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  1. Agree with this. Bednarek for me was outstanding.
  2. A good clean sheet, Fulham one shot on target all game, and while disappointed not to win the game I feel that taking out Vest and Romeu meant that we would all have been delighted not to concede before the start of the game. To be fair thought Fulham were one of the very few teams to match Saints’ workload this season hence it all feeling a bit frenetic and scrappy. As they say, if you can’t win it don’t lose it
  3. Cavani made massive difference but in all honesty our half time lead flattered us and McCarthy kept things competitive in that match. Didn’t create much from open play. Need to put disappointment into perspective though, we would all have been thrilled with this points haul at this stage of season and some very winnable games coming up. I am always looking at the half way point of the season to really judge where we are, and looking at the fixtures it’s very possible we could pick up another four or five wins before we play anyone else a second time. Anything over 30 points at the midw
  4. Very good point against a team that I think are certs for top half finish again. Not at our best, but in a way more pleasing to avoid defeat given this.
  5. Felt we looked so fluid in possession yesterday, which given changes necessary is seriously impressive. Spine of the team looking excellent from keeper through to Adams.
  6. Alex Valery, Vest, Bednarek, KWP JWP, Romeu Armstrong, Theo Long, Adams
  7. Gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mistyped “bump”....!
  8. That reminded me of years gone by when we would often have more possession and chances but still lose games because of clinical finishing and set piece quality of our opponents. Now it’s the other way round. Enjoy! I can see a pile on happening on Stephens, but I only noted one clear error when he gave ball away in danger area. To my mind the main reason we struggled second half is that we stopped pressing, settled for a counter attack strategy (which got us the 4th goal) and stopped getting our full backs up the pitch. Also thought Armstrong tired badly which to be fair to Ral
  9. As others have said, thoroughly professional performance. Three clean sheets out of four is the key to us having a genuine shot at European places as no one doubts we are likely to score. If you throw away any entrenched views on Vest that you may have had from his first season here, and take a fresh look, he is currently performing like a top four side centre back, dominating in the air and quality distribution. Ralph again showing how he genuinely improves players individually as well as the team. I personally think it was indeed a red card as that could have caused serious l
  10. To be honest I wou,d have thought this was absolutely a game to press high and keep high line. With no Richarlison, the threat is aerial via DCL and you don’t want to be defending in your penalty area. I also think that getting upfront and personal with James and Gomez is the right way to go
  11. Alex KWP, Stephens, Vest, Bertrand JWP, Romeu Armstrong, Redmond Ings, Adams
  12. Apart from a period in first half when Bednarek could not handle Werner, that was a good away performance against a team most people have down as top four this season. How many times did we turn them over near the box? And on another day had one or two of those efforts from Ings and Adams gone in it would have been three points. Thought Theo had a good second half, never easy to go straight in after international break. Thought JWP and Romeu were excellent. This team now has real backbone and doesn’t give up with that late equaliser at Old Trafford and this result both warming the
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