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  1. Spot on. During the WHOLE of 2020 (not just a 10 or 15 game segment) he accumulated over 60 points from a 38 game period so it is not a case of proving his capability. It’s about supporting him to get back to somewhere near those levels.
  2. This deserves preservation as the funniest attempt to belittle a semi-final appearance I have ever read! I am guessing you are one of our less experienced fans!
  3. What an awful performance. Bednarek, Diallo and JWP awful today. Could not understand why at half time Ralph felt we needed two defensive midfielders when it was obvious Sam would park the bus and play on the counter attack. Probably would not have altered the result, but we needed an extra player ahead of the ball and fewer players behind the ball. Very much felt like “I don’t want to get injured and miss Wembley”....
  4. Think you need to check dictionary definition of stark! As opposed to causality!
  5. This. I thought Bednarek was very poor against Burnley, but has probably only had two or three bad games this season and doesn’t deserve to be dropped as a knee jerk. As other have said, great chance for both starters and subs to show why they should play at Wembley.
  6. First the negative, which for me was a lack of protection for Fraser from primarily Bednarek (who had a shocker) but also late on was disappointing that our front four amongst others didn’t work harder to cut out Burnley’s crosses and long balls that put us under pressure. That said lots of positives, the second consecutive enjoyable attacking performance, six goals in two games, and we look a real handful going forward. Great to get Theo and Ings back, and while Theo not at his best was a good assist for the third having started the attacking move too. Genuine options from the bench fi
  7. My preference would be for him to sign contract extension. Fully fit he is one of the best around. However, every player has his price and in the three seasons we have had him he has had injury problems in two of them. History suggests the closer to 30 players get, they rarely suffer fewer injuries. So this becomes a cold hard “every player has his price” situation. In my opinion we need to sign two strikers in the summer, assuming we will look to move Long on. This could provide useful funds to do so
  8. I am generally a big Ralph fan, albeit critical of his in-game management which I think is his weakness. Even so I would be careful with this stat as I actually think part of the problem is twofold: - he often leaves subs too late, so not surprising they haven’t yielded many goals or assists - on several occasions I would have liked us to shore up our position in games when we are winning and be more cautious. This won’t be popular with many fans but, if I had a magic wand, I’d like to see Ralph approach for the first hour and Puel approach for the last 30 mins! S
  9. Very good post and aligns to my thinking. Reckon in Ralph’s 27 months in charge he has had two poor spells of three months. Let’s ride it out
  10. I haven’t changed my view on this over the last month, where at least four points have been accumulated which is more than the previous month as horrific as it is to say. And we have a great chance of making semi-final of FA cup. In essence, the football is poor, the results are poor and we are going backwards in games not forwards. So all in all it is woeful. However...... ....the key for me is that this is a manager who across 40 matches in an entire calendar year finishing as recently as three months ago amassed top four points. Not a good month or two, a whole year. S
  11. A deeply concerning performance, and with Fulham looking nothing like a bottom six team, we have to inject some energy into these last few games. I personally won’t be comfortable until we get 40 points and that looks a long way off the way we are playing. As an absolute minimum we need two wins, or one win and three draws, given our goal difference and the games are running out where that looks likely. A number of players individually under performed today, particularly KWP and Armstrong who are usually two of our best and most consistent players. Minamino also anonymous, and with h
  12. We need our two 10s to get back more quickly when Brighton break. Too many overloads
  13. I can’t complain as before the Sheff Utd game I said that this was the lowest priority of the three games. If we draw or win against Brighton (don’t forget onus is on them to catch us) it’s been a decent week. Thought Redmond, Adams, JWP and after coming on Diallo were our best players. We played some very good stuff going forward. However an admittedly destabilised defensive line up didn’t work, and for me Salisu was very poor. Wont over react to this as remember how bad Vest looked when he arrived, but in my opinion he has significant improvement needed and isn’t a fullback.
  14. Conserve energy for Brighton and protect those returning from injury. Forster Stephens, Bednarek, Vest, Salisu, Bertrand Redmond, Jank, JWP, Djenepo Adams
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