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  1. You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you? You shouldn’t really be contributing to this thread if you believe you can be in the single market, and “keep the immigrants out”.
  2. I was in The Costa del Sol the preseason we signed him, some ex pats were raving about him, reckoned we had an absolute gem on our hands.
  3. Now you’re getting the hang of this democracy stuff. Local people vote for a representative to represent them. If enough constituencies want to elect a re joiner, then provided the EU agree, we’ll re join. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you, you could be in for a long wait.
  4. The people’s representatives decided what type we had.
  5. Im not sure you truly understand how democracy works. There was a compromise, Mays turd. The Remain nutters rejected it, they rejected everything apart from fucking staying in. So the Government had to go to the country on a “get Brexit done” ticket. They won a landslide, and Brexit got done. Your side didn’t want a compromise anymore than my side, if they did they’d have voted for Mays turd. Unfortunately, your side were a bunch of fuckwits that ensured a “hard” Brexit.
  6. Which club have “not allowed” non whites to progress? If it’s a fact, you’ll be able to name them easily.
  7. It was a great tackle, won the ball cleanly. Proper centre half.
  8. Burnley kicked Everton all round the park, now nicked a goal.
  9. It’s hardly Big Mal & his fedora. Mind you, if Ralph let a soft porn star into the team bath, it might be the making of some of our boys. Although with our wokies in charge, he’d have his P45 before she’d dried her hair.
  10. Stuff like this that makes us look like a right noddy club.
  11. I’m disappointed. I’ve come on here to see what Steve Bray & Adonis have tweeted this afternoon & Warrior has let me down.
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