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  1. Whether it’s a foul is still a subjective decision, the referee with the help of VAR decides if it was a penalty in his opinion . Hand ball isn’t, VAR is used to check whether the ball hit his hand or not, it doesn’t matter what the refs opinion is.if the hands away from the body and the ball hits the hand/arm, it’s handball as the rules stand now. I agree. I didn’t want VAR, don’t confuse my posts for support of it. I’m just pointing out why we’re where we are.
  2. That was the rule for years, the referee decided if, in his opinion, it was deliberate. However, all we got was managers, pundits the media and players complaining, all we got was manager (like Roy) calling for consistency. Instead of just accepting the referee had made an honest decision, they moaned and whined. So now we have a rule that takes subjectivity away, a rule that ensures a far higher level of consistency, and guess what, they don’t like it. Its only simpler if you accept the referees opinion, as football didn’t, we’re where we are now.
  3. It’s not a lottery. A lottery implies that sometime they’re given & sometimes they’re not, that’ll be a pen every single time this season, unless the referee makes an error. Not an error of judgement, but the error of not following the rules. The way the rule is written, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference whether it was impossible to avoid.
  4. Forget a dedicated hospital. The Covid patients in our area could be treated in a box room, there’s that many of them.
  5. They’ve moved Sunday supplement to podcast only, but I thought I’d have a listen. Looks like he’s now a regular on there now, he’s been on every week. Fucking awful. It used to be journos talking about football, now it’s journos plus that incoherent plank.
  6. The ref did make the decision, what’s the chump on about? Did he miss the bit where the ref ran over and checked the screen
  7. It doesn’t help when pundits don’t know the rules. Richards saying it’s not a pen because he’s close to the header. Souness hit the nail on the head. Under the rules it’s a penalty. What’s the ref supposed to do, uphold the laws of the game or make his own up?
  8. It’s exactly what it is. They’re taking subjectivity out of the game and refereeing by facts. However, it’s the Jose’s of the world plus pundits & press that have taken us down this path. If people just accepted that referees referee as they see it then, and that the only real consistency you can have is between decisions on that day, it’s not going away. They’ve made handball decisions consistent....
  9. Picking Clinton then Biden to go up against The Donald is like The Tories picking Nadine Dorries & then JRM to fight Jeremy Corbyn. Biden will probably win, but it’ll be a lot closer than it should be.
  10. They watched our game Saturday and thought, fuck me if he can’t get a game for them, he must be awful.
  11. No, it isn’t. Accidental is no longer in the rules. It has been clarified, but the TV pundits, players and managers seem unable to grasp it. Did the ball hit the hand/arm was the hand/arm in an unnatural position? If the answer to both was yes, it’s a pen. Whether it deflected off another player (as in ours against spurs), whether it came off your knee, or whether it was deliberate, is irrelevant. I’m not saying it’s a good definition, but it’s clear and simple, certainly simpler than trying to work out if a player meant to handle it.
  12. Make no mistake, we got lucky today. Burnley with half a side missing, fuck me we made hard work of it. If I was a neutral I’d think 2 really poor sides. Second half we were awful. Djenepo gave one of the most inept performances I’ve ever seen. Bertrand way too causal second half, Armstrong & Adams had one. Oriel Rom my motm, Vestergaard did well, Ings was Ings & JWP did ok. Great to win when playing poorly for once, as it’s something we’ve not seemed capable of doing.
  13. Oh yeah, please do it Boris. I’ll forgive all your pinko fuck ups just to see the leftie meltdown if Dacre becomes head of ofcom. Delicious....It’ll be trolling on a Trumpian level.
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