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  1. What’s the betting they don’t take into account their “culture” , area they live in, or colour of skin. Can you imagine the outcry if a 51 year old Muslim from Leicester has to be in lockdown but a 51 year old whitey from Penzance doesn’t. The lefties won’t want the science followed then.....
  2. Been promised a coaching role in his final year as well.
  3. It wouldn’t surprise me either, seeing as it was touted on this thread yesterday.
  4. 9 people in the whole of Dorset tested positive last week, 9!!! And that’s not, became very ill of it, or were hospitalised by it, or god forbid, died from it. Just tested positive. That’s after all the mass beach gatherings, the opening up of shops & pubs and everyone under 25 pretty much giving up on social distancing. It may live amongst us, but it’s not really much of a risk at the moment.
  5. Correct. Their one and only time before Howe. Redknapp had been banging on about it for years, so funny how he’s now forgotten. The best thing about their recent success is it eclipse anything Redknapp did and Howe has nicked his Mr Bournemouth tag. Just wish someone would take his mayor of Sandbanks title off him , because as a Poole resident having that cockney twat appear every time the town is mentioned pisses me off. He’ll turn up anywhere, even opened the new toilets in Hamworthy last year.
  6. This. He didn’t actually save much, shots used to hit the big lump, but I don’t recall too many “how did he save that” moments. Arsenal away maybe, but even then most of the attempts that night just hit him.
  7. Paul Cook would be a decent appointment in their present situation. Tony Pulis lives in sandbanks.
  8. Mush on touch line at halftime claimed the 4th official told the arsenal bench it was because he made an attempt for ball and under new rule was a yellow. He even went as far to say had it been out of box would have been red.
  9. Regardless of whether you had a cancellation policy or not, if the hotel is not available, you’re entitled yo a refund. If the Government advise against travel, your insurance will kick in. The only way you’ll lose money is if there’s no flights to the area, but the hotel is still open. However, chances are there’s no flights because of Government advice, so your insurance pays out. Of course if you think, fuck that I’m not going at the moment you’ll lose your money. This diy holiday being a risk, is pony. It’s no more of a risk than any travel agents, just a lot less expensive. They’re just arranging a diy holiday for you most of the time anyway.
  10. 2 awful refereeing decisions. They’re claiming the pen wasn’t a red because he made a genuine attempt to play the ball. Pony, no way did he. Then the sending off was a joke.
  11. Fuck me, the BBC coverage of the cup final is so unprofessional. Ian Wright, shouting and jumping around like a demented idiot. It’s all lads down the pub vibe. I’m lucky enough to remember when Brian Moore had Cloughie, Big Mal, and others giving their views, not these frigging muppets. Like a pound shop Saint & Greavsie.
  12. I turned it down. Place needs abolishing, but no point in getting angry. They all do it, from Wilson to Johnson. Part of the establishment stitch up and always will be. Philip May deserves a knighthood for being married to that old trout for so many years & it’s good to see a proper bloke like Beefy rewarded. Clearly the best thing about these nominations is Bercow being snubbed. Delicious.
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