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  1. Jesus, how close can you get? Should be 2-2
  2. Why did everyone just stop? Edit: oooh more var nonsense
  3. Weird that before the (awful) penalty, the ref gave us everything. Wish I put a few quid on the "over 10 corners" at the bookies For once, I'm not thinking it's game over, there's definately room to get back into this one.
  4. Redmond dummied himself and lost the ball 🤣
  5. It's wrong to see Milwaukee Tools advertised at the ground. Draper or GTFO
  6. Great start. What's the stat when Bednarek scores? 😳
  7. Wow, didn't expect an equaliser. Come on penalties
  8. That angle for the red card made it look very very soft
  9. The protection the keepers get is stupid really, that wouldn't be a foul against any other player. Still, happy days the ref gave the foul
  10. Such a disappointment. On top and playing well, then all thrown away in a flash. This ref is weak though, he won't send off the spurs player for this ...
  11. All the streams seem to have died since half time. Anyone got one?
  12. Did you hear that? JWP was taking the corner and someone in the crowd shouted "You're just a shit Mason Mount"
  13. Pretty poor all round. Just playing to keep the goal difference down, that might be all important at the end of the season. Need some points from the next two games desperately...
  14. Armstrong seems to need an extra 2 seconds. That's twice now he's been robbed while waiting. A decent striker in this team and we'd look pretty good.
  15. Great finish. Does that mean Redmond breaks the assist record? 4 home games in a row?
  16. The BBC live text sums it up.... Che Adams volleys well off target from an ambitious angle. That's seven Southampton shots in 20 minutes. Not too many good ones.
  17. Thier keepers right leg has played a blinder so far....
  18. Tella is lively, good to see him play. We need a strong second half, not the normal slow, ponderous one. Salisu has been good, but those long throws seem pointless, it's better to keep possession than just aimlessly launch it. So far so good, Amazon prime coverage isn't bad at all.
  19. Clearly his confidence has gone, time to give him a rest. I agree that Forster isn't any better, but why persevere with a keeper that's on an awful run?
  20. So poor to concede from there. Surely Forster will start the next game.
  21. I saw better marking than that in my sons under 10s match this morning. 🤡
  22. While I'm not confident for the game, I do like that team and formation. Let's hope it doesn't backfire and we get humped today because it'll mean the formation won't be used again. Play for the cleansheet and hope Adams can hit another worldly.
  23. Walker Peters needs better deodorant, no one wants to get anywhere near him 🤣
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