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  1. Great finish. Does that mean Redmond breaks the assist record? 4 home games in a row?
  2. The BBC live text sums it up.... Che Adams volleys well off target from an ambitious angle. That's seven Southampton shots in 20 minutes. Not too many good ones.
  3. Thier keepers right leg has played a blinder so far....
  4. Tella is lively, good to see him play. We need a strong second half, not the normal slow, ponderous one. Salisu has been good, but those long throws seem pointless, it's better to keep possession than just aimlessly launch it. So far so good, Amazon prime coverage isn't bad at all.
  5. Clearly his confidence has gone, time to give him a rest. I agree that Forster isn't any better, but why persevere with a keeper that's on an awful run?
  6. So poor to concede from there. Surely Forster will start the next game.
  7. I saw better marking than that in my sons under 10s match this morning. 🤡
  8. While I'm not confident for the game, I do like that team and formation. Let's hope it doesn't backfire and we get humped today because it'll mean the formation won't be used again. Play for the cleansheet and hope Adams can hit another worldly.
  9. Walker Peters needs better deodorant, no one wants to get anywhere near him 🤣
  10. The stream on HesGoal has Arabic commentary. The commentator is VERY enthusiastic, I don't understand what he's saying but it sounds very exciting
  11. Entertaining game this. Some weird reffing going on. The saints fans are very loud. Enjoying it so far
  12. Happy with that. Fine margins, if S.Armstrong scored that fairly easy chance, then ElGhazi got his deserved second yellow, we'd all be here celebrating a great win.
  13. It's always fun to see the contrast, the commentary can't stop praising JWPs corners but he rarely does anything with them.
  14. We don't score often, but when we do.... Boom
  15. AHH there's the real Che Adams 😆
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