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  1. When was the last time we beat Brighton Pompey and Bournemouth away all in the same season??
  2. South Today on Friday night said good luck to the Cherries I think the sports guys may be a bit biased
  3. They will be desperate to beat us now after tonight given Watford fixtures
  4. Well if the chance that Jack set up at Norwich was off the pace then he should be lightning when fitter
  5. fanimal


    So our friends whose 21 year old daughter died couldn't go and visit her at the end in hospital, how must they feel? How many petrol stops did he make on his four trips up and down whilst infected? How many might have caught it from him?
  6. fanimal


    This latest Government policy announcement has to be the biggest ever case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted ever in history. Utterly ridiculous and unsupportable
  7. After the Spurs Cup replay on February 5th the guy in the seat on the coach next to me said 'well thats the season over then" - how the hell did he know that then?
  8. Has the pitch regrown then? If not just play at Staplewood as I said alot earlier, so much more easy to contain.
  9. The sea City museum has a section on the Titanic which puts a dot on the address of every fatality in the city - quite sobering to try and get a sense of the impact at the time.
  10. 1976 -1979 FA Cup and promotion greta games players and excitement loads of away games and proper memories
  11. I miss football, of course I do, I love the game thats why I am an out and out Saints fan; but I cannot imagine watching a game at St Marys on my own as thats what behind closed doors effectively means as the love of the game involves us the fans your family and friends, mates, people you see every fortnight but dont know their name or where they come from they are just Saints fans. What we really need now is certainty not prevarication, games played right now would be like training games no tackles etc no atmosphere no point at all.
  12. They could play behind closed doors at Staplewood easily, much more easy to manage, less people needed, no ball boys as a big fence around; after all, U21 games get played there, so no difference if no audience. Does that mean we will get a refund for 4 matches then?
  13. How about adding the best/favourite song about them eg "same old Beattie, always scoring!" ? (if they had one of course)
  14. Brighton away on 9/11 always sticks out for me as does the whole day at work then later in the evening
  15. Alan ball closely followed by Jose Fonte based upon the original criteria set above
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