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  1. Don't stress. He's shooting his mouth off but realistically, he couldn't afford that shower down the road.......
  2. www.hesgoal.com never lets me down
  3. Agree, but given that we haven't got a pot to piss in, am not sure what we're going to back him with....
  4. Really sad news. Always liked the look of him as a player. Hope he is properly looked after
  5. True, but he's still got to find a buyer, and right now, I doubt we're a very attractive option. Worst thing is, having watched the match and sat here working for a while, I logged on to here half-hoping to read that Ralph had resigned. Has it ever been more apparent that something simply isn't working any more. What's that Einstein quote about insanity being repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result??? That's us for the past four months.
  6. Finally a break from VAR. Still plenty of time to throw it away though
  7. How the fuck is Moura not offside??
  8. Not scored in the last quarter of a game since mid-December, pretty damning stat
  9. Not defending his service at all, but did we win a single 50/50 aerial ball today?? Every time FF pumped a long ball forward, we seemed to be jumping five yards away from where the ball was landing
  10. Feels like we've been playing that way for a long time now. Just as well the fans aren't back in yet or they'd be even worse, if that's possible.....
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