes it easier for them. We need one of OR & JWP and then someone that gets to players quicker.
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