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  1. Do you get your remaining 20/21 money knocked off the total?
  2. 100% Villa at home too completely screwed us over if all decisions correct I think we could have won 5 or 6-1 seriously as they would have imploded then the shit results after might well have not happened either
  3. Simply they have something to play for and we don’t only one outcome....
  4. Well hopefully after a half each separate tonight Adams and Ings will start and we will give them a game in the first hour at least thereafter well hard to tell
  5. Glad that you will be at the Leeds game too you deserve it. it will be weird watching a game from behind the goal as opposed to from the half way for the last 14 months!!
  6. Totally agree Griffo get a life and get our real lives back please as soon as possible
  7. In the Northam for the new era/final hurrah! So excited!! songs? Who the fook are Leeds United x3 as the Saints go marching on on on! Sha la la la la la la la..... Who the fook are laughing now😇
  8. I think there will be a few changes to start purely because Ralph will want his strongest team available to play Leeds in front of 8500 fans so I would expect Armstrong and Redmond to be replaced by Diallo and Djnepo at least and Salisu to start in place of Bednarek
  9. Has to make 3/4 changes at least as we have 3 games in 8 days keep the best 11 for Fulham the other two of no concern apart fro me being in the Stadium for Leeds so I will be the 12th man
  10. Spine of the team is crucial and needs upgrading no doubt striker leader in midfield leader in defence and possibly another goalkeeper
  11. That would potentially mean three home games in 8 days , Fulham 12 Leeds 15 Palace 19th the last one being our chance to attend Be great to confirm safety with a win and sign the season off - it’s all coming together!!
  12. My goodness do we owe this lot one! should never have lost up there; should have turned up at Wembley; let’s hope Palace do us a favour somehow At least we will have had 4 extra days rest and training focus so just get a result please
  13. We will certainly finish 17th just depends if it’s comfortable or by a whisker everything seems loaded against at the moment
  14. Already had two pints today and still dreading it...
  15. Depressing back to reality cloudy Monday morning
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