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  1. He does the same with Dele Alli. Must have a good agent, because he’s on TV as much as that Scott bird. Talking of who, her constant “I’m an Arsenal fan” mantra is getting right on my tits. We know love, give it a rest.
  2. What’s Remoaners obsession with the colour of passports. I’ve never met a leaver who gives a shiny shite what colour they are.
  3. Wrong. Northern Irish are Micks, Irish are Paddy’s .
  4. She’s woeful. She was on that BT Soccer Saturday type thing yesterday and was just embarrassing herself, it’s like me trying to discuss child birth with a midwife....
  5. Why would leaving The EU affect Welsh independence, Wales also voted to leave. There is an argument for the Micks & Sweaties to be had. Inside the UK and out of EU or out of uk in EU. In relation to the Micks, I’ve always believed Ireland is one country, and good riddance to The Sweaties. Not that it will happen, arguing for independence between two EU states is easier to make than wanting to join the EU when RUK is out of it. Boris should let Krankie crack on with explaining what it means in terms of The Euro, Schengen, and border controls to the voters. Personally, I
  6. That’s right. I guess the Remoaners on here are so wedded to their ideology that it’s inconceivable to them that lived experiences change peoples politics. That young socialists become old Tories. In their world a young remainer will always vote for The EU, that they’re “education” will ensure that they always vote the “right” way. It seems quite beyond them that uneducated people can have more intelligence than people with higher educational attainment (unless it’s tories of course, they’ve no problem with understanding the concept of the upper class Tory educated twit). My father in la
  7. Lol. What a load of pony. Luckily, we have two referenda to refer to. One 30 odd years after the war and one 70 odd years after the war. I guess your argument is that the further we get from the war, the more our views are shaped by it, and that only the 30% of under 30’s that voted to leave in ‘75 survived, to vote us out in ‘16. Here’s a thought. Maybe a hell of a lot of the youngsters of ‘75 (the old fuckers today) voted to remain in ‘75 and leave in ‘16. Having seen us both out and in of the EU/EEC/Common market. These uneducated ignorant golf club bores were uniquely positioned to ma
  8. These educated youngsters, were they taught by teacher like you? I just thank god that my children weren’t.
  9. I understand perfectly, not only do I have 5 kids under 35 but I’ve heard this pony over and over again in relation to the Tory party. What I understand, that you appear not to, is that a lot people’s politics change as they get older. If you think it’s just a question of waiting until the older leave voters die and then we’ll rejoin, then unfortunately you’re going to to extremely disappointed.
  10. With all these problems and with top top people of high intelligence pointing them out, I’m sure the momentum for rejoining will be unstoppable. A rejoin party or coalition is clearly going to sweep to power, as the old racists die out and the enlightened next generation together with disgruntled fishermen lead us back into the wonderful EU. If a bunch of halfwits can persuade the voters to leave, surely the intelligentsia can persuade us to rejoin. Alternatively, you’re howling at the wind.
  11. Fuck me. Remoaners are even worse after we’ve left. Here’s an idea, give it a little bit longer than 3 weeks. The Remain option wasn’t to remain it what the EU is on 1/1/21, but to remain in what the EU is in 2025,2030,2040. The country will be different in 2030 outside of The EU than it would be had it remained inside, and the EU will be different in 2030 than it is today. Therefore, I’ll be waiting longer than 3 weeks to determine if I’ve voted the right way, and mistakenly I thought others would as well. I guess blinkered ideology and the desire to be proven right, makes
  12. It’s the 23rd Jan. 23 days!!!!! FFS, what’s up with you remainers. Come back in 40 years and you’ll have your answer. Alternatively, vote for a rejoin party in 2024. If there’s enough of you, your “nightmare” will be over. Mind you, if we do rejoin there maybe the odd leave idiot crying and demanding a list of benefits within 3 weeks of us rejoining.
  13. Exactly. Do we have a FTA with the EU, or not?
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