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  1. Could be wrong, but I think Shilton scored one against us when he was at Leicester. It was so foggy that apparently he didn't know he'd scored
  2. The unfortunate bottom line is that if a CL club comes knocking for any of our players at any point and we say no, the player can do a VVD, act like a total c*nt and force the club's hand to minimise its losses.
  3. Or a modicum of investment from our truly useless, unambitious pointless owner
  4. Job done. Doubt Arsenal are shitting themselves.
  5. Adams lack of left peg exposed there. Nice strike JWP
  6. Sadly, a fair point. He's been absolutely invisible
  7. Long is always my main concern. Stealing a living. His contract extension defies belief given that we haven't got a pot to piss in
  8. Wouldn't say no to that with black shorts, but the Denmark kit remains my all time favourite. I was quite excited when UA were initially announced but overall, been a disappointment.
  9. Totally agree. We bemoan the lack of funds but then we waste what little we have got on extending this liability's contract. Strealng a living as a footballer.
  10. Long has made 10 appearances this season as a sub. That's the calibre we're bringing off the bench
  11. You're missing the point. We're bringing on Shane Long as our next best attacking option, and this is a regular occurrence. Shane Long. Yes, that Shane Long.
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