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  1. Exactly. For less than the price of a match ticket, you get to watch your team.
  2. Don’t worry, they’ll be back marching next spring/summer. Black lives matter, but only when when the sun is shining.
  3. I “didn’t” , as opposed to I “don’t”. Are you trying to claim Tadic wasn’t good enough for The Premier League and that’s why he went to Holland?
  4. It’s funny how for years lefties like you have been telling us that poverty, unemployment & austerity kills people and affects their mental & physical health. Yet you want the government to follow policies that are guaranteed to cost a lot of people their jobs, throw some on the scrap heap for the rest of their working lives, and bankrupt thousands of viable businesses. For what? To save us from catching a virus that nearly everyone under 65 recovers from? The tax rises won’t affect me, I’ll be retired by the time someone has the balls to sort the mess out. So paying more ta
  5. What a load of pony. I didn’t see Tadic running around for 95 mins, didn’t see him flying into many tackles.
  6. Correct, we are all vulnerable to catching it, that’s not the point. The point is, not everybody is vulnerable to serious illness or death if they catch it. For the vast vast majority of working age people with no underlying health conditions, it’ll be no worse than many other illness’ we live with. How many under 65’s have died having no previous health issues? And how many people will die of other illness’ or suffer mental health problems when the tsunami of job losses arrives?
  7. Why are you amazed? You can’t have been paying very much attention over the years. I guess you’ve fallen for the Brexit=Right wing pony. Boris & Gove are from the pink wing, more in common with Little Johnnie Major and Call me Dave than the great lady & it comes to something when that posh wet Osborne was economically more sound. Apart from Brexit there’s not a ciggie paper between this lot & New labour. There’s the odd exception like the radiant Priti.
  8. Nobody can. There’s no logic to that or 10pm shutting. I go to the ale house every weekend and there’s more “mingling” outside of pubs, taxi ranks & the Sainsbury’s than there ever was before this stupid curfew. It’s just a Government wanting to be seen to do something. Pathetic.
  9. Are you trying to claim that 20% of people who have a whiff of contact with a Covid sufferer are hospitalised within a week?
  10. Course it’s not. We are told lockdown is in place to stop people getting seriously ill or dying, and also to protect capacity in the NHS. Would a smoking ban not do the same? You seem to want to lock people away to save them from a disease which the vast vast majority of sufferers will suffer mild or no ill effects. Yet you are perfectly happy to allow people to fill their lungs with a substance that is proven to cause most long term users serious illness & early death. It doesn’t make sense.
  11. No he’s not. He’s a sopping wet pinko. Do you think we should ban smoking? from the nhs website Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK. Every year around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses. Smoking increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions. Some may be fatal, and others can cause irreversible long-term damage to your health.
  12. Yeah great advise, try and avoid becoming infected. Good job you posted that otherwise I may have tried to catch it. Id also advise trying to avoid pneumonia, lung cancer & heart attacks. Perhaps we could ban people from smoking, drinking, eating too much & going out in winter.
  13. Course they’ll bend over backwards to try & keep the big clubs, who wouldn’t. People are deluded if they think the game can kick out the biggest clubs and still prosper. It’ll be George & Ringo kicking out Lennon & McCartney & expecting things to remain rosy. Advertising,TV money, the best players, new investors and new generations of fans will all gravitate towards the super league. Within 20 years the Premier league minus the big 6, will be a shell of what it is now. And god knows what the lower leagues will look like.
  14. Mark Wright defended brilliantly for us, but I wouldn’t want him playing now. How did Jose defend for West Ham? You know, the last club he played for in the league we’re in?
  15. Yeah, brilliant, but absolutely nothing to do with defending in England
  16. And with the pro European loon Sir Starmer in charge, Labour will have the perfect opportunity to offer another referendum in their next manifesto. Or even to make the offer of going back in without the need for one. That’s democracy at work.
  17. And it took him way too long to return. Piss take.
  18. The media had all written Jose off. Yesterday’s man, and all that.
  19. There’s some on here don’t rate Kane.
  20. Labours approach mirrors their socialist mindset. All that counts is equality, everyone in lockdown regardless of whether they need to be or not.
  21. Behave man, how they gonna sell freedom of movement. Without that, there’s no way anything can be called a Norway “style” deal.
  22. Yep, got his Mojo back there. Excellent speech. Shame he doesn’t show the same vigour over Covid & get the country back working again.
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