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  1. Come on Ducky, we are waiting for your answer!!
  2. 'then we dug in and defended for our lives the rest of the game.' With the same back 4 but OK!
  3. Same melt down as per pre-Liverpool!!
  4. I swear this site is slower than internet dial up days!!
  5. I am glad i am streaming the Sky coverage & not paying for this bias shite!
  6. Bit harsh considering coming on in a game like that in not his usual position!
  7. Actually envy you guys on Amazon & listerning to Clinton Morrision .... I am having to put up with the c*ck Tim Sherwood on the stream!!!
  8. The store website says West Quay store is closed Saturday & Sundays! - is that correct?
  9. What a ridiculous response! Near everyone was behind 'taking the knee' for the first few weeks .... but every week?? please!
  10. So can we go the Saints store & pick up the sportsbet one?? Also is St Marys store still closed?
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