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  1. What he said , please don’t derail another one ☝️
  2. Weirdly , just checked on my iPad and episode 2 wasn’t on iplayer , but I watched on sky q version of iPlayer , not sure if that’s significant !
  3. I watched second one on iPlayer ?? Went to day , channel and found it there ?
  4. Allegedly that top club is gronningen, give your head a wobble !
  5. Sign up for a free trial on Amazon prime , cancel after 30 days !
  6. Posted 4 minutes ago Membership of the "we know what happens here" club available if you want to sign up @johnnyboy...? Always been a member , thought maybe we had turned a corner , alas nothings changed!
  7. Have I missed something , we are still winning yes ?
  8. Starting sentences with so , i.e what do yo do for a living so I run a small coffee shop grates my piss 😡
  9. Jamie Redknapp says he hopes Digne’s red card gets turned over ! Digne was using KWP foot as a skateboard !
  10. If we are 3 down at half time I’m washing my car !!
  11. Not seeing anything other than an old Spanish app is that it ? Always nice to have a back up source !
  12. I don’t want to get all MLG on you but unfortunately they beat Stevenage on penalties, not relevant I know , still a joke club though !
  13. Bet this one took a long time to think of !
  14. For those of us curious as to how the fishy few get on today if you have an IPTV subscription they are on ESPN 12
  15. They played fleetwood and won [emoji15][emoji15]
  16. Must have been good for you to watch top flight football on a Monday night !
  17. This bit made me chortle “‘Even recognising they are creating a better competitor for themselves, they love what we have here. So they open the door and don’t just show you this is how we serve beer, but this is the system we have in place in our basement. Read more at: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/pompey/the-stadium-mission-consuming-pompey-owners-1-8496038 #deluded !
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