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  1. Fat Sam was using data, analytics and statistics last century, so it’s not quite as modern as the hipsters think.
  2. That wasn’t the debate. The debate was who had the “higher ceiling” 😂
  3. Bollocks. It’s obvious which one had the “higher ceiling”, it’s laughable that anyone thought otherwise. Let alone all these people who watched them regularly.
  4. FFS it’s not hard. If the Lino thinks it’s offside he doesn’t raise his flag until the goal opportunity has gone, or the defending side have control of the ball. It’s the same as advantage, if they then give the ball away, that’s their fault. You claimed they never go back to the offside. That’s complete pony. Broja was offside Sat, the Lino thought he was offside. Had the keeper saved his shot by tipping it round the post (instead of it going in), there wouldn’t have been a corner, they’d have gone back to the offside . They do that every single time.
  5. It has. Time and time again Lino’s put the flag up once they know the move won’t result in a goal. If the defensive side have control of the ball, they don’t go back to the offside. However, if the attacking side have the ball, they do. You’re talking pony if you think the Lino thinks it’s offside and they then subsequently allow a corner. It doesn’t happen.
  6. It does. As soon as the goal threat is over the Lino puts his flag up if he thought it was offside.
  7. It does my f**king head in. The moaning from pundits about “late flags” and stopping the game. If Lino’s don’t keep their flags down and allow play to continue then VAR will only rule out goals the officials thought were onside , it won’t allow goals where officials thought it was offside.
  8. Broja makes a difference and gives him more flexibility, OR was a big big loss second half of season and he had a centre half with the turning circle of an oil tanker. But good management is fitting what you have into their best system, not putting them into your preferred system if they’re not a fit. There were some appalling tactical f**k ups last season, (the spurs home game being one of the most inept I’ve ever seen), and some weird selections/substitutions. I don’t think he got the best out of the poor hand he was dealt. I also had an issue with the mentality at the club, the softness an
  9. Clearly not as good as Bertrand at his best, but far far better than the half arsed Bertrand we saw most of last season.
  10. What a load of old pony. We lost to Wolves and I didn’t see one post stating the new owners want their own man, or that the pressure is now on Ralph. I presume “haters” mean the people who wanted Ralph to change and become tactically more flexible, as well as insert some backbone into the players and stop making stupid selection decisions/substitutions . There were others who thought his tactics were fine and he was doing ok as he was. I guess Ralph must be a hater then, because he’s realised that’s exactly what was required, and done it.
  11. Exactly. He clearly identified that things needed to change and has changed them. The contrast between our mental toughness last season and this is worlds apart and there’s a tactical flexibility that was lacking last year. We’re not there yet, as there’s still the odd game where he loses the plot, but we’re definitely heading in the right direction. Let’s hope it continues.
  12. Last season (after they stuck 5 past us) he was blowing smoke up our arses and some were lapping it up. Much prefer sulking grumpy Pep after we’ve done a number on them. Proper team performance, defended properly, stopped them playing but with Broja up top we always look like we’ve got an outlet. From where I was sat maybe Forster should have come for the goal, and I thought Mo struggled, but other than that an excellent performance. The most obvious MoTM for years, but I thought both full backs were superb as well.
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