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  1. Enjoyed a few articles on there today , plenty to read whilst on furlough , just finished the benali on tour one ! Anybody from here ?
  2. Click the link in my first post or if that doesn’t work , if you Twitter @carlanka has link to it !
  3. Thanks for the responses , I’ll give it a go !
  4. Currently available for £36 for a yearly sub , anybody got any views on it , is it worth subscribing to ? https://theathletic.com/checkout/?plan_id=45&pc=all20teams&source=promo
  5. Ah yes got that !
  6. Is the ability to jump to the first unread reply in a thread instead of having to scroll down , not a big thing but found it useful in the previous incarnation?
  7. Had to subscribe to do this but many many thanks , I still won’t post much but I felt I had to thank you for this and not wait 24 hours to do it , also many many thanks to Steve for sorting out my subscription so quickly! COYS
  8. Where is add to home screen option ?
  9. I just got this .
  10. Oh great three more weeks for this thread to bring the giggles now !! Ding ding round 4 !!
  11. Ah the old Chris Evans who is with virgin [emoji1][emoji1]
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