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  1. He’s the main man in highlighting upcoming/potential talent.
  2. I pointed that out on the match thread - think it was SA that went down and everyone else went to see RH and have a drink. About 61 mins from memory
  3. This is so true esp the last sentence. Stats on their own will not give you a complete picture/answer the skill is asking the right questions of the data and using the answer to confirm or deny the experience you are getting.
  4. Not heard a lot about him but I trust the current transfer committee to get it right.
  5. What would he have done if OR had submitted him to a Chinese burn?
  6. Mental - why appoint him if you ain’t gonna give him a fair go. The players never get a chance to play for the manager - he’s never there long enough
  7. Or slightly onside were given offside. 😉
  8. You need to look at the team and bench we had for the second of the 9-0’s. Oh and the better fan thing is crap and generally comes out when someone is i on the back foot no?
  9. After slapping him did he hit him with his handbag?
  10. Read it - stewards in over the top use of force shocker. But if you don’t go on the pitch none of it happens and it’s illegal to enter the field of play - that will be the response of the club. Me? Sounds as if there was an over the top reaction from the stewards been happening for more years than I care to remember
  11. Don’t get me started on hand ball! 😂
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