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  1. Great shift this, but a long way to go. They seem to be upping the ante a bit. 26 possession says it all....
  2. Didn't do anything apart from have a hissy fit and his alice band slipped
  3. I have a feeling he might actually stay with us. Hugely popular with the fan base and more importantly, guaranteed game time which he won't have at Chelsea. As ever, it'll come down to how much we're prepared to spend
  4. How is Sterling not booked for kicking it away there??
  5. Exactly my thoughts as I read this thread. Embarrassing beyond belief........
  6. That is a farce. They've just conned two yellows out of this limp excuse of a ref
  7. As was I. Spending millions on half of a back four you put 9 goals past doesn't strike me as shrewd business tbh.....
  8. Did he get booked or did he dodge it?
  9. great noise from the crowd this evening
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