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  1. Think it’s more of a case of a mediocre manager , wasn’t relegation with Middlesbrough on Southgate’s CV
  2. Oh ….. believe me , he most certainly can !
  3. What he said , please don’t derail another one ☝️
  4. Weirdly , just checked on my iPad and episode 2 wasn’t on iplayer , but I watched on sky q version of iPlayer , not sure if that’s significant !
  5. I watched second one on iPlayer ?? Went to day , channel and found it there ?
  6. Allegedly that top club is gronningen, give your head a wobble !
  7. Sign up for a free trial on Amazon prime , cancel after 30 days !
  8. Posted 4 minutes ago Membership of the "we know what happens here" club available if you want to sign up @johnnyboy...? Always been a member , thought maybe we had turned a corner , alas nothings changed!
  9. Have I missed something , we are still winning yes ?
  10. Starting sentences with so , i.e what do yo do for a living so I run a small coffee shop grates my piss 😡
  11. Jamie Redknapp says he hopes Digne’s red card gets turned over ! Digne was using KWP foot as a skateboard !
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