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  1. Let’s hope Ryan Mason doesn’t give Ralph a coaching lesson like Jose did earlier in the season. One of the most inept, tactility naive defensive performances I’ve ever seen. No Kane, no Jose, a cup final Sunday, surely even we can give it a go now.
  2. Both were piss weak again yesterday. What happened when the worlds best free kick taker got the chance to salvage something from the game? Seconds left, the big men up, even Lurch lumbered out of nets to join in the attack, when it really mattered, what happens ? Fucking catching practise for their keeper.
  3. To sack a bloke 6 days before a cup final shows a lack of class. I hope they get fucking dicked by city. Ryan Mason or Jose for a one off occasion, I know who I’d choose
  4. Which managers have I been anti, apart from questioning Ralph? Please point me in the direction of some evidence as your continued use of this line is “well pretty weird”.
  5. Exactly. It’s laughable people are somehow making out it was a cagey game they nicked. Evans played in his slippers and The Keeper won’t need a shower. It was a pathetic half arsed going through the motions performance, exactly like most this year. Pathetic
  6. Contrast today with the attitude when we were 2-0 down in the final. He’s now said he’s proud of the players and they left everything on the pitch. Hes as deluded as you
  7. Teflon Ralph, the cult will be defending him again.
  8. We had 0 shots on target. As Rio said the players should wake up tomorrow regretting they didn’t give their all. God, I dread to think how poor their attitude needs to be before the cult accept we’re shocking.
  9. He can get them up for a semi final, it’s his responsibility. Spineless bunch of cunts, with the Teflon manager.
  10. To think some clowns were comparing JWP free kicks to Ronaldo, saying his were better. As I pointed out at the t8me, it’s when you take them and how important they are. You can bet your life CR would have put that last second one on the money. Prowse wet his pants and bottled it. Sums him and the club up.
  11. Pony. Bednarek takes him out and that doesn’t go in. That’s not bad luck, that’s pathetic lack of professionalism. Bunch of flicking pansies.
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