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  1. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-ward-prowse-transfer-20755617
  2. Out of interest, who would you replace him with?
  3. Was thinking exactly that as I was watching it. His value is only going one way after that performance and it's out of our price bracket
  4. Anyone know the release date of the away and third kit?
  5. This bad boy??
  6. Linked with 17 year old Sean Roughan at Lincoln City. Apparently had trials with us and Chelsea. Also trialling Johnly Yfeko from Leicester.
  7. Does the job, nothing spectacular. I like the sash as it's a bit different but stripes back is fine.
  8. Probably cos the RB had been withdraw to get Romeu on the pitch for no apparent reason.....
  9. Sadly, have to agree with every word you've written
  10. Good riddance to an abysmal season. Sadly, I can't seeing it getting any better next season without substantial investment, which we don't have.
  11. Cannot see any reason why they have to let play go on for that long when he was so clearly offside
  12. Get the feeling there's a red card in this somewhere for us..........
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