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  1. It’s not about them playing against blokes, that’ll never happen. And if the ones I saw in the champions league final are at their peak, I dread to think what they’ll look like when they retire. Jessica Ennis couldn’t compete with men, but she’d piss all over a park runner. Tennis is a proper birds sport, if there weren’t blokes at Wimbledon, it’ll still be a sell out and be considered elite sport despite the fact a professional man would thrash them 6-0, 6-0. Their tennis, athletics, swimming, beach volleyball, netball, are stand alone credible sports. Football isn’t. Maybe with a f
  2. You lost me at Garth Crooks. Garth Brooks would make a better pundit
  3. I watched a bit and it’s even worse than I thought. If that’s “elite” level I dread to think how bad the rest must be.Most of them are too slow, chunky and unfit if you ask me.
  4. She can’t be any worse than MoTD X or whatever it’s called. That idiot Jenas and a bunch of babbling halfwits getting down with the kids. I had the misfortune to watch the first 5 minutes of it Friday, and god it was absolute pony. Jimmy Hill will be turning in his grave.
  5. Typical referee, fucking yellow card for “standing too close to the line”. Are you also a Traffic Warden?
  6. He’s better on the ball as well. Good passer too.
  7. Why’s a bird the co manager? I helped out when my nipper was younger, and lads need a bit of controlling. Having a dopey bird pretending they know what they’re doing isn’t doing anyone any good.
  8. Didn’t Ekoku mention him as a potential MoM?
  9. So if a player is injured, he can’t appear in your hypothetical 11? What about suspension, can you pick them if they’re serving a ban on the date the thread starts ? As I said, complicated stuff.
  10. Oh I see. So if I wanted to discuss which Burnley players would get in our team on 1st July 2021, I’d have to start another thread? Complicated isn’t it?
  11. Stating that chicks football is shockingly bad and only gets its publicity by piggybacking on the men’s game, isn’t a 1970’s opinion. It’s a 2020’s fact.
  12. Sorry, I didn’t realise there were rules around picking hypothetical teams. Are they published anywhere, I wouldn’t want to make the same mistake again.
  13. I’d love to watch this, but The Dog & Duck are playing the Red Lion at the local Rec. Being a glory hunter, I prefer to watch the higher standard game.
  14. Yep, agree. The whole thread is pointless. We don’t know who our keeper is next season, it maybe Allison or Pickford. Therefore we can’t say pope would get in nets. We don’t know our team or there’s and therefore can’t speculate. Close the thread...l
  15. So what about Ralph dropping him for the semi final. If Redknapp is an idiot dropping Philips for our biggest game of the season, then surely Ralph is the same. Especially, as he’s a confidence player. Watching Redmond mince around in his place must be confidence sapping.
  16. Who on Earth claimed that we’d be chasing champions league place with some Burnley players
  17. Great goal. But fucking hell the defending was atrocious. Why put your arms behind your back when outside the box? And he swerved out the way. Awful
  18. What about those 2 saves. His old man would have been proud of them
  19. Good to see an offside goal chalked off in a final.
  20. Good to see some tackles flying in, and sensible refereeing
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