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  1. Yoshida is extremely popular for Sampdoria, I'd imagine Yoshida speaks highly of Soton too.
  2. Ainsley Maitland-miles.. Cover for FB/CM.Joshua King.. Cover for number 10/Striker.Wow... That would be a very good final day if we pull it off. And Long out,.. win win.
  3. We do have alot of depth when every single player is fit! I am not ruling out Salisu, but he is a slight unknown atm. Tella is for me a better striker option, he has a better turn of pace and first touch. Obafemi, just doesn't impress me and I'd happilly sell him the, and Smallbone is slightly lightweight.. Although he looked very bright the other day until.his injury.
  4. For me; McCarthy; KWP, Bednerak, Vestergaard, Bertrand; JWP, Diallo; Walcott, Armstrong; Adams, Ings. Subs; Forster, Stephens, Vokins, Valery, Romeu, Jankewitz, Redmond, Djenepo, Tella.
  5. Sell to buy, Yes. This is our model! Nothing has changed here. I will add that we do have some very good assets to sell should we need too. I'm not to concerned.
  6. How many times has the bloke said he sees Saints as a project. Stand down for now.
  7. I think atm, We have 3 capable and decent CBs playing for us... Obviously Ralph doesn't want to rush the lad in. We are doing fine at CB, so why the urgency to see Salisu play?! Baffles me. No way does Salisu get in ahead of Bedders and Vesteegaaard... and Stephens doesn't deserve to be dropped to 4th choice, he is also a very good passer of the ball.. a like for like with Vester, albeit somewhat limited passing range.
  8. Fair enough, But as a manager, Ralph thrives in the premier league. You would struggle in Vanarama South. 👍
  9. Oh how fickle fans are, Stephens is trash?! And how will we come without Vestergaard... Roll back months, that was the opposite. Stephens is not trash., Ralph will do what he feels is best for the result and the team.
  10. I feel as much as we need a FB, We badly need someone next to Adams, to support ings. All our options are still only "potential" and it's unfair to expect anything more from them. Someone to open up space which would allow the number 10s to find those holes were definately glaring without Ings.
  11. Redmond is going to end up at West ham, I can see it..
  12. I do feel that, if we were to shift a 10 on, it more than likely would be Redmond. Red hot on occasion, But often left frustrated. Could easily see us get in £25/20Million to reinvest.
  13. I am sure we will hear about it at Ralphs pre match press conference.
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