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  1. Couldn't ask any more out of that. Makeshift LB, main striker out, these are Better Days 😉
  2. The man who picks a squad with no recognised LBs while Bertie's in great form??? Don't hold your breath....
  3. Two. He made the slightest of ball contacts first, but that's no longer relevant
  4. Great to hear OWTS ringing around the stadium!!!
  5. We are looking a bloody good side here. Knocking it around at will and almost toying with Newcastle. One more goal...
  6. If we did, Ralph would've probably had them starting!
  7. In fairness, he's tracked back well and made some decent challenges. Agree that I;'d like to see him be a bit more attack-minded but needs must and all that.....
  8. Nope, he lost his balance and fell over. Got to be happy with that though
  9. Great finish, good strike a few seconds before as well. GTFI!!
  10. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/71128/Southampton_vs_Newcastle_United.html
  11. Was Vokins not available when Højbjerg played at LB??
  12. Difficult only having one defender (JS) on an attacking bench. If Betrand is injured, are we really going to play JWP at LB and lose his midfield effectiveness or is he actually going to trust Vokins, given that when Bertand was out last season through suspension, Højbjerg got drafted in there?
  13. Funny how we can be three goals up and still on tenterhooks, and then the last six minutes proves why. Great 3pts but we should have been more clinical in shutting the game down at 4-0 and not let them back into it. They murdered us down our right hand side second half and didn't get clued on to it and deal with it. Grealish is a horrible little scrote. Looked far more fragile at the back when Bednarek went off. MOTM between JWP for first half and McCarthy for second half. Missed first disallowed goal but officials were shit throughout.
  14. Don't think it's too bad. Left knee hyperextended. Here's hoping...
  15. Their tails are up. Could do with some fresh legs now Ralph....
  16. Great block from JV. That was goalbound
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