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  1. For an experienced player he doesn’t get his head up quite enough when his runs draw three defenders and he doesn’t see a team mate in space shame because otherwise he would make and score a lot more goals and be a real legend
  2. He will be worth 3-4 places in the League for us so reward him for that as an incentive no harm in paying him a % of the place money
  3. Give Ings the first half to bag a couple and get the win on the road
  4. Walcott up front and Valery on the right wing I reckon
  5. No Leeds game in the mix now so hopefully a mini rest and fitter for the Weekend game
  6. No first teamers at all really time for a week’s rest start Long with Dan up front it will be a physical game fresh midfield and defence from wherever who cares at this point in lockdown 21
  7. I think many players are both physically and mentally fatigued now due to all the protocols with this virus flair seems to have been sacrificed for solidity and just getting through and the job done 3 games we should have won 9 points instead 3 draws 3 points better off with a win/ defeat and getting 4 probably lose this 1-2
  8. Love to know how many times when in promising positions we sloppily gave the ball away with ludicrous passes
  9. Shite end uf field so appropriate
  10. Two poor penalty decisions cancel each other out so a nice juicy 1-0 away win, shame we all weren’t there to celebrate with them yet again
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