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  1. We are soo naive in midfield. The amount of times they broke through & we should have taken the foul to halt the play!
  2. André Marriner the ref, Lee Mason on VAR .... the difficult became the impossible!!
  3. For the guy that whipped his party into voting for abolishing the rules of how MP's behave??? Not a chance
  4. Top marks to Alistair Campbell on BBCQT last night for referencing the 40million viewed Youtube video by Peter Stefanovic that the BBC have blatantly ignored.
  5. I dont not what game you were watching .... he hardly touched the ball in the first half & when he did, he lost possession!
  6. Would we though?? Plenty of replacements can come off the bench
  7. Is that the same Havertz that out muscled our defence for Chelsea's opener last night?
  8. Always remember a parachute display team & one of the team landed in the Dell car Park
  9. Sounds about right ... focus on a leader in charge nearly 15 years ago & completely gloss over the millions donated to the current corrupt lot by dodgy donors! It's as if this website is a snapshot of the British media!!
  10. Kunessburg, Marr, no criticism of the govt in any news reports, near all reports of Labour negative, no acknowledgement of the 35mil Youtube video, formal Tory leading the Org etc etc.. pretty conclusive i think!
  11. How does that work when you have the BBC, Mail, Murdoch's rag's etc etc against The Mirror & Guardian???
  12. Is it any wonder the opposition are floundering when you have near every media outlet giving Boris & his corrupt bunch an easy ride whilst slamming the oppo at every opportunity. The gullible British electorate lap it up. The Peter Stefamovic Youtube video of 30mm views is clear proof of it .
  13. That game at Port Vale was one of the most miserable away games i have been to & there are lots to choose from!
  14. Time to push Timo further forward & get KWP back to his proper position!
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